Born This Way

I have always wondered if I was wired differently to most women. Not only do I seem to be more highly sexed than many of them, I also love love love penetration. The harder and deeper the better. I will always pick penetration over clit stimulation. Fingers, fist, toys or cock. My cunt loves to be filled up.

Other women seem to have limits in comparison and I always wondered if I was somehow weird compared to them but was it nature or nurture? Do I like penetration so much because I’m so highly sexed or am I so highly sexed because I’m used to getting fucked so hard?

I might never unravel the dilemma completely but I did discover today that I am genuinely wired differently to many women. I went for my scheduled smear test and learned all kinds of new things about my own cunt in the process. It turns out that my actual vagina is much longer than most women’s and my cervix tilts really far back and slightly off to one side.

According to the nurse, that combination makes tampons extremely difficult as they have to go in much further to actually do their job but she also winked and said it made me ‘very accommodating’ in other ways. Basically I’ve got more depth to take dick or any other object and there’s no chance of it hitting my cervix and creating a sexual cul de sac. I’m literally built to be fisted frankly.

I may be the only person who’s ever laughed during a smear test when I realised what the nurse meant. Not only is it reassuring to get a medical check that stretching myself isn’t causing any issues but it’s incredibly encouraging to find that I’m built to keep pushing further and further.

I wonder what my Master will do with that endorsement….

Born This Way

Three Tasks

Having failed to complete two orders my Master gave me last weekend, I was feeling extremely disobedient and rather disappointed in myself. So imagine how much I was determined to make it up to him when he reminded me I had actually managed to not to complete three orders in total.

For the next three days I am to wear one of my wigs each time I go out of the house no matter where I go. And I am to use the fist toy on myself while I am out. If any of the three women I am to have messaged on Craigslist or FetLife have replied, I may come at that point.

But if they haven’t, then I am to keep to myself on the edge for five minutes with the fist toy and not come and I must go back to normality stretched and wet and showing off my new hair at the same time.

My timing was impeccable that the first place I had to go to after this order was the doctor’s surgery. I’m a bit of a regular there so the receptionist definitely noticed the change in my hair.

Normally finding out your appointment is running 25 minutes late is infuriating. This time it allowed me to slip into the toilet and use the fist toy on myself. Keeping myself right on the edge felt all the more difficult and illicit as I was actually seeing the GP to have an internal examination as I was having my coil replaced after five years of baby-proofing me.

So within 10 minutes of fisting myself, I was lying down with the GP’s fingers inside me checking everything before the procedure began. I’ve never found these essential bits of being a woman particularly bearable before when I was so tight. It’s usually been a case of gritting my teeth to get on with it.

This time I barely felt her two fingers and the speculum slid in so easily we were chatting away while she did it. It almost popped out when she turned do something and she commented that I have clearly been doing my pelvic floor exercises because my muscles are so strong.

Lying there with my piercing on full view and Candi’s hair down my back, not even feeling that stretched this time, it was hard to not to laugh. I wonder what she’d have said if I told her I’ve mainly been doing those exercises by putting a can of Coke inside me or pushing an aubergine out of my gaping cunt on camera to go on a clips site?

I doubt she’d have believed me in fact. I find it incredible when I think how much Master has trained me into changing too and in such a short space of time…

Three Tasks