Movie Night

I think my Master tolerated my disobedience this week better than I expected seeing as he suggested we went out for dinner last night and didn’t mention my behaviour before or after we ate.

Instead he suggested we all watch a movie over drinks. We managed about fifteen minutes of a bad drag queen film and he and Princess agreed it was the worst thing they’d watched since the first instalment of Fifty Shades of Grey last summer.

I have fonder memories of them watching that film than reading the books as my Master sent me some excellent photos and videos of him fucking Princess with a bottle to entertain themselves where the plot of the film failed to.

So in perfect (slightly tipsy) logic we decided to watch the second Fifty Shades film to see if it had improved at all. Spoiler alert: it hadn’t. In fact it’s possibly even less sexy than the books as even the masked ball scene that was moderately erotic in the novel ended up being flat and dull on screen.

The only bit we all approved of was a split second with a spreader bar where Mr Grey finally did something even remotely dominant but again we were surprised by just how non kinky Fifty Shades really is.

The film was either shorter than I imagined or we distracted ourselves with mocking it because it seemed to be over quite quickly and my Master rewarded us for our efforts by putting The Rocky Horror Picture Show on again since we’re all fans of men in stockings.

Princess was sitting in between my Master and I as we watched the film and I’m not sure when I noticed his hand had started to move along her bare leg. Maybe when I felt her squirm slightly against me, growing in intensity as Sir’s hand moved closer and closer to her cunt before he slipped her panties off and slipped his fingers inside her.

She slid down the sofa to allow herself to grind against his thumb on her clit and he ordered me to play with her cunt along with him and kiss him as I did. Princess nearly slipped off the sofa in pleasure as she came round both our hands.

Sir took advantage of her position to push her onto the floor on her hands and knees and strip her bare, pushing her face into my now glorious wet and naked cunt as he fucked her from behind. To show Mr Grey just how it’s done, he began spanking her ass so I could hear each slap on her bare skin and then feel her push further into my cunt as she felt each hard fast spank connect with her.

Princess has a particularly perfect ass for putting up in the air while on her hands and knees and for spanking. The sound of a hand or toy slapping against her skin sounds spectacular and goes straight to my cunt every time I hear it.

It was clearly having a similar effect on my Master because I’ve never heard him spank her so hard. The last slap across her ass before I came round her tongue was so hard and loud it actually echoed round the room and jerked her whole body forward and off my my Master’s cock.

He used the break to sit on the sofa and pull me onto his cock astride him and make me fuck him as he sat perfectly still and pulled my top down so my tits were exposed and easy to see jiggling with the effort of me pushing down deeply as I fucked him as greedily as possible while Princess watched and kissed him and they both took turns to play with my tits.

As soon as I’d made myself come with my Master’s cock , he pushed me off his lap and face first into Princess’s cunt with my ass up in the air. As soon as he started fucking me again, it was my turn to get spanked incredibly hard and the sound and motion of it sent me into that blissed out subspace where nothing except pleasure really matters to me.

I was completely focused on the playing with Princess’s clit and feeling my Master’s cock inside me as he pulled me against him hard enough to actually pop the boning in my waist trainer. It was only when he groaned as he came inside me that I noticed the film was still playing in the background.

He lay back and watched me lick Princess to a last orgasm just as Susan Sarandon asked us to ‘touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me’ and I was reminded what a kinky classic Frank n Furter really is

Movie Night


I thoroughly enjoyed warming Princess up with two birthday orgasms before my Master joined us. Without thinking I hadn’t even slipped a finger inside her when I was licking her cunt so the first thing inside on her all day was my Master’s cock.

He pulled her down onto him astride him and commented that her cunt felt surprisingly tight. I was watching them fuck when he told me to stand behind her and use the riding crop on her ass.

Even a light tap made her slide further down on his cock as her cunt just opened up but of course I couldn’t resist spanking her harder so that she writhed and begged for both more cock and more pressure on her ass at the same time.

Each thwack left a beautiful red mark and I could hear how much wetter and more open she was getting as I spanked and my Master fucked her deeper and harder in tandem. By the end I was spanking her so hard my hand was getting tired gripping the crop but it was too good watching her ass twitch it in rhythm to my Master’s cock that I didn’t want to stop.

But I had to when she came hard round his cock and and could hardly move for a minute, face down on his chest, ass glowing up in the air. She looked excellent like that so I was surprised when my Master lifted her up off him and left the room, leaving her propped against the headboard.

He reappeared a few minutes later with a bottle of champagne and glasses and after pouring us each a drink, ordered Princess to spread her legs and for me to start licking her cunt again while she toasted her orgasms with the champagne.

I went very gently to begin with but her aching cunt seemed to respond very nicely to the taste of champagne on my tongue and it didn’t take long for her to reach her fourth orgasm in 30 minutes while celebrating her birthday in style…


Hangover Fun

I only really have three fundamental settings: eat, sleep, sex. My life revolves round those three interests with varying levels human interaction often involving conversation and alcohol.

But strangely the only time I don’t want to be sexual is when I have a hangover. I’ve never understood that phenomenon of ‘hangover horn’. I just want to sleep and eat potato based foods instead of have orgasms.

