Marking the Occasion

I feel proud to wear my clit piercing as my collar from my Master and I know he loves the sense of ownership it marks. And of course I enjoy the extra sexual sensation it creates so I wasn’t surprised when my Master ordered that since Princess has been so well behaved she should get her own clit piercing as reward.

There are now legal issues about consensual clitoral hood piercings under female genital mutilation legislation in the UK so it can be quite difficult to get them done now due to the secretive cloak and dagger nature of finding a piercer that will do one off the books.

Princess was a little bit nervous about the piercing entailed so I thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce her to the piercer I know who will do them. He explained the procedure and the healing time to her and answered all her questions along with my encouragement.

She seemed much more positive when we left the piercing shop and went to go home but I was surprised when we stepped outside and she said that just talking about it had made her wet. I couldn’t wait to get back to hers at that point since it was closer than my house.

And she was so horny. It went straight to my cunt as she teased me and played with me through my tights until I was ready to pull them straight off and have her face first between my legs.

But it turns out I might have encouraged Princess to enjoy delayed gratification a little too much because she had no intention of letting have my way just yet as she kissed and nipped at me over the fabric for what felt like forever.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take much more, she let me slide my tights off and slipped two fingers inside me as she lavished attention on my own piercing as it was clearly what was on her mind.

It was no surprise to find that she was absolutely soaking wet when I got my hands on her cunt after my orgasm. I think my Master’s going to be very pleased with the pierced Princess…

Marking the Occasion


I’ve spoken before about having my nipples pierced being such a big moment for me both personally and in my relationship with my Master.

I absolutely love them. Just feeling the bars through my clothes or catching a glimpse of them in person makes me very happy. And the way my Master pinches and pulls them gets me happily wet every time.

I was interested to read this article on the history and fashions of nipple piercing last night. The same site did a great piece on the history of the clit piercing too and now I’m desperate to get something else pierced…



I’m so glad last year was the year I decided to start keeping a diary because it’s fascinating looking back and seeing what stage my training from my Master was back then. In amongst the details of the rest of my life, it makes me smile to see the tasks he had set me and how I reacted to them.

It’s hard to believe that the biggest one of all was exactly a year ago when he gave me my collar. Traditionally a physical collar worn around the neck, in the D/s community it is a sign of commitment and ownership.

In offering a collar a dominant agrees to take on the responsibility and care inherent in owning another person and in accepting a collar, the submissive agrees to respect and serve their dominant.

Within protocols there are different types of collars and the exact significance varies within each relationship, but it is a high honour often regarded as similar to the level of commitment suggested by an engagement ring in non D/s relationships.

I had never heard of this aspect of the collar and assumed they were simply a rather hot prop that got used in BDSM play because it looked good and was a fun way to denote roles. Also a lot of my kinky friends are into pet play so I never looked beyond the surface style. I just liked the look of black leather.

I was also distracted by the tasks my Master was setting. They were increasingly complicated and intense and demanding of my attention. I loved them. I was still seeing other people apart from him but he was the only person holding my attention past their cock being hard.

He combined the two aspects by setting me a challenge to put an online ad on a hook up site saying I was a submissive cock sucking slut and suck three men’s cocks in a week. My reward if I completed the task was that he would collar me.

Unaware of what that meant, I was slightly nervous to whether this was a genuine reward or simply something else challenging. After Googling it all on his orders, I discovered it was both at the same time.

To say that I had never done commitment before in my life sounds like an understatement but in reality I’d never so much as left a toothbrush at a man’s house before. The idea of significant jewellery was so far outside my comprehension that I simply concentrated on sucking cock instead.

I completed my task with a male stripper I was dating, a total stranger from online with good dirty talk who turned out to know several people in common and a cute guy who turned out to have an equally cute cock and a distinctly un-cute attitude to slutty girls.

The collar wasn’t mentioned again for several months which in some ways suited me nicely so I could slowly acclimatise myself to the whole idea of commitment without panicking and running away.

I concentrated on tracking down somewhere to get my clit piercing instead and somehow I wasn’t surprised when my Master told me it would be my collar. Body modification suited me better than wearing an external item and I guessed we’d both enjoy the results.

On the day of the piercing my Master came round to see me before and brought me a gift of the John Holmes toy which he fucked me with before coming in my mouth and sending me off to the piercer thinking of him.

The actual piercing was surprisingly easy, hurting less and being quicker than most bikini waxes I’ve had. I loved the look of the piercing immediately although it took a few weeks to get used to the feel of it both day to day and sexually.

