Most people find Monday nights a minor annoyance. But my Master is not most people. He texted me on Sunday morning and told me he had plans for going to the cinema on Monday night with me and Princess and picturing his come dripping out of me while I was trying to watch the film.

I’m usually more a double bill of Coronation Street on a Monday night kind of girl but I could turn into a film buff with an invitation like that. Not only did I make sure I was free, I made sure I was dressed up and ready for his orders long before the matinee starts.

And he was definitely feeling creative. I spent my afternoon in a meeting and when I finally finished there was a selection of texts detailing exactly how the evening was going to start. I was to meet Princess at their house and make sure I was tied to the bed with her face between my legs by the time he got home but I wasn’t to come at all until he was there and her fist was inside me.

Princess loves to see how much of a brat she can make me be so she didn’t trust me to use the under mattress bed restraints that she always tries to pull her hands out of so she used the spreader bar to put my hands above my head so I had to twist and wriggle to obey my orders not to come as she licked my clit.

Luckily for me my Master was home early and I was counting us on him not being the kind to make us sneak into the cinema while the ads are already playing. I expected him to come straight in and give us both orders that take charge since we had a deadline to aim for.

Instead I heard him going into the kitchen and open and close the fridge and walk around all while I was squirming and biting my lip under Princess’s expert tongue determined not to disobey my orders. I was quite surprised when his first order to me when he walked into the bedroom was to open my eyes.

I thought it was to disorient me and make me work harder to hold my orgasm back so was surprised when it was actually so he could pour prosecco into my mouth from a glass he was holding. Unable to lift my upper body with the spreader bar and my lower body with Princess holding my legs open and pressing down on my clit the prosecco poured down my chin and across my tits instead.

Princess was happy to be ordered onto her knees to lick the chilled bubbles from my tits before going back for once again to tempt me into behaving badly under her tongue. Sir had other ideas, taking her hand as she licked and guiding two, then three, then four of her fingers into my cunt for her.

She didn’t need much encouragement to take over sliding her thumb in and teasing my cunt wide open with her hand. It’s been a while since I was fisted and it took my cunt a moment or two to remember its muscle memory. There was a brief second where I thought I couldn’t take any more than five duck billed fingers fucking me and then my cunt just relaxed and opened.

I couldn’t tell if Princess still had five fingers or her whole fist inside me until I heard my Master say ‘ clench your fist’ and I realised her whole hand right up to the wrist had just glided in as easily as me as taking a breath in. It felt so good having her hand buried deep in cunt that I couldn’t believe I’d ever doubted taking it.

I just had time to think that and then I was coming so hard it felt like moment water rushes over your head and blocks all the noises out leaving you completely aware of your body yet floating at the same time. All those denied orgasms exploded into one that practically lifted me off the bed.

No wonder my Master couldn’t wait to slide his cock inside me as soon Princess took her hand out. Coming around a substantial object always makes my cunt even looser and more stretched and ready for being fucked and I know Sir loves the way it feels around him. His cock feels even harder the more I gape open and the contrast made me come again almost immediately.

Watching me take his cock that deep and hard made Princess greedy for him too and still reeling from the orgasms, I was happy to lie back and watch his cock slamming so hard into her cunt that she kept losing her balance and falling face first into my tits making my nipples harden and her beg Sir to pick her up and fuck her until she came even harder than I had with her fist.

I love that sound of Sir’s body and balls slapping hard against her as they fuck. They fit so well together and know each other so well and lying there with the Doxy pressed against me, seeing Princess get ready to come again made Sir do something he rarely does when the three of us fuck.

Rather than choreographing all three of us so Princess and I come to his orders no matter what combination of fucking is going on, my Master allowed himself to concentrate completely on his own orgasm inside Princess focusing completely on them together.

It was ridiculously hot lying under them so her cunt was directly above my face, watching him lose control and let go into her cunt with an orgasm that made the bed shake knowing that if she came again his come would drip out of her. All I had to do was press the Doxy on my clit and wonder if Sir’s come would end up on my face or follow the prosecco over my tits.

Ending up with come dripping down both my face and my nipples seemed like an excellent compromise. But by the time I was presentable again, the Orient Express had left the station. Maybe next time we’ll go to the late showing and Sir can cover my cunt with come as well as my face…


Turn Up The Heat

As I mentioned the other day, hot weather brings out my horniness which amused my Master when I texted him to tell him that last night and ask if had any orders I could follow. And he excelled himself so perhaps heat works wonders on him too.

He had visions in mind of seeing how big a toy I could take while still wanting more so he started me off on the John Holmes toy which slipped straight into my cunt with ease and almost looked small in the photo I sent him.

I was to keep sliding the toy in and out fucking myself slowly and steadily for as long as possible and see how deeply I could take the toy before I came. I was concentrating on filling myself up with that huge dildo and my Master kept texting me asking how I was getting on with a toy that small. Wasn’t it making me want more?

It was making me hornier and hornier playing with it while he expertly played with my kink of always trying for more for him. By the time he allowed me to come I’d taken the toy deeper than I’d ever managed before and impressed him with how easily it had happened.

