laced corset and lingerie from behind

The warm weather this week means I’ve been doing practical things like putting away winter clothes and bringing out the ones for spring and summer. Usually is a fairly tedious task, but this time it’s been fascinating seeing how much my body has changed in the last six months.

I only started wearing a corset in early autumn and the first time I tried lacing myself into it I couldn’t believe how uncomfortable and awkward it felt. I could only take my waist down by millimetres to begin with and wear it for less than an hour at a time and my first corset wasn’t even steel boned.

By Christmas, I revelled in my Master bending me over and lacing it as tight as it would go. My waist seemed impossibly tiny compared to where I started and the corset didn’t feel as constricting as I expected.

That turned out to be because my Master’s training meant that I already in a couple of months reduced my waist enough that the 28″ corset was now loose on me and I needed to size down.

New Year meant sizing down to a 26″ steel boned corset to keep working on my order to be wearing a 24″ by the end of the year. I loved the snug feel of the boning right from the start this time, especially over my latex catsuit for added compression.

In between I started to wear a waist trainer everyday. Made from rubber, it’s designed to help size your waist down and shape you day to day without being as formal as a corset. I found it more uncomfortable than the corset to begin with and struggled to get it closed even on the first row of hooks.

Two months later and I hate not wearing it. The sleek shape it gives feels fantastic when it’s on and I can see an enormous difference in my waist when I’m not wearing it. My shape had started to change and I’m happily wearing it for hours at a time on the third row of hooks.

I hadn’t realised just how much my body has changed until I tried on clothes I haven’t worn since this time last year and none of them fit because my waist is now so nipped in and my hips look more rounded in comparison.

I can’t stop staring at the change by wearing dresses and skirts all the time instead of trousers. It seems that the more stretched my cunt gets, the narrower my waist becomes in contrast…