Dreams And Aspirations

Helmut Newton collar image

I’ve mentioned before that my favourite photographers are Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin. I love their mix of sluttery, style and kink often hidden in plain sight to show off an ad for a suit or shoes. Even a smut-hound like me has often looked at those images and not seen the layers of objectification inherent.

That sense of objectification of women is of course the very reason some people don’t like this kind of photography because they say objectification is a negative. I suspect one of the differences between the kinky mindset and the non kinky one is the ability to see objectification in a wider context.

I know my Master sees me as a well rounded person. He knows my tastes in food and where I keep things in my house and sometimes pre-empts my reactions on things for me. I’ve loved seeing this side of our relationship develop and value it. But I also adore that in certain contexts he sees me as his sex toy and channels my inherent submissiveness ┬áto use me as an object for pleasure and orgasms while never losing sight of my sense of self.

That’s why I can’t decide which of these Helmut Newton photos from a book I bought recently appeal to me more. Do I want to be collared on my knees for Sir or holding hands with Princess while it he makes one of us come? Luckily he gets to decide…

Helmut Newton submission

Dreams And Aspirations