A Highlight

I had fun entertaining Princess yesterday. She spent the day at the salon getting her hair highlighted back to the slutty blonde that suits her best. But all that sitting in the salon is surprisingly boring.

So I dressed up and went to meet her. New waist trainer on so my tits would the only thing in her eye line while I sat beside her. Tight pencil skirt with fishnet stockings underneath and just a little hint of what I wasn’t wearing under either when the hairdresser wasn’t listening.

I knew she was horny anyway from what my Master had texted earlier but I enjoyed building it up until her hair was perfect and she couldn’t wait to get home. There was only one thing for it after all that waiting, she needed to get down on her knees and lick my clit so I could admire her hair and her ass in the air.

Blondes definitely have more fun…

blonde hair

A Highlight

Hard to Swallow

It’s not even midday on Monday morning and I’m annoyed already by this Cosmopolitan article about why you shouldn’t swallow. (Spoiler alert: being joyless about sex isn’t given as a reason.)

Obviously if you prefer not to swallow or give oral sex that’s a perfectly legitimate preference. BUT in the same way it’s rude and immature for a grown up to refuse a foodstuff they’ve been offered by saying ‘ewwww! Gross!’ or turning their head away like a fussy toddler, not having a respectful conversation about oral sex is the same.

No one feels good if someone pulls away from their cock (or cunt) or makes catty comments about smell or taste. Simply set your boundaries before you use your mouth for anything else and don’t act like semen is radioactive waste or a waste of your time.

Men can help make this easier by giving a heads up when they are about to come or if there’s more come than usual to prevent any misunderstandings. Also the sound and movements of a man about to come in your mouth is ridiculously hot. Make more of them please.

And now I’m reminded it’s far too long since I had my Master’s cock in my mouth and I can’t think of much else….

Hard to Swallow


I had a busy weekend. Not only was I at Pride with my Master and Princess, I managed to have drinks with another friend. She happened to be the person who introduced us but remains unaware that we are more than occasional drinking buddies which always amuses me.

Events meant that our original choice of venue was closed and she called me to meet her elsewhere. I didn’t know the name of the pub and was shocked to walk round the corner and  discover it was the re-named version of one of my favourite haunts when I first moved to London.

Ostensibly I frequented it because it stocked obscure Irish items behind the bar that sated my homesickness, but the fact it was incredibly popular with bike couriers in tight shorts and muscles you only saw at certain angles kept me returning.

I don’t know if it’s something about being straddled across a bike saddle all day but bike couriers are both incredibly horny and utterly filthy. They also managed to combine being direct with being respectful in a way that meant they seemed to gauge whether you wanted to drink quietly while eyeing up their arse or be propositioned for all kinds.

My mind kept wandering during the grown up thirtysomething conversations of last night to my twentysomething evenings there. Despite there being no biked toned men at the bar last night I had more than one or two images of the men I remember from there fifteen years ago.

There was the most flexible man I’ve ever met who lived in a nearby warehouse with one of those beds on a platform that always made fucking seem more like living on the edge than I’d like but also allowed him to perform his party trick of flipping his legs over his head and sucking the tip of his own cock before fucking me senseless.

Or the guy who would fuck me slowly and intensely while speaking Russian to me in a way that went straight to my cunt every time. It always sounded like him giving me the kind of stern order you wouldn’t dare ignore, especially when he was holding my arms down at the same time. When something sounds that hot you can ignore that he might actually be reciting his bike route to you believe me.

But my favourite memory of nights in that pub came to mind when I nipped to the toilets which unlike the rest of the pub hadn’t changed a bit. There was the slight quirk with them that one cubicle in the women’s toilets was separate to the rest and very easy to sneak into with someone.

I fucked a few guys in there over a variety of Friday nights but there was one American guy I particularly remember. I used to kneel down and suck his cock while he would run his thumbs along the back of my neck making me purr with pleasure while pulling me deeper onto his cock.

He’d arch his back the hornier he got round my mouth and up onto his tiptoes so the tight lean muscles in his calves would look even more defined as he did and they’d quiver under the effort of holding him up and the feel of my hands on them as I’d pull him close as he came in my mouth.

He’d always pitch forward back onto the balls of his feet just as he came so his hands would go out against the toilet door to hold him and his cock would slide down the back of my throat so that swallowing him was like it was meant to be. I’d feel him deep in me with my forehead pressed against his stomach feeling the muscles contract as he tried to make no noise beyond a gasp.