John Holmes cock deep in my cunt

My Master is a man very comfortable with giving orders so you’d think I’d have learned that when he appears to give me a choice, he has ulterior motives in mind. But every single time I’m horny and he gives me even the merest chance to choose or be a tiny bit bratty I can’t hold myself back and never seem to learn from before. My logic is that in such cases, greed is good.

So when he asked me if I wanted more, I hesitated between the yes my cunt always gives in that situation and the no that common sense should say. But I hate saying no to my Master. I never regret saying yes and I know how much he enjoys my habit of being stupidly but enthusiastically impulsive with him.

He knows me well enough to know I’d obviously say yes to more and had his orders ready instantly. I needed my Doxy and a bottle of lube alongside the John Holmes and I was going to give myself more than just the toy with my own fingers. I was to slide the toy out, slip my finger inside my cunt and then slide the toy back in and with the added stretch of my finger make myself come with the Doxy. And since I have five fingers, I had five orders to follow…

It took me a few minutes to get the hang of the best way to organise my hands and the toys but that was just practicalities. I had no trouble actually getting my cunt to take the toy and a finger, sliding it down the side of the toy and stretching myself open while the bigger head of the Doxy vibrated against my piercing and the shaft of the John Holmes toy at the same time. I had no trouble coming like that.

one finger in my cunt with the John Holmes toy

But before my legs could stop shaking, my Master had me repeating the whole experience with two fingers. My cunt opened just that tiny bit wider open that two fingers went right in up to the second knuckles alongside the girth of the John Holmes toy. My cunt felt absolutely gaping as I used the Doxy again and had to hold myself back from letting my curled up third finger just slip in there as well as it was crying out to do.

two fingers in my cunt with a huge toy

As I thanked my Master for the third orgasm of the night, he asked me if I knew what was coming next. I repeated my orders back to him that I was to slip the toy out, add three fingers and slip the toy back in opening myself just that little bit more again. I had my fingers dripping in lube, pressed against my cunt ready to go and he surprised me by saying no to me.

He told me to stop for the night as he was enjoying the idea of me wanting more and more and the thought of leaving me yearning for a whole fist in my cunt alongside the huge cock was his pleasure for the evening that left him horny and with a moderately evil smile on his face.

It left me frustrated with my cunt feeling completely empty and wanting to be filled up and stretched further with just one more orgasm at least. But my Master knows how to keep me on my toes and if I always yes, then he can have a lot of fun teasing me by saying no in return….

Turn Up The Heat

Starting Again

I’ve definitely getting back to feeling sexual while I’m awake as well as in my sleep so when Princess came round yesterday it was definitely an excuse to see how far I could push myself.

There was no difficulty starting off kissing and feeling it start go to my cunt. Nor was there any difficulty in letting my hands slide down her ass and round to cup her cunt through her panties. I love not wearing underwear on my Master’s orders but I love feeling Princess get wet through the fabric of hers.

But I also love feeling her get wet under my fingers too so it wasn’t long before I was slipping my hand over her freshly shaved cunt and just holding her as we kissed. The more slick her cunt felt the more mine responded in turn.

So it took a lot of willpower to do no more than simply press her hand into her pussy and let her squirm against it until she had to ask me to either make her come or stop completely.

I stopped in order to keep her learning about delayed gratification. But now I’m the one squirming wishing I’d made a different decision…

Starting Again

Sweet Dreams

As I mentioned I’ve been rather out of the kink loop recently. Amongst other things, an old health issue has reappeared and laid me low rather than allowing me to get laid and my libido has been a shy quiet thing because of it.

I’m so used to being strongly driven by my sexual urges that always leaves me slightly adrift when they aren’t there as if part of me is missing or not clicking into place properly. Being submissive to my Master is such a prominent part of my time, energy and attention that to be unable to be active about it unsettles me somehow.

On a practical level I don’t quite know what to do with all the extra time on my hands when I’m not feeling sexual. Even my interest in things like reading about sex or kink fades at this stage, a bit like not caring what’s on a menu when you aren’t hungry.

So suddenly so much of what usually piques my interest leaves me neutral and yet I lack the long term interest to take up another hobby instead. It’s a strange limbo that I want to snap out of and yet can’t completely kickstart either.

I just have to wait for my body to essentially wake that side of me up again and come out of hibernation. There are a few things I can do to start luring it out. After a period of time in pyjamas and slippers, I can start wearing clothes I feel attractive in again or start sending flirtier Whatsapp messages to Princess again.

And those small steps help. Having not been able to muster the wherewithal to shave my cunt for a couple of weeks, making the effort again at the weekend almost immediately resulted in having a dream that night that woke me up with an orgasm in my sleep.

Next thing I was back to wearing the waist trainer for a while and feeling more like myself again and voila, another sexually charged dream about being fucked by a couple the same night. No no effort orgasm in my sleep this time but the temptation to help myself along as I woke up to the urge.

But better than the orgasm was the deliberate choice not to scratch the itch and actively follow the order that my Master doesn’t allow me to masturbate and thus get back to my submissive self even slowly.

