Just a Number

I’m a huge fan of Exhibit A’s writing (to the point where my phone autofills the link for this story which manages to make nail clippers get my cunt soaking wet) but I was slightly trepidatious when I saw a link to a guest post about ‘older women‘.

I was ready to run if I saw the word cougar mentioned especially in the sniggering terms it often gets spoken about, but I needn’t have feared. The piece was extremely complimentary without being patronising and in many cases matched my own experiences of being in my late 30s.

Until I met my Master, I had never been an older woman. In fact the man I was seeing when I met him was in his mid fifties while my Master was in his twenties. Ironically my Master has taught me many things I didn’t know about or how to do to myself while the older man enjoyed me showing him new tricks.

I like the idea that you’re never too old or experienced to stop learning from other people but as someone so sexually submissive, I find it nerve wracking to be the one doing the teaching.

I think it was finally understanding my own love of submission and turning 35 at the point when I met my Master that’s allowed me to take my sluttiness into new territory recently.

It’s incredibly liberating to be encouraged by him but not have people in the rest of the life know anything about what Candi gets up to so I never need to worry what they’d be thinking about me…



Just a Number


My Master is back from his travels and I’m looking forward to filling him in on what I’ve been up to for the past fortnight.

I get to give him the details, show him the photographs and tell him how far I’ve got further with things on the list he gave me at the start of the year.

And I also find out what he has in store for me in the next few weeks. My cunt is tingling in anticipation already…

latex stockings


A Real Thirst

tonic gape

I’ve been wondering if the reason I’ve been having issue with the Coke can is because of the shape and weight of it. It’s no bigger than the Belladonna Bitch Fist but it’s so much shorter and more squat that it means you have to get the angle right to allow it to slip into your cunt.

I’ve been finding the initial feeling of the cool metal great against my hot wet pussy but then it feels wrong to be pushing inside me as if it will hurt me even though I am desperate to be filled right up by it.

I thought I’d get myself used to the feel of the smooth metal can by using the slimmer and longer tonic water can on my smooth cunt with its own hint of metal. I didn’t even need any lube for this one.

My cunt couldn’t get enough of it. It’s like a heavier smoother slippery version of the big John Holmes dildo my Master started my stretching off on. The tonic water filled me right up and felt fantastic sliding in and out.

Unfortunately it was just a little too narrow for my gaping cunt to keep in place when I got up on my knees and kept dropping out each time. I enjoyed the excuse to fill myself up and try again, knowing it was stretching me out nicely for trying the Coke can again.

I’m definitely ready for more metal…

tonic stretch



A Real Thirst

Getting ready

crouching corset

I wanted to make my Master proud today and make it the day I took the Coke can after a week of trying.

I just haven’t been able to get there even when I was wet and loose after fucking and stretching myself with an assortment of vegetables or any other night I’ve tried by myself. So I decided today to make it seem like I was about to play with my Master instead and see if that worked.

I like to get myself ready for him when he comes round to play as it helps get me incredibly wet and ready and into the right subspace to try new challenges. I started with a shower and shaving my pussy as smooth as possible.

Then since I’d used oil in the shower I slipped my legs into my favourite fishnet stockings instead of latex along with a black velvet suspender belt, taking care that the seams were straight. My Master prefers me with no underwear but I couldn’t resist matching with a caged bra in black to show just how full my tits can be, especially when I lean forward to fuck myself.

I put on my underbust corset and laced it half way while I applied my make up in the bathroom. Leaning my smooth cunt forward and pressing it against the sink, I added black eyeliner and heavy mascara and sliding myself back and forth, I painted my lips red and glossy as if ready to suck Master’s cock.

I added my long black wig that transforms me fully into Candi and pulled my corset tighter and tighter so it cinches my waist and clings to my hips and pushes my tits up higher, making me aware of my pierced nipples.

Normally I’d be ready to kneel down and wait for my Master to come and use me like a fuck toy, but today I was on my own so I lay back on the sofa and rolled that cold can of Coke across my cunt and then touched myself to see just how wet and ready I was.

And I was soaking. My whole hand slipped right inside straightaway. Definitely time to play.


Getting ready

Lace Me Tight

corset laced

It’s not as much fun lacing myself into my corset as when my Master does it…

I kneel down and bend over and he pulls each lace tighter and tighter so my back straightens and my waist shrinks and my cunt gets wet in anticipation of what’s to come. He knots the laces tightly and twists the excess round so I can’t reach it.

The laced corset doesn’t just look and feel good. It tells me I belong to him. It shapes me. It changes my body. It controls me. Just like my training when he isn’t there. It marks me as his territory. I belong to him and when I wear it I do exactly as I am told.

I make no decisions while I wear it. It supports and shapes me while he uses my body. It dictates how I come and what I sound like while I do it. It helps me ride him hard enough to still feel something in my ruined cunt and gives him grip to fuck my ass.

And it means I have to ask him to release me when he’s finished with me.

When he leaves I can feel where he’s been from the come inside me to the sensations in the muscles of my ever tightening waist. My training is changing my body and I like it. The tighter my waist, the more stretched my cunt…

corset gape


Lace Me Tight



I have never understood the point of aubergines. They look so alluring on the outside but they just make everything taste sort of blandly bitter and appeared to be rather pointless. But that’s because I’ve never put one in my cunt before.

And it turns out the point of aubergines is to fill me up, to stretch me and to make me squirt when I come with it inside me. I don’t know if it’s the incredible smoothness of the skin or the shape or the size inside me but I’ve rarely had come like I did with an aubergine inside me before.

It started off gliding inside me without even needing any lube because I was so wet and open from the cucumber, avocado and two orgasms and then it stalled slightly for a second before my cunt just seemed to swallow it up.

It felt perfect. Smooth and stretching me without slipping out like my similarly shaped inflatable toy does, I enjoyed hugely seeing how much it made me gape to have inside me. My cunt looked so good stretched wide and yet filled right up.

I discovered I could push it in and out just using the muscles in my cunt and letting it slip in and out so I could hear how wet and gaping I was. I slipped it back in and let it fill me up, absorbing all the warmth from my cunt, while I used the magic wand on my clit.

And when I came, the aubergine slid out easily at just the moment the waves started and unusually for me, I squirted at the same time. I’ve only ever squirted once before using the John Holmes toy on my G spot and playing with my Master at the same time.

Knowing I was squirting and soaking the sheet beneath me made come again and squirt a little more even though the aubergine wasn’t even inside me. Just thinking back to that orgasm an hour later is making my tired stretched cunt get wet again instantly and want to fuck myself again. What an excellent point to aubergines.

aubergine gape