First Date

I promised you tales of my past sexual exploits and to start off I thought I might tell you about the time I gatecrashed a first date while out for a drink with a friend and ended up getting fucked.

I used to love a good night out but I’ve always hated the post work Friday night crush that spills into every available space in and around a pub. I used to get round it by having very sharp elbows and a total and utter lack of shame about standing so close to people leaving their table I practically slid over their knees as they stood up to grab their still warm seats.

It was inevitable this would catch up with me at some point and so it happened in that in a favoured pub in Shoreditch shortly after settling down with a close friend and a bottle of white wine one Friday night, a guy asked if he and the woman he was with could share the table and just sat himself down before we say no.

It was exactly the kind of arrogant bullshit that goes straight to my cunt if the guy is handsome enough and this guy was a knock out. Tall and dark with cheekbones you could cut yourself on and that look of barely suppressed filth. No wonder he was on a date.

I was drinking my wine and listening to my friend’s exploits with an investment banker she was dating at the time while enjoying the company and gradually I became aware that our neighbours were not having such a good time. Despite being squashed in close enough to feel each other breathe they were on two different dates.

She seemed to be on the kind of date that is auditioning for a boyfriend as she ticked off each relevant topic of career, five year plans, kids and what to call their first Labrador. He was responding to each intro with an attempt to flirt and create some kind of light hearted rapport that was tanking each time. It was a mismatched car crash neither of them was enjoying and I was fascinated.

I think he must have sensed my interest because he seemed to stop focusing quite as much on her and start to address his responses more generally to the table as if appreciating an audience. His date surprisingly did not feel the same way to begin with but as their tension approached actual argument she seemed to hope she could get two women on her side and gang up on him.

She certainly got my friend onboard almost immediately and with in minutes they were chatting like long lost friends leaving me to talk to him. And I was very receptive to his flirting which as soon as his date realised made her much more interested in him and plunged the table into a different sense of tension.

Being British, their answer to that was to buy more drinks and a second bottle of wine appeared on our table for my friend and I only for my new found frenemy to pull the ‘oh we must be somewhere else’ trick about twenty minutes later counting on the fact we’d stay where we were drinking free booze and whisk her date away before he could flirt further with me.

She hadn’t counted on me being just past the point of sober to behave and him having sneaked a beermat with his phone number onto the table before he left. I had texted him before she must have decided what they were doing next. His reply was prompt and to the point telling me to meet him in the Holiday Inn nearby in an hour.

My friend was oblivious to this all and my excuses for saying I was going home early for once on a Friday night and insisting on waiting with me at the bus stop before walking round the corner to her house. I had actually board the bus to get rid of her and go two stops down the road before doubling back to the hotel.

I felt like a fucking idiot when I was just on time and he wasn’t with no sign in the next ten minutes in bar or reception. I was debating whether to text him passive aggressively for embarrassing ┬áme or slink away and sober up. I was going with the second option when three digits appeared on my phone.

I was up the stairs and standing outside the hotel room seeing the door ajar before it occurred to me that curiosity is said to kill the cat. But I was certainly thinking only with my pussy when I pushed the door open to find him standing there completely naked and considerably cockier than he had even seemed in the pub.

He didn’t have to tell me to get on my knees. The next thing I knew I had my back pressed up against the closed door with his cock in my mouth too distracted to care if he was a serial killer or not only paying attention to my increasingly wet cunt.

He was certainly arrogant enough to make it all about himself first, stopping and backing away from me each time I hit the kind of stride on his cock that might make him come so that I had to crawl across the floor toward him to be allowed to start sucking him again.

I had got as far as the bed when he decided to pay me attention by flipping me onto it face first and pulling my jeans off and pressing his cock against my still clothed cunt so I ground against him until I was clearly desperate for him to fuck me

For a man who’d had his cock sucked to the point of orgasm repeatedly he fucked me hard and intensely until I came round him and then he pushed my face hard into the bed by my hair so my make up smudged as my eyes ran and I squirmed under him as he came into me for what felt like forever.

I was still face first in the bed legs hanging over the edge when he pulled my panties back into place and started threading my foot back into my jeans. Between being tipsy, fucked senseless and enjoying the powerlessness he’d created in me, I didn’t fight it letting him dress me and pull me to my feet and point me back towards the door where my coat and bag were and steer me out into the corridor.

I don’t remember either of us exchanging a single word and I was walking through reception looking exactly like I’d been fucked stupid and sent away again within an hour of arriving. I was too amused by how much his actual date would have freaked out his plans for the evening had been while I had embraced every inch of it…

First Date

Oh Her Knees

Princess loved getting her nails painted last week and not just because I kept her from any bratty fidgeting by licking her cunt til she came. She definitely liked having perfectly painted nails to catch her eye during the week and remind her of my tongue each time.

