Last night I got to start my transformation of my Master’s wife. I took her to get her hair done and very much enjoyed watching her have it dyed. I so enjoy having my own head and hair touched that it turns out watching a beautiful woman have the same done is a very enjoyable experience for me.

In fact it got me very much in the mood to play with her and my Master afterwards. Plans got slightly complicated by how the salon took but it ended up working very well.

I came back to mine and dressed in my favourite red harness bra that I knew my Master hadn’t seen on me yet and waited blindfolded for his wife to let herself in and lick my pussy so that the first person to see her new slutty look was my Master.

But she got held up so my Master came round first and I knelt for him while he tightened my corset tighter than I’ve ever worn it and he fucked me before leading me into my living room to wait for his wife there to complete her orders.

My order was to moan as loudly as possible while she was licking my clit so that she wouldn’t know he was already there. And to be honest I forgot he was there as she expertly licked my soaking wet pussy because it felt so good. It was until he spanked her ass that either of us knew he was in the room.

I wish I’d seen her face at that point but I was too busy coming and being pulled onto my Master’s lap to fuck his cock while sitting on his knee as his wife continued to lick my cunt. Between us, he and I ordered her to add her fingers to my cunt along with his cock until we got to four.

I was losing count of my orgasms at this point but my Master moved us to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed with her head toward to the foot of it and me kneeling above her. She licked me and I licked her and my Master fucked my cunt from behind.

I know now why he tightened the corset so much so he could grab it and use it to fuck me so hard all I could do was press into her cunt and get fucked to orgasm. He came into me and ordered his wife to lick it out of my dripping cunt.

She then gave me two more orgasms until I reached the magic number 7 and let her come with the wand on her clit and her mouth on his cock. She was so incredible with her new hair we decided she needed a new name. It could only be Princess…



Yesterday looked like being a lazy day after my rather enjoyable wake up call from my Master. I planned to take advantage of the wet weather to be grown up and do housework, but then my Master’s wife asked if I was free to going make up shopping.

Now make up is my other great love in life after sex so I was disappointed to say I couldn’t but I did suggest she call round afterwards to show me what she bought. We sat on my sofa just chatting about lipstick and drinking tea and genuinely just hanging out. No smut.

For some reason the conversation turned to how neither of us like traditional rom coms and how we might not be traditional women and then we noticed it was raining so heavily the road of outside my flat was flooding. We joked that if we were in a rom com that would be romantic.

And then we realised she was stuck inside my flat and we could make a much better use of time than rom com tropes. I messaged my Master to ask if I could let his wife make me come and he allowed it but with a punishment for not letting him know what we were doing first.

We’d have to work hard this time. No toys, no hands, except for me spanking her. She had to make me come twice and then leave when the rain stopped. And then she distracted me so much I know now why that line about ‘is it raining?’ might have come into creation (although that might have ended up being a very different film.)

She licked my cunt so well she made me come three times and ejaculate harder than I’ve ever managed before. Watching her rub my come all over my soaking wet cunt and then keep licking it before kissing me was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen or experienced.

I’m the only person looking forward to a long wet summer at this rate…



My Master’s wife is lovely, but she’s a little bit bratty and keeps forgetting her orders so obviously she must learn by being punished.

It was decided yesterday that because two orders had been disobeyed she would be punished by not going until I had come four times. One of those orgasms would be self administered as I used the fist toy while out on an errand for my Master. But his wife would be giving me the next three.

And we would be playing just the two of us without the presence of my Master this time so I’d need to be giving some orders too. Oddly I wasn’t nervous except for excitement but I did ask him to give me some outlines for the orders to help.

He excelled himself. Starting with very clear orders and then allowing me enough room to adapt and be flexible so I could start to practise my own style. I also liked that he used parallels to how I serve him.

Very often when he and I play, I leave my front door open and he lets himself in to find me kneeling blindfolded on the floor wet and waiting for him. This time he ordered his wife to let herself in and blindfold herself and wait in my living room.

But she almost disobeyed another order on the way to mine so the punishment was altered to include me needing to spank her ass twenty times each side. I told her to wait for me hands on the sofa, ass in the air and blindfolded.

That moment as I watched her from the door before she knew I was in the room was amazing and I could feel my cunt twitching with each step toward her and then I was spanking her ass hard enough to leave red hand prints.

Each time my hand hit her and her body registered it, my cunt got wetter and wetter until I could feel it dripping. I have never been interested in being spanked and never though of spanking anyone else and suddenly I’ve discovered my cunt loves it so much just typing this is having the same effect.

I sent my Master a photo of her marked ass, kissed each red mark and then slipped onto the sofa in front of her so she could as ordered lick my cunt until I came. Strangely one of my favourite things about oral sex from men is the feeling of stubble or facial hair against my cunt. But this time the smoothness of her skin against my smooth cunt and latex clad legs felt so good, she made me come faster than I’ve ever come from oral sex.

I had to keep her blindfold on the whole time for the next two orgasms and I got her to start the second by fucking me on the sofa with the big John Holmes toy which allowed me to take it so deeply I came again incredibly quickly.

