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I am not a traveller. I like to be close to home and near to my things like a proper home bird. My cunt however is much more cosmopolitan and enjoys the attention from all over the world that the blog and the clips afford it.

I’ve been loving seeing how that guest post for Girl On The Net changed my blog traffic (more readers for sure) and also from much further afield. I love that filth is a global language and I see hits from Fiji or Nigeria or China quite frequently.

When I was growing up the world was not as easily connected by air or online and things like stamps or pen pals from another country were still notable and I’m not even that old. So seeing these hits from places that are still so far away and different to my day to day world intrigues me.

I particularly wonder how someone in Sri Lanka or Saudi Arabia or Serbia comes across my cunt and my kinks. It’s like a bigger picture of my eternal interest in how kinks develop. Are you born with the predisposition and things throughout life trigger them off or do you actively seek them out because the interest is there?

Lots of people see the internet’s connection with porn and kink and sex as a bad thing and while I’m not a fan of the mainstream porn industry, I think the way the net brings consensual sexual interests together is a great thing.

I imagine someone in a country where sex expression is even less common than the UK stumbling across a photo of my cunt and discovering that stretching is a real thing it’s ok to like or realising that actually cunt turns them on when they never knew before. Or that they discover that poly relationships are a legitimate way to live from how I describe my Master and Princess.

I don’t for one minute think I have unlimited reach online but there is that awareness that in putting anything out there you can influence other people. Sharing stories and experiences is a way humans have bonded and developed for years and no matter how self aware we are we absorb stigma if we only ever hear things portrayed negatively or one way as ‘normal.’

I am sure I’d have made some dubious decisions along my sexual path anyway but I know I made more than needed because I didn’t have any access to the role model of kinkiness or queerness or non monogamy when I was younger and finding my feet. I wonder how different it would have been if that interest could have been validated instead of made to feel freakish or abnormal?

So I love that there’s even a tiny part that sex blogging about a niche kink plays in reminding people that their tastes might not be mainstream but they are valid. Because no one ever felt better about themselves or more turned on for being shamed for being themselves. Not even the people who like a humiliation kink thrive under that circumstance because it’s not the right context.

Here’s to spreading the word that there’s no one way to be sexually and that it’s a constant learning experience that virtual contact and validation can play a huge part in. I hope people reading sex blogs around the world, including this one, feel better about themselves and have better sexual experiences because of it.

I know I rather enjoy living in London and wondering if that person in Argentina is turned on by my cunt thousands of miles away or if someone in Poland will discover fisting this way. That’s a power dynamic I can’t help but get wet for…

Go Global

Sexual Politics

I have a love-hate relationship with feminism. At its most basic in allowing women and men to have equal rights, I’m all in. But in its most common form of wanting white middle class cis women to have the same rights as white middle class cis men and not changing a system that marginalises a lot of people, I’m not so keen.

The type of stereotypical feminism that wants more women on banknotes and boardrooms isn’t my bag at all. It has an uptight moralistic tone I don’t care for which is all for choice for women as long as it is the choices those women would make for themselves.

But those choices don’t seem to include sex work or shaving your cunt or being slutty. Those are all things that apparently women have no agency over and are only forced into doing to please men. They don’t really choose or want things like that apparently.

So for years I was torn and confused. I wanted and approved of many things feminism did such as increasing women’s financial rights, access to abortion and personal safety but I felt out of place within that environment at the same time.

The feminism I encountered wanted women to be sexually liberated but never submissive. Women who allowed men to tell them what to do were viewed as some kind of traitor to the cause. They definitely weren’t real feminists according to their rules.

It took me a while to find a feminism that was more inclusive than exclusive and once I did I think it made me a more compassionate person but also more able to reconcile the fact that submission to a man isn’t inherently wrong in anyway.

My submission is given freely and willingly to a man who respects me and my body and who I respect and trust utterly. He puts as much work (if not more) in dominating me as I do into submitting to him which makes it very mutual.

There may be a power dynamic inherent to our relationship that I would never change but there is no misuse of that power on his part. It’s submission not subjugation and I see no shame in being a sexually submissive woman.

That view was confirmed today when I saw this tweet discussing whether submissive women can be feminist or not…



Sexual Politics