Is there anything more disappointing than a dodgy dildo? I haven’t had the chance to play with the monster my Master bought me for my birthday because there’s a problem with the texture of it. I’m not sure if it’s a fault with the toy itself or the way it’s been stored in the packaging before being sent out.

But it’s not safe to be near my cunt right now sadly so to make it up to me (especially after the awkwardness of taking a two foot long dildo to the Post Office) my Master set me a little challenge. I was to take three toys and compare the textures of them in my cunt before coming round each of them.

It wasn’t about length or girth this time per se but about touch and texture instead so I used it as an excuse to delve deep into my toy box and compare and contrast to make my choices. Although it says a lot that my first stop was actually the fridge for my beloved glass dildo chilled to perfection under the emergency bar of chocolate to start me off.

I love the feel of that glass toy. One side is dimpled and the other is swirled and curled and the toy works best with extremes of temperature. I slid the cool dimpled end inside me and enjoyed the fact that glass is by it’s very nature incredibly firm and inflexible. It’s like the hardest cock possible and that over the top-ness makes it feel so much a like a toy all for the pleasure of playing with.

The unyielding texture of the toy actually works with your cunt more than you’d expect. The cool feel allows the heat of my cunt to transfer to it and the rigidity allows the soft wetness to contrast with it so the toy slides in and out gracefully and gloriously as I fuck myself deeply and steadily with it. The little clink as it slips in as far as possible and skims across the metallic piercing in my swollen clit always pushes me over the edge into an orgasm.

In contrast my next toy was a new experience for me. A little purple jelly vibrator designed to work like a rabbit with clit stimulation, it came free with a Lovehoney order and I’ve never used it on me. Princess responded well to it but it was unchartered territory for my current cunt.

My first ever sex toy was a gift from a friend in that stereotypical pink glittery jelly and I never warmed to it abandoning it quite quickly to go back to using my hand. This was the first time I’d revisited the texture and I suspect it’ll be the last. There’s something about the sticky squishiness of jelly toys that causes my cunt to shrink away from them and considering how tiny this toy is by my standards that’s a very bad thing.

It did not slip inside me anywhere as easily as the glass toy. No glide, more stopping and starting like trying to learn to use the clutch pedal on your first driving lesson than getting fucked. The texture seemed to suck the moisture from my cunt with the wrong kind of friction for fun.

Adding the vibrations didn’t help much. I’m used to the jumbo jet style roar and reverberation of the Doxy and this was more like someone sneezing on my clit instead. Like many starter style sex toys, it has a lot of functions and less impact cycling through all kinds of whispers of vibration that never quite go anywhere. Especially when half the settings seem to involve that on-off buzz pattern that builds to pleasure before dying away in frustration.

I haven’t worked that hard for an orgasm in years with the soft little toy feeling limp and damp inside and against me definitely not filling me up or fulfilling the promise of vibrations. I haven’t felt anything that half hearted near my cunt since I stopped fucking straight men and my orgasm was more like a defiant fuck you to the clammy fumbling toy than actual pleasure.

I was very pleased I’d kept my eternal favourite pink G spot toy from Lovehoney for the finale. Bought as a  substitute for the much more expensive Jopen Comet G spot toy I couldn’t justify spending so much money on, this toy has given me more pleasure than I ever imagined. Made of smooth sleek silicone, I’ve used it in my ass and my cunt and loved it in both.

It has the slight tackiness of silicone that goes with lubrication like salt goes with pepper to compliment and enhance each other and this toy just feels like it comes home in my cunt. Not as rigid as the glass and not as languid as the jelly toy, it feels more like the hardness of an actual cock and my cunt is definitely on home turf with that feel.

Silicone doesn’t seem to absorb heat the same way but it loves lube making it slick and sleek inside you to make sure the toy really builds up good friction against the slightly raised swollen spongy feel of my G spot when I’m really turned on. It butts against it but slips just enough to give a twisting motion that always makes me come so hard I feel like I might squirt as well. And last night was no difference.

I lay back after my third consecutive orgasm and tried to decide which toy was my favourite. I love that clean cool feel of glass and never tire of playing with it but the pink toy just works for me getting me turned on and fucked to orgasm every single time with the least effort. And it’s not just good with myself, both my Master and Princess can use it on me to incredible results too.

I think I might be a silicone slut but Sir has set me another three toys to play with tonight too so who knows…?



Seeing Double

I’m sure you were hoping to see a photo of Princess all dressed up in her new slutty outfit but if I’m honest we got too distracted to take any pictures.

On her return from the shop (after a surprisingly long time away that she insisted was a long early evening queue but might just have been her enjoying walking around dressed like a sex doll) she found me astride my Master’s cock and couldn’t wait to join in.

He rewarded her slutty impatience and obedience by coming in her ass with her new thong pulled aside to suit the urgency while I licked her cunt and played with her clit at the same time. We’d certainly all worked up an appetite for dinner at that point.

