My favourite new toy is a butternut squash. It may not have given me the orgasm of an aubergine yet but they last longer and come in a variety of sizes so you always have something handy to stretch your cunt to what you think is capacity, only to discover it goes a little further each time.

After warming up with an unusally shaped bottle of water, my pussy was ready to be pushed. (In fact, I should have really warmed it up with heated water in that bottle for a little temperature play.) Time to see if I could take my smaller squash more easily than the first time.

I sat astride it and lowered myself onto it and it slipped in so easily I was almost disappointed by the lack of challenge. I lifted myself up and pushed further down onto the bulb of it so I was taking it much much deeper than last time.

deep squash

I loved seeing the lips of cunt looking completely pushed apart by the base of the squash and couldn’t resist allowing myself to slide up and down the length of it a few times to get the feel of the smooth smooth skin and the jolt of being pushed open each time I hit the base of it. I could feel it pressing in all the places that might make me squirt and definitely come if I kept that up.

Instead of succumbing to temptation to fuck myself to orgasm on the small squash, I wanted to see if I could take any of the monster one. I’d forgotten to lop the stalk off so I lubed it a little more and knelt over it and lowered myself onto it.

monster squash

It felt immovable for a second or two and then I felt the softness of my cunt meet the coldness of the squash skin come together and my cunt start to give slightly, slipping further down in mere millimeters until about an inch and a half of the squash was buried inside me and I felt like I was being split open.

It was the oddest mixture of slightly unpleasant, slightly enjoyable and completely addictive. I just wanted to stay there and see what happened and how much more I could take if I was patient. Never have millimetres mattered so much. But the stalk was starting to make its presence felt and I decided not to push my luck.

I wouldn’t want to let anything get in the way of trying that again…

monster squash gape