Princess doesn’t like tights. Or that’s what she told me when we first met. But she’s enjoyed a few occasions of playing with me while I’ve been wearing them, feeling me get wetter and wetter under her hand still wearing a pair under a dress or short skirt.

But I don’t think that’s influenced her as much as my love of black fishnets. They have the effect of making any outfit look as slutty as I feel. It’s impossible to look demure in a pair of them.

So I wasn’t entirely surprised when she sent me some lesbian smut from Tumblr that prominently featured fishnets and suggested that I wore them the same way some time for her.

tumblr-postClearly I’m losing my talent for delayed gratification from spending time with Princess and her brattiness is rubbing off on me because I wore my fishnets the next time I saw her as a massive hint that I had been thinking about what she’d said.

It didn’t take very long before she was playing with my cunt through the fishnets with me kneeling over her on my sofa just wearing the tights and kissing her as she made me orgasm hard leaning my tits in her face.

She wasn’t content with just one orgasm so started licking my clit through the fishnets. I’ve had many many thoughts about having fishnets ripped open and being fucked through them, but for some reason being licked through them never occurred to me.

But I know I’ll be thinking about that particular sensation a lot afterwards because it felt so good. And it looked amazing too. Princess on her hands and knees, gorgeous ass up in the air, big eyes staring at me enjoying her tongue on my cunt.

It made me so turned on that when she took a photo of my cunt to show me, my clit had swelled up so much my piercing had actually slipped inside the clitoral hood which alarmed me afterwards when I thought it had fallen out. Who knew it could play hide and seek?

That moment of mild peril was well worth the orgasm though. And I love the photo too. It reminds me how much I love my clit piercing. Looks so good and feels so good…



Marking the Occasion

I feel proud to wear my clit piercing as my collar from my Master and I know he loves the sense of ownership it marks. And of course I enjoy the extra sexual sensation it creates so I wasn’t surprised when my Master ordered that since Princess has been so well behaved she should get her own clit piercing as reward.

There are now legal issues about consensual clitoral hood piercings under female genital mutilation legislation in the UK so it can be quite difficult to get them done now due to the secretive cloak and dagger nature of finding a piercer that will do one off the books.

Princess was a little bit nervous about the piercing entailed so I thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce her to the piercer I know who will do them. He explained the procedure and the healing time to her and answered all her questions along with my encouragement.

She seemed much more positive when we left the piercing shop and went to go home but I was surprised when we stepped outside and she said that just talking about it had made her wet. I couldn’t wait to get back to hers at that point since it was closer than my house.

And she was so horny. It went straight to my cunt as she teased me and played with me through my tights until I was ready to pull them straight off and have her face first between my legs.

But it turns out I might have encouraged Princess to enjoy delayed gratification a little too much because she had no intention of letting have my way just yet as she kissed and nipped at me over the fabric for what felt like forever.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take much more, she let me slide my tights off and slipped two fingers inside me as she lavished attention on my own piercing as it was clearly what was on her mind.

It was no surprise to find that she was absolutely soaking wet when I got my hands on her cunt after my orgasm. I think my Master’s going to be very pleased with the pierced Princess…

Marking the Occasion



Before I met my Master, I had no piercings. The ones in my ears from my teens had closed up and I never wore anything in them. I had no interest at all.

Then my Master said he was thinking of having my nipples pierced and just the thought of it made them harden. I was in the piercing shop within the hour, booking an appointment for the next week.

Thinking about it for the next seven days kept my nipples perpetually hard and my pussy wet. I kept picturing how good my nipples would look with their piercings, but mainly I kept thinking just how pleased my Master would be all the time knowing they were done.

Despite the initial pain of the piercing, I loved the look immediately. They looked slutty and ready and I wanted to show them off and play with them instantly. I couldn’t wait to show them to my Master and get his approval. I can still remember how hot it was the first time he played with them.

Not only did they make me even wetter for him, they brought out a streak of exhibitionism in me and I was delighted when my Master told me to stop wearing a bra now I had them done. My tits rubbed against everything I wore and I was so aware of my how my nipples were feeling.

I was also very aware of how aware other people might be of my nipples. Part of me felt self conscious. Part of me loved it. The idea that as I went about my day to day business, the bars in my nipples were noticeable was incredibly hot. A little hint of my sluttiness.

Then a few months later, my Master offered me a collar. But one that changed my body as well as my life. It would be a vertical clitoral hood piercing. Now considered to be a form of female genital mutilation under UK legislation, getting it for him would be a challenge.

I had to work hard to find someone to do it for me and it helped build the anticipation perfectly. As did a visit from my Master that morning before I went, bringing me the present of the large dildo I no longer think of as particularly large.

He also came in my mouth before I left so I lay on the table with the taste of his cock on my lips having my piercing done. A surprisingly painless and easy piercing to have done and heal,  I love it. Every time I catch sight of it or feel it, it reminds me that I belong to my Master. I obey his orders. My body is his.

The clit piercing also makes my body respond even more to him. I can feel my clit swell and harden when he tells me to do something. It’s much more apparent than without it. My orgasms are completely different, both with him and without. And I can come from anal.

I love how my piercings symbolise and encourage the changes in my body my Master has made. I’ve also had my nose done since and am planning a tongue piercing so that I can look forward to wrapping it round the tip of Master’s cock and practising licking pussy.

They’ve tapped into my submissive slutty side like I could never have imagined.