Pussy Piercings

My Master was away on a stag do at the weekend and he came back both horny and full of ideas. I already knew about his liking for obviously fake tits and body modification but even I was surprised by his latest thought on new piercings.

It’s no coincidence that the collar he chose to denote ownership of me was a clit piercing as it combines form and function and I know he likes my other piercings too. But I was naively unaware that there are other female genital piercings until he mentioned them this morning.

Labial piercings have the effect of decoration and helping to stretch my cunt further and both of those things interest me enough that I’m spending my Sunday evening researching it online.

What you do think though? Three rings each side or more?


Pussy Piercings


Princess doesn’t like tights. Or that’s what she told me when we first met. But she’s enjoyed a few occasions of playing with me while I’ve been wearing them, feeling me get wetter and wetter under her hand still wearing a pair under a dress or short skirt.

But I don’t think that’s influenced her as much as my love of black fishnets. They have the effect of making any outfit look as slutty as I feel. It’s impossible to look demure in a pair of them.

So I wasn’t entirely surprised when she sent me some lesbian smut from Tumblr that prominently featured fishnets and suggested that I wore them the same way some time for her.

tumblr-postClearly I’m losing my talent for delayed gratification from spending time with Princess and her brattiness is rubbing off on me because I wore my fishnets the next time I saw her as a massive hint that I had been thinking about what she’d said.

It didn’t take very long before she was playing with my cunt through the fishnets with me kneeling over her on my sofa just wearing the tights and kissing her as she made me orgasm hard leaning my tits in her face.

She wasn’t content with just one orgasm so started licking my clit through the fishnets. I’ve had many many thoughts about having fishnets ripped open and being fucked through them, but for some reason being licked through them never occurred to me.

But I know I’ll be thinking about that particular sensation a lot afterwards because it felt so good. And it looked amazing too. Princess on her hands and knees, gorgeous ass up in the air, big eyes staring at me enjoying her tongue on my cunt.

It made me so turned on that when she took a photo of my cunt to show me, my clit had swelled up so much my piercing had actually slipped inside the clitoral hood which alarmed me afterwards when I thought it had fallen out. Who knew it could play hide and seek?

That moment of mild peril was well worth the orgasm though. And I love the photo too. It reminds me how much I love my clit piercing. Looks so good and feels so good…



A Glimpse

nipple-shotI think my trip out for the evening in latex got me in the mood to show off because when my Master messaged me today to see if I wanted to go out dressed up, I was already wearing a pair of fishnets and the waist trainer just for nipping out to do some errands.

Funnily enough he didn’t ask me to add anything to that outfit and simply laughed when I told him what I was wearing bearing in mind that I didn’t even own a short skirt when I met him.

He did give me some orders to try on the three sluttiest outfits I could find when I was out and fuck myself to an orgasm in each of them with the John Holmes toy and send him photos and descriptions.

Strangely I had some difficulty finding anything sluttier looking than I was already wearing especially when on such an unseasonably warm day I had to take my coat off and realised my top was showing my nipple piercings off very obviously…

A Glimpse



I have missed dressing up for my Master so much recently. It get ready sets the scene for me right from the start. Even before we’ve even arranged what time we’re meeting or he’s given me any orders I’m already deciding what to wear for him.

This time was easy though. I’d had a little splurge in the Ann Summers sale since they specialise rather well in the kind of underwear you only wear to off as much as possible.

And I’m sure my Master isn’t the only one to enjoy a revealing black bra on a Friday night….


Pierce Me

Pierced nipples in 3/4 cup bra and corset

Speaking of getting my nipples pierced being a turning point for me in D/s, it’s in fact a whole year since I got them done for my Master.

We’d never discussed anything like that before and then in a relatively casual conversation one afternoon, he told me he was thinking of having my nipples pierced. I’m not sure if he was expecting some negotiation or bargaining or simply refusal from me but by tea time I’d booked the appointment to have them done.

In fact I’d have actually had them pierced that day if I hadn’t gone to a work meeting and got sidetracked by working with a guy from my hometown. What should have been a quick chat ended up in a long involved conversation that felt so distinctly flirty the person I’d actually gone to meet had to drag my attention back to him in a most unsubtle way and ask the other guy to leave and go back to work.

I’d been so busy flirting it wasn’t until he was being shooed out of sight and the conversation was being wound up that we caught each other’s names. There was the kind of pause no one could fail to miss and he bolted.

Time and age might play tricks on you, but sometimes you never forget a name. Especially when it’s the one of the first person who ever fucked you in the ass. I might not have recognised him until I heard it out loud again, but it suddenly made sense why there had been that sense of chemistry all afternoon.

One of the most unexpected and yet memorable weekends of my teens had been spent fucking him every which way and I’m still not sure if the pause was embarrassment at not recognising each other sooner or because we both remembered the occasion so well when we did.

Either way it left me too flustered and short of time to get my nipples pierced the same day so in the end I had to wait a week before I could have them done. Seven whole days of anticipation to follow the biggest order my Master had given me to date.

And in the end, the actual piercings were easier than I expected. The first one hurt like hell and the second gave me the most incredible rush of adrenaline and endorphins. I’ve never been so aware of my nipples as I was walking home with the most intense mix of pleasure and pain in them.

I couldn’t wait to show them to my Master, especially knowing I was sending him the photo of them to him while he was at work. I loved how they looked immediately and can’t imagine going back to my less sensitive nipples without the piercings in.

It doesn’t feel like a year ago, but that does mean they are now fully healed and once I obey the rest of my Master’s orders, that means my piercer will let me get my tongue done next…

Pierce Me


Belladonna Bitch Fist Toyfucking an auberginelaced corset and lingerie from behindLatex fucktoy with pigholeStretching Candi with aubergineAss Servant and Oxballs PigholesAss Servant and ejaculateCoke can cuntginger beerPierced nipples in shelf bra5X6A7229

My nipples have been on my mind this weekend. I lost the ball off one of my piercings on Friday night. The annoyance of having put the bar back in myself until I could see my piercer was somewhat cancelled out by the strange sight of seeing my naked nipple without its jewellery for the first time in months.

It looked so plain and ordinary and wrong. I’d considered getting my nipples pierced years ago long long before I met my Master when I was a teenager but it just never happened.

Then last year my Master mentioned almost casually that he was thinking of having my nipples pierced. I’m not sure what response he expected but within a few hours, I’d booked the appointment and paid the deposit to have them done the next week.

They are definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done. So much more sensitivity. I’m so incredibly aware of my nipples now from brushing against fabric to when my Master plays with them.

The first time he played and pulled with them after they were pierced while I sucked his cock, he got me so wet I actually dripped on the living room carpet as he came in my mouth.

They feel so right being pierced that it’s disappointing my Master’s choice in jewellery didn’t fit them. I was supposed to wear rings with ‘fuck’ and ‘suck’ on each side to remind me of my favourite things to do in life…


Quarter Cup

quarter cup bra

My Master set me a challenge back in the summer to buy the most ridiculously slutty low cut quarter cup bra possible to show off my tits and my nipple piercings. And to prove to him that I never ignore an order, I’ve finally managed it.

I particularly enjoy lingerie shopping but it seems the world has got more tasteful recently because it’s literally taken me this long to find a proper quarter cup bra that would leave nothing to the imagination.

I’m not sure I like this new fascination with practical but pretty lingerie. I like the sort that goes with a corset and someone coming over it myself. I’m still on the hunt for a red bra particularly to fulfil that fantasy…

Quarter Cup