We never fucked and he never touched me because he had a girlfriend back home and only oral sex was some kind of loophole for him not to think he was cheating on her. I never really cared. His calves and cock did amazing things to my cunt and I’d always go back to the bar soaking wet and so turned on I had no trouble catching someone else’s eye to fuck them later knowing he’d be watching me all night and thinking about the orgasm he just had.

I hadn’t thought about him for years but the memory came back to me so clearly standing there that fifteen years later I still went back out to the bar soaking wet and unable to concentrate on the conversation for pure unadulterated slutty nostalgia…



I seem to have been kept apart from Princess’s cunt recently. Life just conspired to make it the territory of my Master recently and didn’t allow me the opportunity to get near it. Because I have a hormonal IUD as my chosen form of contraception I don’t have periods and I always forget other people do.

Last week when Princess was making me lose myself on the sofa, I very much wanted to reply with pleasing her but her period didn’t allow the opportunity on that occasion. So I’ve spent the whole week considering that I should put a period tracker for her on my phone and imagining getting the opportunity to lick her cunt next time I saw her.

She clearly still had sofas on her mind too when this time she licked me to several orgasms on the sofa in her and my Master’s living room so I could look up and see the people in the flats opposite and imagine how they would react if they could see us.

I always enjoy her tongue on me but it was the thought of doing the same to her that got me to orgasm so fast. I couldn’t hold back making sure I was face first in her cunt as soon as possible and she was so wet and horny, it only took one finger slipped inside with my mouth on her clit to make her come almost immediately.

She slipped off the sofa as soon as she came with my finger still inside her and sat astride my hand fucking herself back and forth as I kneeled on the floor. I could still feel her cunt clenching from the first orgasm and it didn’t take long to turn that into another one at that angle.

Princess’s cunt felt incredible, stretched open astride me and absolutely soaking wet with her clit harder than I’ve ever felt it. I couldn’t stop myself from brushing my index finger against it and feeling her grind against it. She was still so horny I added another finger and another against it using my knuckles to play withe her clit.

She was so wet that they moved against her easily and in no time she was pressing her cunt against them making sure I was grinding them hard and fast against her as she asked me to destroy her with them. I was delighted but not surprised when she came again ridiculously hard with me using the back of my hand to bring her to orgasm.

Who knew knuckles could have such an effect when they aren’t even being used to fist someone?



So after dithering about it, I went on my date last night. I was surprisingly nervous about it which surprised me. Not only have I known him for a while, but it’s not like I’ve never had a casual sexual encounter before.

My Master on the other hand was of course completely calm and confident about it which combined with his orders helped immensely. I was to wear no underwear on the date plus of course my waist trainer and I was to try and suck his cock. Nothing Candi can’t manage.

I was still undecided about the whole thing while I was sitting having dinner with the guy and my Master happened to walk past the restaurant. Despite living quite close to each other, I’ve never bumped into him in the street and the fact he happened to see me encouraged me and I brought the guy back to mine after dinner.

I knew the guy had noticed that I wasn’t wearing a bra when we were eating since the lighting in fashionable restaurants this days tends to make hiding anything difficult so I suspect he knew there was more than a glass of wine on offer.

Being naturally inclined to submission though once I’d invited him back and opened the wine, I wasn’t sure what to do next. The only person I initiate sexual contact with is Princess and out of loyalty to both her and my Master I felt uncomfortable doing it with this guy.

But my Master had given me an order to try to suck his cock which gave me the dilemma of whether it was more obedient to try and initiate that or more disobedient to take orders from a man who isn’t my Master while waiting for the guy to initiate sexual contact. Overthinking and submission can be quite a mix.

In the end, he kissed me which solved my interior debate with myself. And it felt very odd. I haven’t kissed anyone who isn’t my Master or Princess for a very long time and my almost instant reaction was to compare it to kissing Princess. Having never compared any kind of sexual contact with her to that with a man, it was my first thought to compare the man to her which surprised me.

But I also enjoyed it and I enjoyed the power of putting him in a situation where I made it clear he wasn’t going to touch, let alone fuck my cunt and I was going to suck his cock. He only half heartedly tried to convince me I could suck him and then him fuck me before I had his cock in my mouth and he was too distracted to talk much further.


Luckily though he managed to tell me after a while that he never comes from blow jobs which provided me with the perfect opportunity to take my top off and let him come over my tits instead.

