Pride at the weekend had many things going for it, but particularly the chance to relive the fun of the temporary tattoo. They’ve come a long way since coming free with bubble gum when I was a kid.

My Master marked his property on me with one on the back of my neck (which is apt since having the back of my neck touched always turns me on) and Princess added to it with a beautiful red lipstick mark beside it too.

I enjoyed wearing it for a couple of days afterwards which has put me in a mind to follow my Master’s orders about getting tattooed for him. In fact Princess sent me a great idea for getting started as I want something only they will see when I’m getting fucked and this place fits the bill beautifully.

tiny tattoo

I’d definitely change the actual tattoo but I love the placement. But not as much as I loved Princess’s tattoo at the weekend. Every time I saw it peeking out, it went straight to my cunt and made me very glad that while the tattoo was temporary, the sentiment is permanent…

princess tattoo