So I wasn’t that surprised she asked me to paint her nails again this weekend. I took the opportunity to take charge and choose a beautiful glossy red polish that just screams slutty and sexy.

She sat so nicely with her hands out on the table making sure she followed her orders with each finger and thumb that I couldn’t help but reward her again with an orgasm while her nails dried. Such a good girl keeping her hands clear while fucking my face with her greedy cunt and then standing up when told so I could dress her again.

I wasn’t going to but to add temptation to the whole thing, I added a top coat to make Princess’s nails look particularly perfect and keep her still for longer. I sat back down on the sofa and sneakily cheekily flashed my cunt at her knowing she’d struggle to resist.

Lying back I watched as she knelt down in front of me holding her hands very carefully behind her back angled toward my pussy. Seeing my bratty girlfriend being so obedient went straight to my cunt and I was very happy to give her permission to use her tongue to find out just how wet I was.

Princess loves licking cunt anyway but I’ve never seen her like this before lapping and licking so eagerly she was bent forward barely able to balance with her hands behind her back and pressing her face further into my clit to hold herself up. It made me think what fun that spreader bar I bought a few weeks ago was going to be.

I let her make me come once in that position and then I allowed her to place her hands carefully on the tops of my thighs so that as she leaned forward she pulled my legs open even further to practically fuck my cunt with her whole mouth. All I could see when I glanced down was blonde hair and bright red nails against my pale skin.

I can’t remember if she made me come twice or three times but all I know is that I’ve never come from oral sex that way before. She left me so orgasmed out all I could do was lie on the sofa and smile at her still kneeling there like a very good girl….

Oh Her Knees

Back To Reality

I haven’t been able to fuck for the last few weeks and I was starting to go stir crazy looking longingly at the cucumber I bought the other day and hiding my Doxy before it tempted me further.

It hadn’t occurred to me that when I have to abstain like this is also tests Princess or my Master. I suspect he can adjust better being a big fan of delayed gratification but Princess struggles more.

So when we ended up lying in bed yesterday afternoon, I felt her literally sigh and shiver with pleasure when she reached down and cupped her hand round my cunt and just held it for a while stroking it gently.

And gentle was what I needed. No penetration for once, just that feeling of exploration that becomes enjoyment. She stroked and then kneaded my cunt in the way I love that presses against my clit indirectly and my cunt came to life.

I couldn’t help but press down against her hand in that way that is all about more touching and more pleasure. My instinct in that moment is to rush into an orgasm like scratching an itch. My Master trained me out of it over months to savour the bit before the orgasm rather than see it as the means to an end and most of the time I do now.

But sometimes when you have that first reminder of skin on skin sexual contact you want to gulp the first orgasm down like a cold beer on a hot day and sit back with the warm buzz of it spreading through your stomach before you really taste the second drink.

Then Princess put her lips on my cunt and I couldn’t even attempt to hold back allowing my body to come hard to shake off the frustration and denial and then relax into a second orgasm watching Princess’s head bobbing up and down feeling my cunt settle in for more orgasms and an afternoon of fucking…

Back To Reality

Colour Me Surprised

I really struggle with initiating sex. I’m never sure if that’s because I’m so sexually submissive or because I am terrible with initiating things generally or a mix of both. But even when I was practised at picking up men in bars and bringing them home, I’d always seem to fall at the hurdle of actually getting the sex started once we were there. Luckily most of them were horny enough to take charge and getting things going.

I’ve tried domming Princess on a few occasions and found it hot but incredibly hard work. My Master makes it look so easy to take control and be in charge but I find it challenging to both think of things to do and do them and make it flow easily no matter how much I want to fuck Princess.

Maybe I need more practice or to push myself more so I decided to try giving some orders on Saturday night when she and I were having dinner together. I’d made her envious and horny with my blue nail polish so it seemed a good idea to start with a non sexual order in telling her to put her hands out to paint her nails.

I am very methodical with my manicures so I kept her on her toes with orders to put her thumb out, lay her hands flat and wait between a base coat and two coats of that bright blue watching her squirm slightly brattily as I did.

Then I told her to stand up for me, hands in the air, and I slipped her shorts off so she was naked. Her order was to sit back down legs spread open so I could lick her cunt until she came and keep her from using her hands for mischief.

She didn’t need telling twice and she looked so good on my dining room chair smooth shaved cunt and swollen clit greedy for attention immediately. I enjoyed getting down on my knees in front of her and using my tongue and lips to make her come fucking herself against my face as she did.

The minute she’d come I ordered her to put her hands back on the table and finished her nails off with a top coat that meant she had to sit still and naked, cunt throbbing for me for a little bit longer.

I could get used to the effect that the power of orders have on her as well as myself. And I rather liked the matching nails too…

Colour Me Surprised

A Highlight

I had fun entertaining Princess yesterday. She spent the day at the salon getting her hair highlighted back to the slutty blonde that suits her best. But all that sitting in the salon is surprisingly boring.

