Fist Day

I’ve been so distracted recently I forgot to check my diary and thus missed International Fisting Day on the 21st October despite that being┬ámore my thing than a Harvest festival.

Set up by the fantastic Jiz Lee and Courtney Trouble, it’s not just designed to be a celebration of the enjoyment of the act of fisting but also to highlight the laws that make fisting porn currently so difficult to access.

Classed as obscene, showing the act of consensual fisting is basically banned in the UK and USA under the last changes to obscenity laws. While I understand the need to have some regulation of porn and obscenity, it troubles me and many other people that so many of the acts deemed unwatchable are based around unconventional female pleasure such as fisting or female ejaculation or facesitting.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on the legalities of the issue but if you like kinky porn, check the work of the lawyer Myles Jackman who is raising these issues from an expert point of view to prevent people being unfairly penalised for their sexual tastes.

I, on the other hand will be supporting the work of people like him and the Kink Olympixx campaign to protect rights around this and the forthcoming Digital Economy Bill will affect those who like our lives kinky, smutty and online.

This means that of course I get to make the political personal the next time I am fisted or fist Princess. And I can get behind campaigning with orgasms…

Fist Day