First Fist

I’ve definitely written about the first time I took a fist. It was one of the most intense and enjoyable sexual experiences of my life which has changed me in so many ways. So how would you top that?

Fisting someone else for the first time turns out to be even more extraordinary. Especially when it’s your Master’s wife and he’s helping you guide your fingers into her cunt and sharing the moment with you.

That feeling of pushing your hand into a hot wet cunt is momentarily alarming. How will it stretch? Am I hurting her? And then it’s like the cunt takes over and starts to greedily pull your hand in.

When I’m being fisted I’m actually less aware of that feeling because it’s just so incredibly enjoyable and I tend to become so relaxed and overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure and intensity of it.

But getting to experience it from the other side allowed to feel those tiny responses and enjoy every millimetre of her cunt as it just opened up to my hand. I could see my Master approving and encouraging both of us.

Then she reached down and felt only my wrist because my whole hand was right in there and I could feel the movement of her cunt right into my own like they were connected. I don’t think I’ve ever felt my cunt so ready and turned on without someone touching it at that moment but this was incredible.

Slipping my hand back out was just as good. Allowing it to trail out gently, a small shift and slip at a time as she writhed on the end of my fingers as I licked her soaking wet stretched cunt until my Master took over.

And that wasn’t the only fisting action of the night. It was just the one that I won’t be able to stop thinking about doing again as soon as possible….


First Fist