Not only is my brain still fuzzy from being ill, so is the rest of my body. Being stuck in bed all week saving my energy to have a shower doesn’t give me most energy wiggle room for the other bits of the work that goes into my usual femme self.

So while I’d never judge anyone else for choosing not to shave, I feel like I’m wearing the wrong skin when I don’t. I don’t feel cute or empowered by casting off the patriarchy’s shackles of not shaving. I just feel furry and un-femme.

And a month of being stuck in bed with not much more to do then watch my leg hair grow has made me realise just how much of my sexual energy is linked to the confidence I feel in my femme presentation. Having my hair *just* right, my legs and cunt smooth and my nails polished makes me feel sexual. It’s as much lubrication for flirting and feeling sexual as my actual cunt getting wet.

So I know I’m coming back to life sexually when I start to get the itch to shave smooth again. I always dither between where to start. Do I start from my ankles and work up to my cunt in order and anticipation? Or use a trimmer to reveal my cunt lips again after them feeling so covered up for weeks and then wet shave everything in one go until my skin is so smooth and sleek it almost squeaks?

Either way I know the feel of my skin sliding against the sheets at night starts to wake my brain up so my dreams get interesting again. It starts imagining being pressed against Sir’s chest hair as he fucks me or running my hands over those fine golden hairs on Princess’s thighs as she holds the Doxy against her clit. When those dreams start leading to orgasms in my sleep then it definitely bodes well for how my body will behaves during the day too.

It’s amazing how sharp a razor make you feel…




5X6A7082I love getting ready for an encounter as Candi. Each step helps get me in the mood and ready to play.

I particularly enjoy making sure my cunt is smooth.┬áThe very first order my Master gave me when our relationship began was to shave myself smooth and I remember refusing. I hadn’t worked out at that stage that he doesn’t give orders lightly and that there’s always a good reason for them.

Several months later he repeated the order and this time I didn’t hesitate to comply. Shaving myself smooth means feel much more as my bare pussy is much more sensitive as I discovered the first time my Master fucked me afterwards.

The timing of the order meant that I also went smooth the week I got the piercing in my clit hood and my clean look makes it much easier to see the jewellery and remember why it’s there.

Now when I shave, the bite and rasp of the razor reminds me how I like to be ready to play with the feeling of what I’m wearing that day brushing against my bare skin┬ásince I don’t wear any underwear these days.

I should also use those sensations as a reminder of why my Master gives me orders…