Three Is The Magic Number

My Master was feeling sociable over the long weekend inviting me round for both drinking and plenty of fucking. I’m not sure if he really needed to send Princess to the shop for mixers when I got there or if he was being cunning.

But it did give us the perfect opportunity to welcome her back by finding me on my knees with his cock in my mouth. She was a  little bit jealous until our impromptu threesome later that night where she got to swallow Sir’s come before their friend came to join us for drinks.

The three of us went to Pride in July and it was one of my favourite days of the summer. As well as hanging out together we met up with a friend of my Master and his date for the day who was great fun and seemed to very much enjoy Sir’s company. So I wasn’t surprised when he turned out to be the friend my Master had invited round to join us for drinks.

We had fun getting drunk and silly before he went off to meet some friends for a night at the Two Brewers. Princess and I poured more drinks while my Master showed him out and it’s just as well we know how to entertain ourselves the two of us because Sir was gone for quite some time.

Princess and I would have been disappointed if he’d come back and hadn’t told us that there’d been kissing but we were thrilled and more than a little turned on when he told us that the kissing had turned into the friend wanting a proper taste and sucking Sir’s cock in the communal hallway outside their flat.

We spent the rest of the night trying to persuade him to go round to his friend’s the next day and fuck. Surprisingly he didn’t take his wife and submissive up on the encouragement to fuck another man even if he did agree with us that it was impressively slutty for him to have got his cock sucked by three different people in the space of two hours…

Three Is The Magic Number

Times Change

So as I said, right up to almost minutes before my first threesome with my Master and Princess I still wasn’t sure I was going to do it and then it just sort of happened on my Master’s guidance.

And she’s completely changed my life. I still don’t know if I’m interested in having sex with any other woman except Princess but I am very very sure about how much I want to have sex with her.

I always worried that if I fucked a woman I’d be mentally comparing it to sex with a man and using cock as some kind of yardstick that cunt had to measure up to. But not once has that happened with Princess.

Right from the start her cunt has been a pleasure to play with and through getting to know her more and my Master and I training it, I think of it as one of the greatest joys in my life. Just thinking about it goes straight to my own cunt every time.

I am very glad my Master encouraged me to try something new last year. I’m also very pleased that Princess was the first woman I fucked and it’s been so ridiculously hot getting to know another woman’s body. Particularly such a beautiful woman.

I feel extremely lucky my Master allows me to share her and in fact has arranged another threesome for tonight no less…

Times Change


My Master was as I said very clear about the importance of his relationship with Princess right from the first time he and I met. I have never had any jealousy toward her or their relationship because there was never any sense of competition or comparison between us on his part.

But I was always apprehensive about us having a threesome together. Not because I felt that there would be any hierarchy per se but I was aware that being the third person to their couple could have presented potential issues.

Luckily none of us are the jealous type and knowing that my Master would take charge of any scenario meant that was the least of my worries. It would be the epitome of being given orders which always pleases and reassures me.

I was more concerned with with the fact I’d never had any interest with having sex with a woman before and that I wouldn’t be attracted to Princess, but basically faking a same sex experience with someone for my Master’s gratification.

Of course I had no idea at that point that Princess’s preference for sexual partners outside her relationship with my Master is for women so had no idea she was looking forward to the idea of a female-female-male threesome immensely.

But considering how nervous I was about the whole idea, I’m actually sure that knowledge wouldn’t have helped because for the reassurance it would have given me was she was keen, it would have made me feel even more inexperienced and nervous about it all.

I must have said no to my Master at least ten times over the idea right from the very start of our relationship. He never pushed me or coerced me into it and I knew that if I continued to say no there would be no sulking or annoyance on his part because he’s too secure in his dominance and too decent for that.

So resolute was I in my 100% straightness that I seem to remember I was still saying no the day before it happened. But then my Master gave me the order that he was bringing Princess to my house that night and it just felt right. All my previous nerves were gone and it was just butterflies of excitement throughout the day at the thought of pleasing him.

The fact he kept me blindfolded the whole way through the threesome and I never saw Princess’s face until after I’d fucked her for the first time certainly didn’t give me much time to do anything apart from enjoy myself. As introductions go it’s hard to beat…