Oh Her Knees

Princess loved getting her nails painted last week and not just because I kept her from any bratty fidgeting by licking her cunt til she came. She definitely liked having perfectly painted nails to catch her eye during the week and remind her of my tongue each time.

So I wasn’t that surprised she asked me to paint her nails again this weekend. I took the opportunity to take charge and choose a beautiful glossy red polish that just screams slutty and sexy.

She sat so nicely with her hands out on the table making sure she followed her orders with each finger and thumb that I couldn’t help but reward her again with an orgasm while her nails dried. Such a good girl keeping her hands clear while fucking my face with her greedy cunt and then standing up when told so I could dress her again.

I wasn’t going to but to add temptation to the whole thing, I added a top coat to make Princess’s nails look particularly perfect and keep her still for longer. I sat back down on the sofa and sneakily cheekily flashed my cunt at her knowing she’d struggle to resist.

Lying back I watched as she knelt down in front of me holding her hands very carefully behind her back angled toward my pussy. Seeing my bratty girlfriend being so obedient went straight to my cunt and I was very happy to give her permission to use her tongue to find out just how wet I was.

Princess loves licking cunt anyway but I’ve never seen her like this before lapping and licking so eagerly she was bent forward barely able to balance with her hands behind her back and pressing her face further into my clit to hold herself up. It made me think what fun that spreader bar I bought a few weeks ago was going to be.

I let her make me come once in that position and then I allowed her to place her hands carefully on the tops of my thighs so that as she leaned forward she pulled my legs open even further to practically fuck my cunt with her whole mouth. All I could see when I glanced down was blonde hair and bright red nails against my pale skin.

I can’t remember if she made me come twice or three times but all I know is that I’ve never come from oral sex that way before. She left me so orgasmed out all I could do was lie on the sofa and smile at her still kneeling there like a very good girl….

Oh Her Knees


Candi's panties to buy

I’ve been enjoying wearing panties again on my Master’s orders over the weekend. But not for Candi to simply be slipping into a pair of knickers like you’d expect.

Instead, I’ve been slipping the panties into me and wearing them inside my wet cunt. The first and second pairs went inside me after my shoot on Saturday when I was wet, well fucked and turned on all day.

The next pair went in last night when I kept remembering each detail of the shoot as I took the biggest butternut squash I’ve managed so far and how anything in my cunt seems to make me ejaculate these days.

My Master got me to line the pairs up on my bed and having not worn panties on his orders for so long, I was surprised to see how many differing pairs I own. I love buying panties, the smaller and sluttier the better.

So now that I’m going to be selling them once they come out of me again, you should have quite a selection to choose from. I like a lot of lace. There’s a lot of pairs that are small and sheer and black as well. I don’t do white or cotton. They disguise the evidence of where they’ve been too well.

You can contact me by comment or email to discuss buying a pair to your tastes. Now all I need to do is decide which pair to slip inside me now that writing this has got me wet again…


Candi's worn panties for sale