Two At A Time

slut paddle

My Master clearly woke up horny yesterday because by 10.30 he’d fucked Princess in the ass, come in her throat and arranged a threesome with me. I found it extremely difficult to focus all afternoon with that in mind.

It’s been a while since we’ve all been able to play together so I wanted to make an effort and packed a bag of pure sluttery to take to their house. Two new toys to play with: a leather paddle with the word slut in it and a double ended dildo.

My Master was aware of both but Princess wasn’t at all so I was intrigued to see what he would have planned with them. I do like his ability to surprise me even when I know what he has in mind.

double dong

I started the evening by surprising both of them with my completely sheer black bodysuit that made the previous one look almost demure. Totally see through it only needed some black stockings and a quarter cup bra and black corset to finish it off to full effect.

It certainly declared how ready to fuck I was and neither of them made me wait too long to get started. Princess was so keen in fact she was being a little bit bratty so my Master had no choice but to tie her face down on the bed with her mouth on my cunt while he alternated the Doxy on the jiggle ball butt plug in her ass and the slut paddle on her skin to punish her.

Sadly the paddle didn’t brand her fully with the word slut, but it did offer several orgasms worth of fun for her from hard stinging spanks to soft thwacking slaps and almost soothing sounds as she squirmed into my soaking cunt and tried to pull away from the Doxy overloading her senses.

I think she thought my Master was taking pity on how helpless and being used she was when he allowed her to sit up again and took the cuffs off her arms and legs. Right up until the moment he blindfolded her that was.

But instead he slipped one end of the huge double dildo in her cunt and the other into mine and then held her arms behind her sliding us together on the same huge toy. He then guided her hands down so she could feel that we were sharing it and watched as she started to fuck the toy and by extension my cunt.

The toy was just a little bit too long for us to push our cunts together and feel the Doxy at the same time but putting it on full power allowed us to get a good effect as we fucked each other with an enormous cock as my Master enjoyed watching us.

I’m particularly looking forward to buying a slightly shorter double ended dildo for next time and not being so greedy about length for once…

Two At A Time


I seem to have been kept apart from Princess’s cunt recently. Life just conspired to make it the territory of my Master recently and didn’t allow me the opportunity to get near it. Because I have a hormonal IUD as my chosen form of contraception I don’t have periods and I always forget other people do.

Last week when Princess was making me lose myself on the sofa, I very much wanted to reply with pleasing her but her period didn’t allow the opportunity on that occasion. So I’ve spent the whole week considering that I should put a period tracker for her on my phone and imagining getting the opportunity to lick her cunt next time I saw her.

She clearly still had sofas on her mind too when this time she licked me to several orgasms on the sofa in her and my Master’s living room so I could look up and see the people in the flats opposite and imagine how they would react if they could see us.

I always enjoy her tongue on me but it was the thought of doing the same to her that got me to orgasm so fast. I couldn’t hold back making sure I was face first in her cunt as soon as possible and she was so wet and horny, it only took one finger slipped inside with my mouth on her clit to make her come almost immediately.

She slipped off the sofa as soon as she came with my finger still inside her and sat astride my hand fucking herself back and forth as I kneeled on the floor. I could still feel her cunt clenching from the first orgasm and it didn’t take long to turn that into another one at that angle.

Princess’s cunt felt incredible, stretched open astride me and absolutely soaking wet with her clit harder than I’ve ever felt it. I couldn’t stop myself from brushing my index finger against it and feeling her grind against it. She was still so horny I added another finger and another against it using my knuckles to play withe her clit.

She was so wet that they moved against her easily and in no time she was pressing her cunt against them making sure I was grinding them hard and fast against her as she asked me to destroy her with them. I was delighted but not surprised when she came again ridiculously hard with me using the back of my hand to bring her to orgasm.

Who knew knuckles could have such an effect when they aren’t even being used to fist someone?



My Master is a details man. He listens to things I say and files information away for future occasions which I enjoy immensely but am always surprised by. Most men are not particularly good at listening and absorbing information which tends to make both sex and dating an intensely frustrating experience.

I often assume that my Master will forget about things or change his mind and am impressed when he doesn’t lose the thread of the scene he’s planned or conversation he’s having when spontaneity and horniness would get the better of me every time.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised when after making Princess do the hard work with her own orgasm, he now turned his attention to the bed restraints he’d ordered me to bring that evening.