My Master didn’t want his wife’s ass to fade while we fucked so I bent her over facing away from me and spanked her again and then I slipped the big John Holmes toy into her still lubed up from my own cunt and fucked her with it.

Her cunt was so greedy for it that she took more of it than I’ve seen before and then tried to sit down on it and ride it until she came, but I wasn’t allowing that. I slipped the cock out and made her lie down before sitting on her face.

Her tongue went to my clit and mine to hers. Knowing I was close to coming again, I started slipping a finger and then another into her soaking wet cunt until I had four fingers inside and she was begging for my fist.

Luckily she made me come again with her mouth and I buried my clenched fist in her gorgeous stretched cunt and let her use the wand as I fucked her with my fist. Seeing her legs buckle round the side of the sofa and feeling her cunt moving against my hand as she came gave me another incredible orgasm without her even touching me.

And I was spent. Giving orders while having repeated orgasms really takes it out of you. It also makes you feel incredibly lucky. My mind wanted more of her cunt, my body couldn’t take it. Next time though…



I got another glimpse into my Master’s creativity last night. He choreographed another evening with his wife and me together and managed to keep everything different to the last time so both of us tried new things and pushed ourselves further.

I usually hate when you’re having sex with someone and enjoying a particular angle or action and they change it just for the sake of it or to show off, but with my Master I’ve never felt irritated. It’s just so easy to go with the flow of what he creates and the changes are so much part of the enjoyment.

And last night was exactly that. Constantly changing but in all the best ways. Part of it is him being very careful not to prioritise anyone over the other, part of it is teaching both of us skills he already has.

Fisting his wife feels like the most natural thing in the world but it does require some technique and I’m having fun learning. But one thing I’ve discovered with my Master is that I’m a very slow learner. I take ages to get to the point and then luckily I run with it.

But his wife is a very fast learner and I’m enjoying taking tips from her. She’s brattier than me when you give instructions by text but sharper at taking them in person which is how she only took a few moments to realise that while I was on top of her husband with his cock buried inside my gaping cunt, he wanted her to wrap her hand around his cock so she was fisting me while he fucked me and he got twice the enjoyment.

One of the most deliciously creatively filthy things I have ever had the luck to experience, I kind of hope he revisits that idea again some time as it’s too good to not to repeat. My cunt was so gaping after being double fisted by his wife that I was genuinely struggling to feel his cock inside me, but the feeling of her hand sliding up and down it in rhythm with him fucking me was incredible and it was a case of how many times it would make me come before he did.

I think it ended up being three times. And then he switched us round so she and I could swap places and I’m not sure which felt better, his cock inside me or me inside her while holding his cock. Sometimes three is much more fun than just two…





My Master gave me permission to give my orders this weekend. Not to him obviously, but to his wife to get her ready to play with again this week.

It sounds so simple when he tells me I can do anything I want with her as long as I remember she belongs to him, not me. But I am at heart (and cunt) completely submissive myself so giving an order goes not come naturally to me.

I tried in person the other night and I struggled to have any sense of authority or coherence to what I was doing. Part of that is I tend to fail to multi-task when I’m turned on and struggle to speak, think and pay attention to the fist inside me at the same time and end up barely able to communicate apart from coming.

So on my Master’s encouragement I had another go without actually seeing either of them and for once in my life I used logic in a scenario involving sex. I decided that as I didn’t know where to start with training her, I’d follow how my Master trained me.

His wife and I may be very different people but we’re both submissive, we both like the way he does things and we both stand to gain from learning from his previous experience. Plus I can vouch for his training having quite transformative powers so it would be odd not to use it as a gauge.

I don’t want to copy him completely but find my own way of giving her orders inspired by him while using those orders as a way to submit to him. I’m clearly going to have to learn to multi-task after all.

But there was fun to be had with her first. My Master and she were going away for the weekend so I had to think of something that would keep me on her mind during that time. It seemed the perfect time to give her a pair of my Lelo jiggle balls as a present.

I called by at their house on my way to an appointment and left a gift wrapped box of them on the doorstep for her and texted her to go and look outside and once she’d told my Master and me what her present was, she was to put them inside her and be the only person with a smile on their face on a rush hour Friday night train.

I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to take them. Those Luna Beads are pretty heavy for a novice wearer but judging by the texts I got later they were stretching her very nicely indeed and leaving her greedy for my Master’s cock.

She doesn’t know yet that I have two more pairs of them at home and a new found interest in telling someone what to do…


Three’s Company

My Master kept me busy all weekend. So busy I didn’t have time to blog yesterday because I was preoccupied messaging my Master’s wife instead.

My Master is intrigued to see which of us ends up taking control of the other, the submissive slut wife or the submissive slut sex toy? He’s reminded me that either way it’s a win win for him.

I’m intrigued to be used, but I’m also intrigued to use her. I can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to have the opportunity to fist her soaking wet pussy. But then again, she has small hands and I might get to take both her fists at once in my cunt.

But knowing either way my Master is happy makes it ideal…

Three’s Company