He was so turned on to see my pierced nipples and the fact I was wearing what he thought was a corset that he responded by kissing my tits and playing with my nipples until he’d actually licked all his own come off them and was getting hard and ready to play again so was a little surprised and annoyed when I told him to get dressed so he could go home.

He’s an amusing sexual diversion for Candi that allows her another way to show submission to my Master and be slutty. But there’s none of the emotions or intimacy I have with my Master or Princess as myself as well as Candi so he doesn’t make it into my bed in any way.

If he’s appreciative that my Master lets him play with his submissive sex toy, he might get to discover my pierced clit next time though but his response the next day was more sulking about the night bus than the orgasm, so who knows…?




My Master is a details man. He listens to things I say and files information away for future occasions which I enjoy immensely but am always surprised by. Most men are not particularly good at listening and absorbing information which tends to make both sex and dating an intensely frustrating experience.

I often assume that my Master will forget about things or change his mind and am impressed when he doesn’t lose the thread of the scene he’s planned or conversation he’s having when spontaneity and horniness would get the better of me every time.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised when after making Princess do the hard work with her own orgasm, he now turned his attention to the bed restraints he’d ordered me to bring that evening.

He blindfolded her and lay her down on her back and leaned across her to tie her hands tightly to the bed before she could work out what he was doing. Her legs remained free but her hands pinned her down so that she could only lie and squirm against the cuffs.

I was ordered onto my knees to lick her clit as he moved round to the other side of the bed. With my face buried in her sopping wet cunt, I couldn’t see what he was doing until he moved both Princess and I on our sides slightly so that he could lie on his side and slide his cock into me while licking Princess’s ass at the same time as I licked her cunt.

Princess struggled against her bonds to attempt to work out what was happening and was clearly confused by the overwhelming sensations and the movement of my tongue being controlled by how hard or deep my Master fucked me.

Talk about choreographing a scene, he was dictating both our responses and orgasms with his cock and actions and the fact neither of us could move without his say so in complete submission. Princess was begging to see him fuck me but couldn’t do anything other than accept that she was a sex toy to be brought to orgasm on his orders.

After the first orgasm, he did allow her the blindfold off and switched sides for he and I which allowed me to see his face in Princess’s cunt making her come with his tongue as I took his cock again and pressed my tongue between her ass as best I could while he made her twist her body off the bed in pleasure at all kinds of angles.

My Master and Princess have given me many excellent images over the past few months, but that one that will stay for a very long time indeed. No wonder he had planned the evening around it…



Take Away

I love when my Master has plans in mind for me and Princess together. I like letting him just take charge and having things unfold without any more input from me than total obedience and a gaping cunt. Few things get me wetter than being told exactly what to do and simply doing it.

Princess though is much brattier and mischievous and says out loud what her cunt is thinking compared to my silence. And tonight her cunt was demanding getting something inside it as soon as possible, preferably my Master’s cock.

Which is exactly why he made her wait a little longer by making her watch me suck his cock while she squirmed impatiently before swapping over so she had his cock in her mouth and her ass up in the air.

She was so horny she was taking his cock even deeper in her throat than usual and tilting her ass right up as I stood behind her and fulfilled my Master’s desire for me to look like that professional domme with the new leather flogger in my hand.

I had no problem following my next order to flog each side of her ass until it was red and she was choking on his cock. I do find this slightly sadistic side when presented with her ass and something to spank it with and love the sound it makes when I do.

She was certainly ready to lick my cunt once I’d finished flogging her getting me ready for my Master’s fist inside me for the first time in months. He reminded me that thanks to him I’m far more of a slut for fisting these days than for cock.

Although because I’m greedy I didn’t object at all when he fisted me wide open and then slipped his cock inside my stretched wet cunt and fucked me hard and deep on top of me until he came to combine both pleasures.

His timing of the whole evening was perfect as dinner was due to arrive after he came into me and he ordered me to try and compete with Princess’s outfit last time all three of us had fucked.

I did love seeing her with a pair of cuffs round her wrists and ankles carrying food but I particularly enjoyed zipping up my latex over my come covered cunt and making sure my boots were quite definitely thigh high when I went to answer the door this time.

I don’t think the driver was in any doubt about what had been happening to work up an appetite and he certainly took his time handing over the the food very precisely and slowly.

With the street light outside shining on the latex and showing off the corset, he didn’t seem too disappointed not to get a tip from me as well as a private view…

Take Away