Worth the Wait

After building me up nicely all morning and afternoon with the John Holmes toy, I was incredibly horny and well stretched when my Master arrived at my house. Wearing the blindfold always makes my other senses as alert as my cunt when I hear the front door open and I was particularly interested to hear that he was carrying a bag with him. My Master rarely brings props but when he does they are well chosen.

I wasn’t entirely surprised when there was a new sex toy sliding into my cunt from his bag of tricks. I was however very surprised when he lifted my head up to close a heavy metal collar round my neck next. My back went so straight in the tightened corset at that point, the toy slipped out of my cunt instantly as the whole dynamic made me even wetter.

And he wasn’t finished there. He pulled my hands behind my back and tied them together with the new hemp rope. I loved the feeling of it scratching against my wrists but felt very vulnerable as he was tying me. Then I realised why it’s important to wait before you decide on things because once he’d bound both my hands, the balance of it turned me from vulnerable to delightfully helpless.

Surprisingly being bound and on my knees with a blindfold and corset trying to hold a large heavy plug in my cunt while my Master pushed my face down onto his cock made me less panicky about swallowing him deeper than I usually do, especially when he was kneeling in front of me for added depth.

I’ve rarely felt so helpless as when he lifted me to my feet and forced my legs apart to play with my piercing as he kissed me. Torn between opening my legs further to enjoy his hand more and keeping them closed to keep the plug in and fill me up, I enjoyed being distracted into coming either way remembering another occasion he used his hand and mouth to almost knock me off my feet with an orgasm.

I was surprised by how almost tender he was being kissing me as I came tied up and helpless under his hands and then he turned me and had me down on my knees and face first into the sofa in an instant so I was bent over with my cunt up in the air begging for his cock, hands behind my back.

No matter that I still had the huge heavy plug in my cunt, he had plans to stretch me right open with it and his cock at the same time. Part of me felt like it wasn’t possible to manage both and part of me felt like I’d cry if it wasn’t possible. The second he slipped his cock inside I came hard enough to push the plug out which felt like a bonus and a loss at the same time.

Toy slipped back inside my cunt, my Master fucked me so hard I could feel my make up running under my blindfold and I was actually making the kind of noise the neighbours might hear instead of my usual silence. I’ve rarely come as hard and repeatedly as I did especially when he came inside me using my corset to pull me down even harder onto his cock.

Normally he’d have punished me harder for forgetting to say thank you sir for the orgasms but he was clearly feeling benevolent even if he did leave me in that position for a while and spank my ass before he’d consider untying me. I could have stayed like that all afternoon frankly…

tied up and fucked on the sofa

Worth the Wait


pigs and plugs

My Master ordered me to buy two toys last week. The Ass Servant that scared me so much when it arrived the other day but which has turned out to enormous fun so far. And the XXL pighole.

I’ve got the large version of this toy and I’ve been memorably fucked by my Master while wearing it and enjoyed being photographed using it while clad entirely in latex inside and out.

When I got the large, the size of the packet that arrived in the post alarmed me and my Master made me keep it for him to unwrap so the first time I really knew the size of it was when he slipped it into my cunt.

This time, he got me to open the packaging myself and send him a photograph of the two pigholes and the two plugs together to show the variations in size.

All that black silicone looked so delicious gathered together, but I was surprised by how little difference there looks to my eye between the large and the XXL versions of the pighole.

When my Master replied that those were big words, I remembered there is a vast difference between what my eye sees and what my cunt feels…



My Master has plans for me today.

Earlier today as I was still lying in bed messaging him, he had me slip the Belladonna Bitch Fist inside me to see how wet and ready the conversation had made and to make me come immediately.

I couldn’t manage an instant orgasm so my punishment was to keep the fist inside me and come four more times in a row with it until I was exhausted and my legs were shaking.

I’m having a late lunch with a friend who knows nothing of my life as Candi and while we catch up on the last few weeks of our lives, I will be wearing Candi’s hair and Candi’s corset. And I’ll have to think up an explanation for both without explaining about my Master. Especially as she knows him in real life, but has no idea of my relationship with him.

To add to the discomfort I’m wearing a plug in my ass and I would be wearing one in my cunt as well, but not even the largest one will stay in for me to move around in it. If I behave well this afternoon, my Master will come round this evening after she leaves and fist me until I scream.

He’ll also get to try out the latex catsuit for the first time. I really hope I don’t fuck up my orders…


Fill me up


Long before I met my Master another man sensed I’d make a good submissive slut.

He has his own Master and prefers men anyway but I’m meeting him tomorrow for the first time since I started learning to submit.

I’m baking him biscuits while wearing both these plugs. The balls in my ass will jiggle and move as I bend and beat the batter and the bigger plug will fill my cunt up to distract me.

I bet both make the biscuits taste better.

Fill me up