He blindfolded her and lay her down on her back and leaned across her to tie her hands tightly to the bed before she could work out what he was doing. Her legs remained free but her hands pinned her down so that she could only lie and squirm against the cuffs.

I was ordered onto my knees to lick her clit as he moved round to the other side of the bed. With my face buried in her sopping wet cunt, I couldn’t see what he was doing until he moved both Princess and I on our sides slightly so that he could lie on his side and slide his cock into me while licking Princess’s ass at the same time as I licked her cunt.

Princess struggled against her bonds to attempt to work out what was happening and was clearly confused by the overwhelming sensations and the movement of my tongue being controlled by how hard or deep my Master fucked me.

Talk about choreographing a scene, he was dictating both our responses and orgasms with his cock and actions and the fact neither of us could move without his say so in complete submission. Princess was begging to see him fuck me but couldn’t do anything other than accept that she was a sex toy to be brought to orgasm on his orders.

After the first orgasm, he did allow her the blindfold off and switched sides for he and I which allowed me to see his face in Princess’s cunt making her come with his tongue as I took his cock again and pressed my tongue between her ass as best I could while he made her twist her body off the bed in pleasure at all kinds of angles.

My Master and Princess have given me many excellent images over the past few months, but that one that will stay for a very long time indeed. No wonder he had planned the evening around it…



Bathroom Break

As ordered the other night, I followed Princess in the toilets of the pub giving thanks for the fact there’s that cliche about women always peeing in pairs and taking their handbags with them.

Stereotype makes it much easier to slide into a cubicle together and for me to push her against the door and pull her tights down so I could feel how wet our conversation about oversized objects in someone’s cunt had made her.

I certainly didn’t need any lube to slip the pink G spot toy she loves so much into her soaking cunt. She enjoys that toy so much I bought a second one recently so she get fucked with it at my house and at her own so it was the perfect moment to surprise her with that.

She responded by pushing her tights down further so she could spread her legs wider and get fucked deeper and harder with the toy. Acutely aware of not making any rhythmic noises against the door as I fucked her, it was a delight to watch her arch her back and take the toy as deep as possible.

I then slid to my knees and licked her cunt while fucking her with the toy, pressing my palm against her each time she bucked backwards out of reach of my tongue. Normally Princess lifts her legs when she is about to come but obviously that’s not possible when you are standing up.

Instead she put her arms above her head and stretched up as high as possible as I fucked and sucked at her cunt until she came hard on my face and onto the toy. I slipped it out of her and made her suck it clean before sliding it back into my bag and slipping out of the cubicle.

I had sent my Master a photograph of the toy inside Princess so he knew I’d been following orders when I sat back down at the table. I’m sure he was imagining his turn next with the taste of Princess still on my lips…

Bathroom Break

Lighting Up

Princess told me the other night that she just can’t get enough of the videos I made where I’m fucking my cunt with candles and it made me laugh and get wet thinking about her response.

So when we were in bed soon after and I promised her a surprise, there was only one thing it could be. I got her to lie down and close her eyes and hold out her hands, putting a pink candle in one hand and an orange one in the other. The look on her face was pure filth when she looked down.

We started with her putting the candles into my cunt. On their own, they are slimmer than an average dildo but two together is fun, especially because the smooth wax allows them to slip and slide inside a wet cunt beautifully.

Not only does that feel delicious, but it allows you to pull the candles apart to create a scissor motion that means you’re getting fucked in two directions at once while your cunt is stretched and pulled open. It feels like nothing else in fact.

I used to use the candles out of the oh-so teenage girl candlesticks in my bedroom when I was a teenager because they were the only thing I could think to use to fuck myself with when I was masturbating and couldn’t get any kind of sex toy or dildo and couldn’t be obvious about what I was doing.

I loved the feel of the wax even then but no one else had ever used them on me so Princess making me come as she stretched me open with them was ridiculously hot. Definitely not a scenario I imagined as a horny teenager.

And then I got to introduce Princess to that feeling too. I licked her cunt until she came and then instead of letting her pull away like she usually does at that point with her sensitive clit I kept my thumb on it the whole time, lightly brushing it.

With my other hand I slipped two fingers right to the base into her soaking wet cunt and only took my thumb off her clit to slip the two candles into her too. I’ve rarely seen her cunt look so good. Beautifully shaped and stretched with her clit swollen and begging for more.

