Return The Favour

Princess warmed me back to orgasms gently yesterday and it gave me a new lease of life. As invigorating as an afternoon nap, I was suddenly full of energy to reacquaint myself with her cunt as well as my own.

But I wanted to tease her. First I told her to take her top off and I ran my fingers along her stomach and arms feeling her wriggle under the light pressure. I brushed my hand across her bra feeling the warmth of her skin under the fabric, swirling my thumb round her nipple until it woke up under the pressure.

I slipped my hand inside her bra, pinching her now perked up nipples and played back and forth with them feeling her shiver and reach up toward me to kiss me hard. Just as she was distracted by that I took my other hand and trailed the back of it down her cunt so my knuckles grazed against her and her clit woke up too.

Pulling her panties off showed me her clit was so swollen it was obvious she wanted me to play with it immediately. I was feeling generous and nostalgic for it so I didn’t hold myself back pressing my fingers gently in small circles and feeling her whole body tense up with being turned on.

Her cunt was dripping wet and I couldn’t resist slipping two fingers into her and swirling them round in circles that stretch her open and make her greedy for more. I kept up the circular motion on her clit too and felt her cunt come to life under my fingers. I love that feeling when her cunt changes from smooth to swollen and desperate for an orgasm.

I almost lost my rhythm when she reached down to my own soaking wet cunt and crooked her finger just inside me which tipped me into an orgasm feeling how wet we both were together. But I wanted to make her lose control and come without abandon so it didn’t take me long to get my attention back.

Two fingers wide apart in her cunt and my thumb on her clit I bent over her and pulled her nipple into my mouth feeling all three so turned on under me. I nipped and pinched at her swollen nipple with my teeth and fucked her with my hand feeling her cunt tense and tighten before tipping into an orgasm that lifted her off the bed and closer to my hand and mouth.

She looked and felt so good like that I kept my hand where it was and lifted the Doxy onto her clit so we could do it all over again straightaway…

Return The Favour