So I dressed up and went to meet her. New waist trainer on so my tits would the only thing in her eye line while I sat beside her. Tight pencil skirt with fishnet stockings underneath and just a little hint of what I wasn’t wearing under either when the hairdresser wasn’t listening.

I knew she was horny anyway from what my Master had texted earlier but I enjoyed building it up until her hair was perfect and she couldn’t wait to get home. There was only one thing for it after all that waiting, she needed to get down on her knees and lick my clit so I could admire her hair and her ass in the air.

Blondes definitely have more fun…

blonde hair

A Highlight

Hard to Swallow

It’s not even midday on Monday morning and I’m annoyed already by this Cosmopolitan article about why you shouldn’t swallow. (Spoiler alert: being joyless about sex isn’t given as a reason.)

Obviously if you prefer not to swallow or give oral sex that’s a perfectly legitimate preference. BUT in the same way it’s rude and immature for a grown up to refuse a foodstuff they’ve been offered by saying ‘ewwww! Gross!’ or turning their head away like a fussy toddler, not having a respectful conversation about oral sex is the same.

No one feels good if someone pulls away from their cock (or cunt) or makes catty comments about smell or taste. Simply set your boundaries before you use your mouth for anything else and don’t act like semen is radioactive waste or a waste of your time.

Men can help make this easier by giving a heads up when they are about to come or if there’s more come than usual to prevent any misunderstandings. Also the sound and movements of a man about to come in your mouth is ridiculously hot. Make more of them please.

And now I’m reminded it’s far too long since I had my Master’s cock in my mouth and I can’t think of much else….

Hard to Swallow


I had a busy weekend. Not only was I at Pride with my Master and Princess, I managed to have drinks with another friend. She happened to be the person who introduced us but remains unaware that we are more than occasional drinking buddies which always amuses me.

Events meant that our original choice of venue was closed and she called me to meet her elsewhere. I didn’t know the name of the pub and was shocked to walk round the corner and ┬ádiscover it was the re-named version of one of my favourite haunts when I first moved to London.

Ostensibly I frequented it because it stocked obscure Irish items behind the bar that sated my homesickness, but the fact it was incredibly popular with bike couriers in tight shorts and muscles you only saw at certain angles kept me returning.

I don’t know if it’s something about being straddled across a bike saddle all day but bike couriers are both incredibly horny and utterly filthy. They also managed to combine being direct with being respectful in a way that meant they seemed to gauge whether you wanted to drink quietly while eyeing up their arse or be propositioned for all kinds.

My mind kept wandering during the grown up thirtysomething conversations of last night to my twentysomething evenings there. Despite there being no biked toned men at the bar last night I had more than one or two images of the men I remember from there fifteen years ago.

There was the most flexible man I’ve ever met who lived in a nearby warehouse with one of those beds on a platform that always made fucking seem more like living on the edge than I’d like but also allowed him to perform his party trick of flipping his legs over his head and sucking the tip of his own cock before fucking me senseless.

Or the guy who would fuck me slowly and intensely while speaking Russian to me in a way that went straight to my cunt every time. It always sounded like him giving me the kind of stern order you wouldn’t dare ignore, especially when he was holding my arms down at the same time. When something sounds that hot you can ignore that he might actually be reciting his bike route to you believe me.

But my favourite memory of nights in that pub came to mind when I nipped to the toilets which unlike the rest of the pub hadn’t changed a bit. There was the slight quirk with them that one cubicle in the women’s toilets was separate to the rest and very easy to sneak into with someone.

I fucked a few guys in there over a variety of Friday nights but there was one American guy I particularly remember. I used to kneel down and suck his cock while he would run his thumbs along the back of my neck making me purr with pleasure while pulling me deeper onto his cock.

He’d arch his back the hornier he got round my mouth and up onto his tiptoes so the tight lean muscles in his calves would look even more defined as he did and they’d quiver under the effort of holding him up and the feel of my hands on them as I’d pull him close as he came in my mouth.

He’d always pitch forward back onto the balls of his feet just as he came so his hands would go out against the toilet door to hold him and his cock would slide down the back of my throat so that swallowing him was like it was meant to be. I’d feel him deep in me with my forehead pressed against his stomach feeling the muscles contract as he tried to make no noise beyond a gasp.

We never fucked and he never touched me because he had a girlfriend back home and only oral sex was some kind of loophole for him not to think he was cheating on her. I never really cared. His calves and cock did amazing things to my cunt and I’d always go back to the bar soaking wet and so turned on I had no trouble catching someone else’s eye to fuck them later knowing he’d be watching me all night and thinking about the orgasm he just had.

I hadn’t thought about him for years but the memory came back to me so clearly standing there that fifteen years later I still went back out to the bar soaking wet and unable to concentrate on the conversation for pure unadulterated slutty nostalgia…