Just after my memory of my Master fisting me til even someone silent as me managed to scream out loud til she came, this article on the good old tradition of fingering cropped up in my Twitter feed.

I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of fingers sliding into my wet cunt more than the feeling of a tongue on it. All the best bits of being fucked combined with the flexibility of fingers so it’s no wonder that I’ve enjoyed taking a fist so much.

It’s just incredible that it took me so long to discover it. But then it turns out you can’t get up to anywhere near as much fun with a tight little pussy…



It’s only since I started training with my Master that I’ve been able to squirt at all and it remains an occasional bonus for me.

It’s definitely easier since my pussy started to be more stretched and yet stronger at the same time, but I need to keep practising.

That was my excuse for reading (and then re-reading) this article on the history of squirting. Got to have aspirations in life after all.

Mine is definitely to be able to squirt with my Master’s fist inside me and soak his entire arm…


Candi Pink

Since I started blogging about my Master’s training to stretch my cunt, I’ve become quite obsessed with eyeing things up to see if I could put them inside me. I’m literally prowling the aisles of supermarkets for things that might stretch me further or simply feel interesting inside a hot wet pussy.

I was buying some sushi the other day when this bottle of water caught my eye. Not because it was pink, but because the unusual curved yet wide shape looked like it would make an interesting challenge for my cunt.

water bottle

I thought it would be a nice chance to break in my new black corset and wear the hot pink suspender belt I don’t often get the chance to air. I do like these little details when I’m becoming Candi. They get me in the mood and set the scene like it does with my Master.

As soon as I was dressed I could feel my cunt getting wetter and slicker and crying out for something inside it to stretch and fill it. I had left the bottle filled with water to make it easier and firmer to handle and I planned to sit astride it and push down so I could feel my cunt inch down it as it slipped inside.

I couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t work as I tried several angles and panicked that my gape was closing up. Then I remembered I was wearing a curved butt plug and the head of it was pushing toward the bottle and stopping it getting past.

I took the plug out and the bottle slipped in so quickly I couldn’t even get a video. But as I thought you want to see what I look like stretched out and full of water, I lay back and allowed it to slip in and out several more times and loved the slick little noises of the bottle in my wet cunt.

I wanted the plug back in to make sure my ass was full and I was as stretched as possible because I wanted to see if I could get myself ready to meet the monster squash I bought at the weekend…

pink bottle


Candi Pink

Coke Can

coke stretch

With my corset tighter and my cunt looser than I’ve ever got either before I was determined to slip the whole full Coke can inside me.

Having warmed up with my hand and the tonic can, I knelt over the can and allowed my cunt to open up and slip gradually inside me as I straddled it. I could feel myself stretching wider and wider and feel the can inching its way into my pussy.

And then suddenly it was slipping inside like my cunt was devouring it and the whole thick heavy can was inside me, pushing down on my pussy lips and making them stretch and swell around the lip of the can.

I’m not sure if I didn’t have in just far enough or if I’d made myself gape so much that it dropped out when I stood up. But I have to say something that solid coming out of my absolutely dripping wet cunt felt pretty fucking fantastic either way.

I look forward to keeping practising until I can fulfil my Master’s latest order to video myself slipping the can of Coke instead me and pull a pair of jeans on to help it stay inside while I go to the shop to buy a second one…

coke inside

Coke Can



This is how far I got my first time with the Coke can. Halfway is promising but not good enough. I need to keep practising to please my Master.

I did slip my hand inside afterwards and my cunt felt ruined. It was gaping so much I could feel the difference when I sat down to write this afterwards. All I could feel with lube and cunt lips rubbing against myself.

It felt incredible.


More cock

My first love will always be cock. I always love having a cock inside me. Doesn’t matter if it’s my mouth or ass or my cunt, a cock slipping into them still makes me shiver in pleasure every time.

I particularly love how my Master fucks my wide gaping cunt now. He needs to be firm with me and fuck me hard and rough to make sure I can feel him in there.

If he’s on top, I want to pull him closer so he fucks me deeper and deeper in my ruined pussy. If I’m on top I want to push myself onto him harder and harder. Having a stretched pussy makes me want to be fucked even more.

I wonder if we tried this would I want fucked even harder or just stretch more round him?



More cock

Belladonna Bitch Fist


double fist

My Master is the only person who has ever fisted me. He’s spent the last year preparing and training me, taking me from only comfortably being able to take two fingers when we met to being to able to be fist fucked hard with his closed fist and still want to take more.

Part of that preparation was getting me to own the Belladonna Bitch Fist toy and learn to use it myself, setting me the challenge in early December to able to take it all by the New Year.

Three days later and I was taking it twice a day and fucking myself with it til I came. I still need both hands to slip it in, but I can slide it right up to the wrist before pulling the knuckles down lower to stretch my cunt as wide as possible each time I fuck myself deeply.

Using it twice a day has stretched me so much that if I get up on my knees after I’ve come with it inside me, the toy just slips right out of me afterwards. I’m starting to need another finger in there at the same time too…





Belladonna Bitch Fist