So it was lucky on Sunday that it was my Master with the hangover and that he doesn’t share my interest in crisps and a duvet after a night out. Instead I’m not sure anything would have stopped him from fucking.

I should have known he was planning something extravagant when he ate lunch quicker than normal and then announced he had errands to do but expected to arrive at my house to find Princess tied to the bed gagged and blindfolded with my face in her cunt when he was finished.

He was a little bit quicker than usual on his shopping too and I hadn’t quite finished making sure Princess couldn’t wriggle free when he arrived. He didn’t comment except to press my face into her cunt so that my ass was up in the air and my tongue extremely busy.

And then he spanked my ass hard with that new riding crop. He gently drew the fob over my back and bare ass and smooth cunt and made me squirm before whipping me harder than I’ve ever taken before.

I could feel my cunt absolutely gushing with each slap and smack and Princess’s was twitching under my tongue as I made her come. It took longer than usual because I was struggling to cope with the stinging pain of the spanking and kept stopping to gasp and yelp.

But just as she came, he pulled my legs apart and fucked me as I tried to keep licking her swollen clit. Between how hard he was fucking me and how hard he was spanking me at the same time I could hardly do anything except bury my face in her, trying to concentrate on her clit and listen to the noises coming out of me as I repeatedly came around my Master’s cock.

Princess did get a second orgasm from my thumb and fingers as my Master slapped sounds out of my usually completely silent self with the crop until I couldn’t take much more. I literally couldn’t get up off my knees when he’d finished with me to see how red my ass was.

I might have to ask him to photograph it next time. Because there will have to be a next time. Hangovers seem to bring out his sadistic streak and I liked it more than I expected…


Hangover Fun


Princess and I had planned to have dinner ready to serve for my Master the other night but it took me longer to recover from the Doxy than I planned and we were twenty five minutes behind schedule.

I think he might actually have been disappointed if we’d served him dinner so promptly considering how quickly he took the chance to use the wait in more interesting ways. Almost straightaway he had me on the sofa with Princess licking my clit as he kissed me.

Definitely a fun way to wait for dinner to cook. But he had much more in mind. Because I’d defied an order last week I had had to order a punishment in the shape of a riding crop and he offered us a little extra in the shape of a game to play with it.

If I could manage to hold off coming for five minutes while Princess went down on me, then she got to be spanked with the crop first. If I couldn’t control myself, then my ass felt the leather first.

My Master has done a lot of training me to delay and control my orgasm over our relationship so I was quite sure I could hold back despite knowing Princess has excellent skills with her tongue that I’ve enjoyed many times.

I hadn’t counted on my Master kissing me intensely while she licked my clit though. The way he kisses goes straight to my cunt. As does the sight of Princess’s lovely face pressed against me enjoying herself so much. I lasted exactly three minutes and came hard enough that I didn’t know whether to thank my Master or apologise.

His reply was to make Princess and I change places so I was face first in her cunt with my ass in the air so he could spank me until I made her come. I was quite nervous about how much the crop might hurt so I wasn’t sure if it would be several minutes of bliss or torture.

It was quite definitely the former. My Master used the crop in a variety of ways to move from light taps to stinging spanks and I loved them all. And clearly Princess did too as at once point she pulled away from me and begged my Master to spank her instead.

Her brattiness got her nowhere except back on the sofa with her cunt licked harder and two fingers inside her to push her closer to an orgasm while my ass reddened nicely under the crop. A third finger got her there nicely almost exactly as the oven timer went off.

Since both of us are rather well trained we both thanked my Master and went towards the kitchen, but he caught me and ran his hand over my cunt to see how wet the spanking had made me.

Kissing me hard and using his fingers just on my clit, I was so wet I came standing on my tiptoes struggling to stay upright with the surprisingly quick and strong orgasm he gave me. If he hadn’t been holding me up with his mouth and hand I think I’d have actually swooned to the floor.

Knowing Princess was watching while her husband made me come was incredibly hot. Discovering that she’d put dinner on the table by the time I’d got my balance back was even better…



Princess has a much stronger bratty streak than me. Not is she amused by my love of following Master’s rules, but she still keeps trying to set them herself.

So yesterday when I said I was going to call round and use her, she told me what would suit. Smiling to myself, my Master stepped and reminded her she is a sex toy who doesn’t get to choose.

But she does get a punishment for trying to. She was going to be spanked forty times on her ass with my hand while wearing the jiggle balls and the wand on her clit and she was going to have to try to come in that position.

I do love seeing her gorgeous ass up in the air so spanking her is one of my greatest joys in life. I’m also getting more practised at it and seemed to be able to deliver a good smack each time.

She squirmed and bucked and winced under my hand and I especially enjoyed hearing her count to ten and hearing the effort in her voice. I spanked each side ten times before switching over, stopping to see how glowing red her ass was.

She didn’t come but she did enjoy the sensation of the balls moving inside her each time my hand hit her willing and waiting ass and she was so wet when I stopped and took the balls out, it wasn’t much difficulty to slip my whole fist into her.


I probably shouldn’t say how much I’m enjoying her brattiness but it has its moments…