Hopefully holding off the action but encouraging the thoughts also helps me horny enough to get back to actual fucking sooner rather than later. I miss the feel of fucking both my Master and Princess…

Sweet Dreams

Pussy Cat

I was planning a very sedate weekend but my Master’s order that I would go out each of the three days wearing one of my wigs and use the fist toy while I was there added a certain something to all my plans.

Saturday was one of those days you need to do practical stuff. I tried to get a table in between in my favourite cafe where they know me so well there was no chance they wouldn’t notice my new black hair instantly and ask questions. But all my nerves were for nothing as all the tables were full when I went.

The only other place I had to be before a friend called round to mine for a drink in the evening was calling in to feed my friend’s cat nearby. While the cat hid in fear after not recognising me with my new hair, I checked my email to see if any of the messages I’d sent on FetLife had replied. No luck. Probably all having brunch in the cafe I’d tried to go to.

But I had a task to complete with the fist toy while I was out. And if a cafe was out of question, I was going to have to take advantage of the fact my friend’s flat was empty and the cat wasn’t even watching.

The idea of fisting myself in my friend’s house felt both illicit and inappropriate with that mixture of getting wet at the thought of it and feeling it was somehow wrong. For some reason I’d have felt more comfortable with it in her living room but her neighbours slightly over look it and her blinds aren’t especially good.

It would have to be in her bedroom instead. Knowing I had been set the task, I’d worn a skirt and stockings and I knelt down on top of her duvet and rode the fist with my feet pressing down into the bed as I moved back and forth to fuck myself for five minutes.

It felt incredibly wrong in my mind and yet from how wet I was and how easily the fist toy slipped into me, my pussy clearly didn’t agree. It felt like being a teenager again. All muffled noises and secrecy as you learn how to make yourself come quietly. It took a lot of willpower to stop before that stage.

I put the toy back in my bag, pulled my skirt down over my aching wet cunt and smoothed the duvet out so you couldn’t see any dents from my knees or my toes digging into it. I was so busy hiding the evidence of my inappropriate afternoon, that I was five minutes down the road when I realised I’d forgotten to feed the bloody cat after all that…

Pussy Cat

Good Morning

I was woken up by my Master this morning asking where I was. When he heard I was in bed he instructed me to slip the black glass plug I wrote about last night into my pussy immediately.

The plug slipped easily into my cunt which was instantly wet on his order. Lying there awaiting his next instruction to start lubing my ass and slipping my fingers into it until I managed three, I could feel the plug slipping out because my pussy was so slick.

I used a little of that and a lot of the bottle of lube by the bed to get my ass as slippery as well and slipped the first finger inside slowly, feeling my ass clench round it. The attempt at the second didn’t go so well and I knew that I definitely wasn’t doing to be able to manage three or the plug.

When I told my Master my ass wasn’t obeying his orders, he generously offered me a substitute for the anal orgasm I’d failed to give myself. Using the Bombshell toy, I could fuck myself to orgasm without touching my clit instead.

I’ve never been able to get that toy in before beyond the very tip. It’s huge and so incredibly solid and more challenging on my cunt than the bigger butternut squash I used at the weekend.

This morning I was able to slip the whole of the head in right to the ridge and send my Master a video of me doing it. Meaning that although it wasn’t quite slipping in as easily as one finger would it I didn’t need both hands this time because I was so wet and so stretched.

I started fucking myself slowly and steadily and then as the sensation of filled up started to build, I went faster and shallower using the ridges on the toy to effect and suddenly the filled up feeling went to pleasant to painful and I knew I wouldn’t come.

My Master and I were both slightly disappointed that my body was refusing to help out but he reminded me that he’s trained my orgasms so well my cunt knows it should only be coming from my mouth on someone else or two toys at a time.

I thought I’d be frustrated I didn’t come but I ended up falling asleep again with that glorious feeling of a well fucked pussy at the back of my mind. And my mind went through all kinds of filthy thoughts as I napped.

I woke up feeling incredibly refreshed and incredibly wet. And reminding myself of my morning is making me even wetter now. I should have asked my Master permission to keep something in there all day to enjoy the feeling even more…

Good Morning

So Close

So my good mood last night took me to bed early with a glass butt plug and my little gold vibrator and a desperate urge to come. Strangely the last couple of weeks I’ve been distracted enough that I’ve been able to think about other thing apart from orgasms.

But now that my Master has given me a challenge I can work on, my brain and my cunt seemed to be instantly connected and I was wet all day waiting for the moment I’d have time to try.

I haven’t used that glass plug for ages. I love the feel of a glass toy but this one needs to be slightly fatter for me as it slips out so easily but I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of something in my ass for the first time in a while.

The little gold toy however barely touched the sides. Two fingers would have done more for sure. I had to resort to putting the toy inside me on full power (which compared to the wand seems like someone blowing on your skin) and then slipping the plug back in to make it feel like I was filled up.

But I still couldn’t come. I was close enough that I squirted and ejaculated as both toys pushed out of me but didn’t actually tip over the edge into an orgasm. My ruined orgasm sort of proved how much my Master has ruined my cunt in a good way…

So Close