Inside Out

I enjoy spending time with Princess and my best friend even if they do like to gang up on me and tease me for my slutty past when my horniness outweighed my common sense around men and lead to some dubious decision making.

We also got talking about first sexual experiences, both alone and with other people and I felt very left out that I can’t remember my first orgasm either by myself or with someone else because their stories were well worth hearing.

But what we did establish was I am unusual, if not excessive, in my love of penetration. They were both surprised to hear that right from when I first learned to masturbate it was always with penetration. I’m pretty sure it took me longer to learn to play with my clit than fuck myself.

I knew a lot of women find it quite difficult to come through penetration and need a lot of clit stimulation with it, but I didn’t realise I was quite so unusual in how much I enjoy penetration compared to them.

Toys, fingers, cock, butternut squash, I just revel in having something inside my cunt and in fact I think I find it easier to come that way than with just clit stimulation. That’s not to say I don’t like having my clit played with because I very much do (especially since I got my piercing) but having something inside me does it every time.

In fact talking about my love of penetration put me in the mood to find some unusual objects for my cunt again…

Inside Out

Show Off

You know your life is just that bit kinky than average when you find yourself thinking it’s been a few weeks since you had a threesome and pining for one. Luckily my Master seems to have a knack of knowing when I’m getting impatient and told me to keep Sunday night free.

I don’t usually drop hints to my Master in the hope he’ll do something as that kind of ‘topping from the bottom’ really isn’t in my nature but this time my reply to him was that it gave me time to polish some latex. So clearly I had something in my mind after all.

My instruction in the end was to come to their flat dressed so that people would think I was a professional domme. Latex catsuit, thigh high boots, corset and black wig for the walk.

Just as I was leaving my Master told me to bring the John Holmes toy, the Doxy, a blindfold and a bottle of lube. I chuckled at how both the Doxy and the John Holmes barely fit in the average shopping bag now we’ve gone away from plastic ones and then enjoyed adding to my look with a bulging bag of toys hoping a dildo wouldn’t poke out en route.

Although I’m not sure the sight of the tip of a monster cock appearing from my bag in the street would have attracted more attention than I did get. I live in a busy part of south London where people tend to give the impression they don’t notice more. Until you stroll past them in latex and thigh high boots that is.

I enjoyed watching the reactions on people’s faces as I passed. Women tended to look admiringly at the boots with their faces switching to tight disapproval when they spotted the latex with the strategically placed zips above them.

The men however took in the whole look as their eye fell on me. I’m not sure which amused me more: the men who openly stared with no pretence of hiding their interest or the ones with their wives and dressed in their Sunday best who pretended not to be watching me walk.

The attentions of both definitely brought out my show off side and I walked a little slower than usual to make sure I made the most of it but I still made sure I arrived for my Master exactly on time to see what he had planned for us…

Show Off

Weekend Fun

leopard knickers

What could be wrong with a weekend when you spent several hours performing on camera with a selection of fruit and veg in your cunt, got to follow your Master’s latest order at the same time and got a big box of new sex toys from Lovehoney?

Nothing at all in my book frankly. Even my sore muscles today are an amusing reminder to myself when I’m walking round my local shop wincing slightly that I got fucked hard enough yesterday to really feel it.

And in case you wondered, my Master’s latest order was to remind me what a slut I am by wearing my panties inside my cunt when I wasn’t fucking myself on camera. I get to pull them out when I need to and then they will available as reward when someone suggests what I should be performing next…

Weekend Fun

Joys and Toys

all toys

I’ve been in a ridiculously good mood all day. I almost found myself humming as I was doing my shopping earlier and I’ve definitely been grinning all day.

Maybe it was my good night’s sleep or maybe it was the fact my Master has given me a way to come that doesn’t involve another person, rather my extensive selection of sex toys instead.

After I’d lined them all up in order of size and taken a photo to show him so on his orders, he gave me a new task to fulfil.

Starting with the two smallest toys, I had to completely take a toy in my ass while fucking my cunt with the other and without touching my clit, I could come. Each time I increased the size of either toy, I could come again.

It sounds deceptively easy doesn’t it? Well firstly, I’m not allowed to start until I’d blogged about here and I’m not allowed to size up each time until I’ve described the experience here either.

And secondly, the first toy I have to fuck my cunt with that little gold vibrator you see above and it’s the size of about two of my delicate lady-sized fingers. It might have filled me right up when I first met my Master, but I’m not sure I can even feel it now let along come with it.

I am counting down the minutes til I get all my work done this evening and can find out though. I suspect I might have quite a few blog posts for you to read over the long weekend too at this rate…

Joys and Toys


pigs and plugs

My Master ordered me to buy two toys last week. The Ass Servant that scared me so much when it arrived the other day but which has turned out to enormous fun so far. And the XXL pighole.

I’ve got the large version of this toy and I’ve been memorably fucked by my Master while wearing it and enjoyed being photographed using it while clad entirely in latex inside and out.

When I got the large, the size of the packet that arrived in the post alarmed me and my Master made me keep it for him to unwrap so the first time I really knew the size of it was when he slipped it into my cunt.

This time, he got me to open the packaging myself and send him a photograph of the two pigholes and the two plugs together to show the variations in size.

All that black silicone looked so delicious gathered together, but I was surprised by how little difference there looks to my eye between the large and the XXL versions of the pighole.

When my Master replied that those were big words, I remembered there is a vast difference between what my eye sees and what my cunt feels…


More than Squirting

There are few things I love more than when my Master sets me a challenge and I’m not sure I can do it, but end up doing even better than I could have imagined.

And tonight I did just that and learned a new skill that gave me one of the most intense orgasms of my life and left me grinning from ear to ear.

My Master instructed me today that he wanted my audience to watch me squirt. I was to remember the last three things that made me squirt and come twice doing each one while filming it for you all.

I lined up an aubergine, the big John Holmes toy and the magic wand and warmed up gently alternating with the aubergine and the toy making sure I was getting nice and loose.

I copied what I’d done with the aubergine the last time, filling myself up with it, legs spread wide and the wand on my clit and brought myself to a very satisfying orgasm with the aubergine shooting out of me at that moment. But no squirting this time or the second time I tried.

Next up I tried the big toy, fucking myself back and forth with it to loosen me up even further as I buzzed the wand faster and faster. Another orgasm. And another. But still no squirting.

Clearly I was using the wrong kind of pressure on myself. I decided to go back to the aubergine and the wand, but the aubergine slipped out part way through and desperate to be filled right up, I pushed the wand inside and put it on full power.

I expected to come straight away but oddly nothing happened. I momentarily panicked that I’d run out of orgasms for the day. And then I started to feel the wand slide further down inside my cunt and the pressure of an orgasm start to build.

The wand slipped far enough down that it was only just the depth of it inside me, no further up and the more intense feeling of pressure like I’ve never felt before as I came.

I was absolutely sure I must have squirted and my brief disappointment when I saw the sheet was dry under me was completely blown away when I saw a trail of something white on my ass cheek, knowing I hadn’t used any lube this time and realised I hadn’t squirted but managed proper female ejaculation.

I watched the video back and the last minute clearly showed a white liquid not unlike come squirting down the head of the wand and out of me. I touched it and it felt and tasted exactly like when my Master comes into my mouth.

What a video to have filmed as my first long length clip. I look forward to my Master seeing what his orders make my body able to do…





More than Squirting