I have always been incredibly grateful to live in a time and place where contraception has always been freely available to me. How else would I have been able to be so slutty after all? And with that sluttiness in mind, I always liked the so called long acting reversible contraceptives that are likely to stop your periods like my IUD.

So every single month I am surprised by Princess’s period, making me tempted to get a period tracker on my phone just for that reason. But this month, I remembered just as it was about to start and looked forward to seeing if it made any difference to fucking her.

Some women are hornier around their period, but with Princess it’s hard to tell since she’s pretty damned horny all the time but she definitely seemed very in the mood when I was brushing my thumb across the outside of her panties to tease her.

Watching her squirm against my hand was making me pretty horny and it didn’t take me much to take her panties off and very very slowly slide one finger inside her cunt. And it felt amazing. All the wetness of her being turned on but with an added element that made it even easier for me to slide the pads of my fingers over her G spot until she came incredibly hard under my hand.

I loved the feeling. Her cunt seemed much sensitive to light sensations and movements and it was like the best lube in the world with a combination of movement and grip. I couldn’t bring myself to take my hand out and instead I kept pressing and rubbing my fingers inside her until she came again. And again.

I was incredibly wet from the feeling of her cunt against my hand and she thanked me by slipping one end of the double toy into herself and pressing the other end against my cunt which was incredibly greedy for it.

Then she fucked me incredibly hard with the toy taking advantage of that added grip from the blood to hold the toy tighter inside herself in order to really give me a thorough fucking. The sight of her with the toy and the feel inside me as our clits rubbed together pushed me to an orgasm in no time.

I’m very much going to be looking forward to next month now…