I’d have loved to take a photo of it for my Master but sadly both my hands were literally full and I couldn’t. And with Princess squirming beneath me it would have been a shame to stop.

Instead I started playing with the candles, sliding them open and apart and deeper into her cunt, hearing her gasp and groan under me as she got to star in her own version of the video she’s been masturbating to for weeks.

She looked so good I decided to reward her by letting her put the Doxy on her eager clit while I continued to fill her cunt up with fingers and candles. The result wasn’t so much an orgasm as an explosion. Her back arched right off the bed and the sound she made was barely human.

I’d have been slightly scared I was harming her if I couldn’t feel her cunt wrapping itself round my hand in the most glorious way and seen her look of dazed happiness afterwards. And the best bit? We get to do it again to show my Master in technicolour glory…


Lighting Up

In Order

I was stuck in the house yesterday waiting for a delivery. Not even I expect a porn scenario from that situation so I invited Princess to come round and keep me company instead.

I could either spend the day fucking her senseless with the strap on if my delivery arrived early or teach her how to cook dinner for my Master if we had to wait around.

Luckily timings meant I got to do both. Dinner bubbling on the stove, delivery installed and the minute I had the house back to just us, Princess naked on my bed and me slipping into the strap on harness over her.

I flipped her round though so she could sit on top of me and get fucked hard and deep. I also thought it might save me some strain since I’m still not used to the energy and effort the strap on takes.

But frankly, seeing her sitting astride me bouncing up and down on my cock, tits jiggling in rhythm, was so incredibly hot I couldn’t have lain still if I’d tried. All I wanted to do was fuck her as hard as I could until she came, enjoying the feel of her body pressing the cock onto me in good places.

My legs were starting to go a little bit just as she started gasping not to stop so I allowed her to press the Doxy against her clit to buy me a little recovery time. But judging by how hard she was grinding against the base of my cock taking every inch of it and wanting more, it was getting fucked that tipped her over the edge into an excellent orgasm.

It wasn’t quite as impressive as the first time she used the Doxy or when my Master fucks her like that but it was so hot for me that it went straight to my cunt and left me soaking wet and so ready for her fist.

She slipped each finger into me until my cunt was desperate for her whole fist and I pressed the Doxy against my clit getting used to how much bigger and deeper the vibrations are. It feels very different against my piercing so I needed a minute or two to hit my stride.

And when I did with her fist inside me and the toy against me, it was an extraordinary orgasm. Extremely intense and much much longer in duration than normal, it felt like I could stay like that forever. Then there was another feeling of something either squirting or ejaculating and just as the orgasm became almost unbearable, I stopped coming.

It took quite a while to recover enough to get up and make sure my Master’s dinner was ready and more to the point, that I was ready for my punishment for taking five days to fulfil that order…


In Order


As I mentioned a few days ago, my Master and Princess have been on holiday and their plan was to finish their trip off by coming to mine on their return and stretching her further. Oh and I’d been promised a present as well.


I am absolutely loving my life at the moment but if I was being greedy, I’ve missed directly submitting to my Master just as much recently and I was instantly thrilled to see him start to set up a scene based around it.

Princess was to come to my house first so that I could dress her and tie her blindfolded to the bed. I would kneel on the floor beside her and we would both wait for him to arrive at 6.15pm.

She is not very good at delayed gratification and while I could kneel for hours and wait because it turns me on so much, I could see that within a minute or so of silence she was itching to ask the equivalent of ‘are we there yet?’

And my Master knows her so very well that at exactly 6.15pm he messaged me to say that I was to tell Princess that I wasn’t allowed to speak to her again until I’d come. He was going to come round and ignore her until I’d come round his cock as she’d had his cock to herself all week.

I gave her the order and then waited so quietly for him to arrive that I knew she couldn’t tell if anyone was in the room. I could see her squirm and her hand brush across her cunt and then back to her sides.

Then my Master ordered me to blindfold myself and I was able to wait for him in that sense of submission and anticipation that makes my cunt drip. I listen out for any noise he makes when he arrives but he’s almost as silent as me.

Next thing I know he’s standing in front of me and his cock is in my mouth before bending me over the bed and fucking me as I leaned over Princess’s legs. She could only hear what was happening until he turned me round face first into her cunt and got me to lick as he fucked me again.

Somewhere in the middle of thanking him for the orgasm he’d just given me, he pulled my leg back and lifted my knee and gave me my present as he slipped the strap on and harness onto me so I could start fucking Princess…