I loved how excited it made my Master though and that told me that I had done exactly the right thing agreeing to being owned by him. It’s hard to believe how much has developed since then but the fact I’ve only had the teeniest tiniest wobble about commitment in that time and managed to build upon it tells me that permanently changing for my body for my Master was the best decision I’ve ever made…



Today was a rather eventful day following my Master’s orders for changing and modifying my body. Firstly a consultation for laser hair removal to make sure my cunt is completely and permanently smooth.

My Master made sure I had ridden the big John Holmes toy for four minutes and come twice before I went. I was amused by the instruction for four minutes until I remembered that when he filmed Princess licking my cunt the other night it took me four minutes to come. His attention to detail does it for me every time.

I went to the clinic stretched and well fucked without any underwear and was mightily disappointed to discover that I’m not a suitable candidate for the hair removal. I’ll be sticking with razors from now on it seems.

But my second task of the day was more successful. I finally got to see my piercer and get my upper ear pierced on my Master’s instruction that it’s perfect for slutty girls with poor decision making.

This is my fourth piercing in a year, all since I met my Master and since he ordered me to modify my body for his approval. I’ve had both nipples, my clit hood, my nose and now my ear pierced and this won’t be my last piercing by any stretch of the imagination.

It was interestingly enough the most painful of all my piercings so far and I was very glad my Master had distracted me with making me go into a bar and play with my clit piercing first.

Between that and a very hot conversation between him and Princess, I was incredibly wet when the needle went through my ear and while it hurt, it was the kind of pain you want to breathe into instead of back away from.

Even now while my ear is quite tender, I don’t mind the pain. It’s like the warm ache from spanking Princess’s ass with my bare hand or when my Master was pinching my thighs and nipples while I sat on his knee and fucked him the other night. I’m starting to understand the connection between pleasure and pain finally…


Stop, Look, Listen

I didn’t get the opportunity to blog yesterday because I was working on some clips for Candi’s Clips 4 Sale site. I’ve had new clips several times each week and I’m enjoying getting feedback and finding my feet with selling the clips.

I’m having to learn to temper my impatience though. Through my submission to my Master I’ve noticed I’m a mix of being slow to learn something and then impatient to have mastered it as soon as I start.

His control of me reins the worst of my impulsiveness and poor decision making in while guiding me toward slowly but surely working on my tasks and orders. His dominance focuses me.

Every so often the impatient part of me that just thinks with her cunt comes to the fore though. This morning my Master and I were talking and he gave me permission to get a new piercing any time I feel the itch for one.

I immediately pushed my luck slightly and told him how much I now wanted my tongue pierced. I’ve gone from feeling faintly freaked out by the mere thought of it to curious to really looking forward to it and imagining how it will look and feel, both to my Master and to me.

However I knew as I was saying it that my Master set me a rule about the tongue piercing a few months ago. I couldn’t have it done until I licked more pussy. In fact I think the number of ten  was mentioned. I hadn’t forgotten and I knew he wouldn’t have either. My Master is not the forgetting what order he gave me type.

But it didn’t stop me chancing my arm because it’s bothering me that I haven’t ticked it off my 2015 list, let alone the 2016 one. I’m often so preoccupied by completing a task I forget that they weren’t designed to be simple easy things you could idly tick off like a shopping list. They are meant to slow my impatience down and challenge me to savour the steps as much as the end result.

And to test me he offered me a shortcut to the tongue piercing. All I had to do was slip four fingers into my cunt and ask him to tell me what the short cut was, but to know there was a price to accompany it.

My fingers were slipped inside me before I thought much further and then I stopped and engaged my brain for once. My Master was specifically telling me to stop and listen and not metaphorically bite off more than I can chew.

So I paid attention and didn’t ask. Instead I’ll concentrate on what he has already asked me to do. I feel like not doing things for him is being bratty or not trying hard enough, but I think I’m finally realising doing things for the sake of them and not doing them well enough isn’t submission in itself.

And my Master rewarded me with the opportunity to message his wife to arrange an opportunity to try and lick pussy again with her. Just the thought of how much that will please him made me very glad I’d made the choice I had…

Stop, Look, Listen


So for my 100th post as Candi, I thought it would be interesting to think back to my first post and see what’s changed and how I’m getting on with my Master’s list.

Sadly I haven’t completely ticked anything off it yet but I have spent my evening alternating  between messaging women online and arranging another video shoot for Candi to play at. Oh, and emailing a couple of tattooists this week to discuss ideas.

I’ve been nervous up until now about getting my tongue piercing done but since my Master reminded me of the orders I need to follow first to be allowed to do it, all my nerves have gone and I’m looking forward to it.

The fact the orders involve learning to lick pussy help too…