Lying in bed after eating, my Master’s fingers went straight to Princess’s cunt and found her still incredibly wet and ready. He ordered me to join him and we fucked her cunt with two fingers inside her each to prove that two is often better than one.

And with that thought in mind, my Master ordered both his slutty sex toys to fuck each other with the new shorter double ended dildo we’d bought after discovering the first one kept us apart as well as bringing us together as he watched us and gave directions.

This toy was perfect for allowing us to get close enough that our clits were touching as we fucked each other back and forth pushing the toy deeper each time until my Master allowed us to put the Doxy on our clits as we fucked.

We remain different in our love of the Doxy. I like it on a lower speed directly on my clit and Princess likes it up as high as possible and slightly above her clit. We started gently and with the view of her face and feeling her cunt against mine as my Master watched I came quickly and she was able to take her turn with the toy.

The Doxy is so powerful that its deep rumbly vibrations passed through her cunt and down the toy into my cunt as she continued to fuck me with it like the cock whore I am. I found it incredibly hot and so did my Master coming into her mouth as she came round the dildo and Doxy.

The sight and sound of them both coming pushed me into a final orgasm and reminded me that sometimes two is ideal but three is even better…


Seeing Double


My Master had set me quite a challenge the other night with the task to take the John Holmes toy and the smaller strap on cock at the same time. Unsurprisingly I struggled and didn’t manage to do it first time.

I was looking forward to trying again last night because I love those progressive tasks he sets me. They start off almost terrifyingly impossible and then just about manageable. Next thing I can do it if I try really really hard and then suddenly it seems so natural and easy, I can’t remember how I couldn’t do it.

I always think back to the biggest butt plug I have. I’ve never managed to take it in my ass and my Master once spent two hours by phone when I believe he was meant to be at work instructing me how to try to no avail. He then got me to wash it and try putting it in my cunt next.

Another hour of effort on my part still got me not much further than halfway and he had to come round in person to finish the task before fucking me as reward. Yet the other week, he slipped that plug into my pussy while I was wearing the strap on and I didn’t notice it was there.

But last night, my cunt felt every centimetre of any of the three dildos I used. Big one, middling sized one and tiny skinny one, they all felt uncomfortable enough for my cunt to rebel and ache.

I messaged my Master to tell him I was struggling and was amazed when his almost flippant answer was ‘poor Candi, another night without an orgasm’. I’d expected much more of an order from him.

And then he told me to spread my legs and hold my palm against my cunt and tell him how it felt. Instantly I was wet and ready for him. I also noticed how much my cunt had changed since the first time he told me to do that for him. So much more open and stretched and better feeling.

He told me to take the small strap on cock and rub it against my pierced clit and slide it up and down my cunt for him, asking did my cunt want to feel it? From barely functioning a few minutes earlier for me, my cunt was practically sitting up and begging for his orders and the cock.

Generously he allowed me to fuck myself with it hard and fast until I came and it felt fantastic especially as it was such an unexpected treat of an orgasm. He reminded me afterwards that it wasn’t just an orgasm. It was a reminder of who owns my body and how he can make it respond any time.

Then he ordered to me tell Princess who had been reading our conversation to suck his cock so she wouldn’t feel left out…



New Toy

It was sort of inevitable really. I wore my wand out. My Master tried to turn it on the other night to use it doubled up on Princess, one on her clit and one in her cunt, and it did nothing. He obviously managed to adapt to the situation as he’d brought hers anyway.

Afterwards I was left trying to coax it back to life with no success. So I did what any self respecting slut does when her orgasms look threatened: I bought a new wand immediately.

But this one is a Doxy wand. Bigger and at least twice as powerful as my Lovehoney one, it is the sex toy a friend texted me about recently and said that the first time she used it she came so hard she squirted having thought she couldn’t and made such a loud noise her partner thought she’d injured herself. I was sold.

A little careful shopping online meant I got one for the same price as my less powerful Lovehoney version with free 48 hour shipping. It’s a beauty. Much heavier and sleeker with a much larger head in a softer padded feel that I’m unlikely to damage with my piercing like I did with the old one.

I thought I’d try a little foreplay with it with Princess by putting it between the two of use as we kissed to get both of us well warmed up for me to fuck her again with the strap on. A good way to test how much more power it had without coming and breaking my Master’s rules.

I started it on the lowest speed and the vibrations are amazing. A very deep rumbling almost like a purr. My clit was lapping it up immediately and I loved the buttons instead of a dial to take it up a speed with one hand without losing concentration.

The second speed was so strong I actually had to pull away from it but Princess was like a woman possessed. She had it pressed firmly to her clit and was begging me to put my whole hand inside her. I’ve never felt her so wet in fact.

My whole hand slipped into her with ease as she kept turning the speed up and bucking her hips as I fucked her and she fucked the Doxy. Her back arched so high she really only had her heels still on the bed and she was thrashing around so much I was actually starting to worry she might hurt herself in some way.

