Since my Master had carefully planned a threesome for exactly a year since my first with him and Princess, I thought I should make a little effort for the event.

Getting dressed up for the first one certainly helped me overcome my nerves beforehand but I loved that getting ready on Friday was more about excitement and anticipation than apprehension.

I actually dug out the photo of my outfit from last year and I liked it but I laughed at the corset. Not even steel boned back then, my waist has been trained down five inches in total in 365 days and I can lace myself into it almost as tightly as my Master can.

I wanted to wear something that shows how much I enjoy these threesomes and don’t take them for granted after a year and I also wanted to create a response in both of them. So what else could I choose to wear but the black bodysuit I had to buy after making myself come in it recently?

I picked out a leather skirt to wear with it and look like a total domme and then I thought about how I didn’t own a skirt the first time I walked up the road to fuck my Master in his bed. So I took the skirt off and just wore the bodysuit on its own.

All it needed was some fishnet stockings, a black corset, thigh high boots and a very demure long black coat to cover it all for the walk. There was definitely a cheeky hint of fishnet clad thigh on the way, but I actually looked less slutty to passers-by than when I went out in shorts recently.

But I did want to make a big revel to my Master and Princess when I got there and luckily they were both lying on their bed together when I got there looking almost sleepy. I took my coat off and walked into their bedroom and they both sat straight up.

Together but in their separate ways they’ve turned me into a massive show off so I very much enjoyed the reaction to the fact I was basically dressed like a slutty superhero. Definitely reminds me to polish my superpower of stretching my cunt.

And my Master started me off again by immediately pulling me astride him and pulling the bodysuit open and pushing his cock inside me…