There was a deep almost guttural noise from her, louder and more emphatic than any noise I’ve ever her make even when my Master fucked her with the pighole for the first time. And then she came so hard just watching it took my breath away, ejaculating all over my hand inside her.

She was shaking and dazed afterwards, almost like she’d been possessed. I think she’d have collapsed if I’d tried to fuck her. I felt guilty about not following my Master’s orders but so impressed by the Doxy, I thought he might not mind too much.

But judging by the punishment he ordered me to buy, even almost breaking his wife isn’t a good reason to defy him. Oh and I still have to wait for my chance to use my new toy on myself…

New Toy

New Skills

I instantly loved wearing the strap on my Master put onto me. The tightness of the straps along with the very tight corset feel incredible and it turns out having a cock in front of you is intoxicating.

Princess was still blindfolded and not entirely sure what was happening but as I leaned over her, my Master took it off so she could see the size of cock she about to take her gaping cunt.

It turns out that fucking someone rather than being fucked takes a little bit of adjustment and I struggled to get the right angle into her. My Master kindly volunteered to give me a demonstration of how to fuck his wife hard and deep to help me out.

And then I was lying on top of her and my new cock was sliding into her and she was loving it and pulling me in deeper as she fucked me back. My Master was lying beside her kissing her as his cock got harder and harder as he watched us fuck.

I had new found respect for what hard work it is to be the one who fucks someone. It might be very slightly easier if you can feel what you are doing but either way it takes a lot more effort than I’d realised. Now I know why men appreciate a slutty girl who doesn’t just let herself be passively fucked but actively participates.

I didn’t object though when Princess went on top of me lifting her skirt up so I could see her riding my cock hard on top of me. The pressure on her against me was making me extremely close to coming and seeing her getting fucked was one of the hottest things I’d ever seen.

But my Master is a man of many surprises and he had something even hotter planned. He bent Princess ass up in the air still on my cock and fucked her with his at the same time. The girl who has only ever been fucked by her husband until now was taking two cocks at once and begging for more.

I was incredibly turned on and slightly jealous as I haven’t managed that myself yet. But the idea that my Master shares Princess so equally with me like that is even better than just being filled up with cock until I can barely speak.

My Master and I then switched places with her on top of him and me fucking her ass as he came incredibly hard into her stretched cunt. Watching his cock slide in and out her in rhythm to mine made me forget I hadn’t quite come with the strap on because it was even more intense.

I very much enjoyed lying between them both afterwards, literally fucked out but with my new cock still between my legs as we all recovered. On his orders I don’t get to come again until I’ve made Princess come with the strap on and I’m so keen I’d probably have tried again the same night if she could have taken it…

New Skills


As I mentioned a few days ago, my Master and Princess have been on holiday and their plan was to finish their trip off by coming to mine on their return and stretching her further. Oh and I’d been promised a present as well.


I am absolutely loving my life at the moment but if I was being greedy, I’ve missed directly submitting to my Master just as much recently and I was instantly thrilled to see him start to set up a scene based around it.

Princess was to come to my house first so that I could dress her and tie her blindfolded to the bed. I would kneel on the floor beside her and we would both wait for him to arrive at 6.15pm.

She is not very good at delayed gratification and while I could kneel for hours and wait because it turns me on so much, I could see that within a minute or so of silence she was itching to ask the equivalent of ‘are we there yet?’

And my Master knows her so very well that at exactly 6.15pm he messaged me to say that I was to tell Princess that I wasn’t allowed to speak to her again until I’d come. He was going to come round and ignore her until I’d come round his cock as she’d had his cock to herself all week.

I gave her the order and then waited so quietly for him to arrive that I knew she couldn’t tell if anyone was in the room. I could see her squirm and her hand brush across her cunt and then back to her sides.

Then my Master ordered me to blindfold myself and I was able to wait for him in that sense of submission and anticipation that makes my cunt drip. I listen out for any noise he makes when he arrives but he’s almost as silent as me.

Next thing I know he’s standing in front of me and his cock is in my mouth before bending me over the bed and fucking me as I leaned over Princess’s legs. She could only hear what was happening until he turned me round face first into her cunt and got me to lick as he fucked me again.

Somewhere in the middle of thanking him for the orgasm he’d just given me, he pulled my leg back and lifted my knee and gave me my present as he slipped the strap on and harness onto me so I could start fucking Princess…



Cool As A…

2 cucumbers

I haven’t had much luck so far with my Master’s bottle challenge. I think it’s tricky to do you yourself with the angles of your own arms and the flat base of a bottle anyway, but also I’m a little out of practice as it’s been a while since I took a fist.

It’s also achingly stifling hot here in London and I want something cooling in my hot cunt right now. I’m irritable from the heat and the lack of orgasms and something chilled sliding into me immediately lifts my mood.

Luckily I found this squat cucumber in my local market the other day to fill that need. Shorter than the type you put in your sandwiches, but much more girthy, it’s exactly what I need to stretch me out again before my Master and Princess are back…

Cool As A…