Absolutely Ruin Me

My Master is being very generous with the Doxy at the moment and he had me playing with it again on the sofa the other day. I enjoyed lying back in all that space, knowing their housemates could walk in at any time and reading this excellent fisting story while pressing the Doxy against my cunt.

When it came to slipping the head of the Doxy inside me I videoed* it to send to him and was impressed to see that it only took 18 seconds for the whole thing to slide into my gaping cunt. That recent stretching is definitely paying off.

The whole head of the Doxy in my gaping cunt

I enjoyed fucking myself back and forward with it on the lowest speed to warm me up before really starting to take the power up through my soaking wet cunt. It didn’t take long to get to this stage of wanting the toy inside but also wanting to be able to come.

Doxy wand stretching my wet cunt wide open


And in order to be able to come I needed the Doxy pulled out to the widest point to stretch me as much as possible. All while at full power and fucking it side to side in my slippery wet cunt to completely ruin it as I came so hard I ejaculated at the same time.

Stretched open til I gape with the wand inside my pussy

No wonder my Master was pleased with me. This is making me greedy for even more stretching….



*And if you are greedy for more videos, remember I have a selection at Clips4Sale you can enjoy anytime

Absolutely Ruin Me

True Friendship

I only owned two sex toys before I met my Master: a tiny basic vibrator from Lovehoney and my wand. I was so ambivalent about sex toys I’d only bought one of them in fact and barely used either toy much.

Part of this is because my first love for orgasms has always been a hand rather than a toy. My Master has taken both techniques up a notch in the time I’ve known him though and it’s hard to remember that I didn’t always love my wand like I do now.

In fact I was so disinterested in sex toys at that stage, my wand was actually a birthday present from a friend. Designed to encourage me to its charms and away from finding strange men to fuck when I wanted an orgasm, it was an interesting gift to open in a restaurant.

Its appearance was met with a mix of hushed reverence and gleeful lust that gave me a new insight into several friends’ interests and some very high expectations for it. I ended up using it that night when the man I was seeing stood me up.

I’m not sure if it was the circumstances or the hype but the first time I used it was utterly underwhelming. I’m not even sure if I came, but it didn’t make up for sleeping alone that night.

I know I used it again, more than once, between then and meeting my Master but I don’t remember being blown away by it until he came on the scene and then I fell hard for the wand and its charms, even momentarily blacking out the first time my Master put it inside me on full power and made me come.

It also made me ejaculate for the first time and squirt with another person when Princess and I used it together recently. It never fails to get me off now and I remain fascinated by the variety of ways it can be used on anyone (men included.)

In fact I love it so much, the time has come for me to introduce a friend to it by buying her one for herself. I’m cooking her lunch today and passing her present on, bought while they are on offer on Lovehoney and while I had 25% off anything on the site as well.

I haven’t bothered making dessert as I’m expecting her to make an excuse about having a lot of work to do and leaving early once she sees what her gift is though…

True Friendship



So last week after I did a very enjoyable shoot with more clips for my Clips4Sale site, I gave my Master copies of all the videos I’ve made so far and then waited to see if he’d approve or tell me to try harder.

He sent me a very hot image of him and Princess watching one of the clips yesterday with Princess sucking his cock in rhythm to me fucking myself on camera.

He told me to slip the wand inside me while they watched that clip together and come for him in real life as it played out online too.

I love filming the clips and have imagined my Master’s response to each orgasm I give myself on camera which makes performing even hotter as it feels like obeying his orders every time.

So to combine that with actually obeying his order and knowing both Princess were so turned on by the videos, meant that I had one of the most powerful orgasms of my life, ejaculating harder than I’ve ever managed before as I came.

And that was just from them watching two of the videos. There are nearly twenty five to choose from and more to go up in the next week or so…


More than Squirting

There are few things I love more than when my Master sets me a challenge and I’m not sure I can do it, but end up doing even better than I could have imagined.

And tonight I did just that and learned a new skill that gave me one of the most intense orgasms of my life and left me grinning from ear to ear.

My Master instructed me today that he wanted my audience to watch me squirt. I was to remember the last three things that made me squirt and come twice doing each one while filming it for you all.

I lined up an aubergine, the big John Holmes toy and the magic wand and warmed up gently alternating with the aubergine and the toy making sure I was getting nice and loose.

I copied what I’d done with the aubergine the last time, filling myself up with it, legs spread wide and the wand on my clit and brought myself to a very satisfying orgasm with the aubergine shooting out of me at that moment. But no squirting this time or the second time I tried.

Next up I tried the big toy, fucking myself back and forth with it to loosen me up even further as I buzzed the wand faster and faster. Another orgasm. And another. But still no squirting.

Clearly I was using the wrong kind of pressure on myself. I decided to go back to the aubergine and the wand, but the aubergine slipped out part way through and desperate to be filled right up, I pushed the wand inside and put it on full power.

I expected to come straight away but oddly nothing happened. I momentarily panicked that I’d run out of orgasms for the day. And then I started to feel the wand slide further down inside my cunt and the pressure of an orgasm start to build.

The wand slipped far enough down that it was only just the depth of it inside me, no further up and the more intense feeling of pressure like I’ve never felt before as I came.

I was absolutely sure I must have squirted and my brief disappointment when I saw the sheet was dry under me was completely blown away when I saw a trail of something white on my ass cheek, knowing I hadn’t used any lube this time and realised I hadn’t squirted but managed proper female ejaculation.

I watched the video back and the last minute clearly showed a white liquid not unlike come squirting down the head of the wand and out of me. I touched it and it felt and tasted exactly like when my Master comes into my mouth.

What a video to have filmed as my first long length clip. I look forward to my Master seeing what his orders make my body able to do…





More than Squirting


Even when my cunt isn’t playing nice and occasionally not letting me take the fist, it always makes room for the magic wand.

Few things hit the spot quite as much as the wand inside me on full power. Normally it’s the orgasm it gives me that allows me to push it out with ease, but this time it was just me using my muscles and willpower instead.



Very Odd

I haven’t come in over two weeks. I forgot to ask my Master’s permission while he’s been occupied and he didn’t tell me I may so I’ve made sure I haven’t despite making sure I’ve been stretching myself everyday.

Tonight I decided to break my latex catsuit in a little more and get used to how it feels to wear something that tight. I adore the feel of wriggling into it and slowly zipping it up one way to cinch it tight and slowly unzipping the other way to keep my cunt free to play.

I could feel how wet I was with the seams of the latex pressing on my inner thighs as my cunt was exposed. Kneeling up I was even dripping onto the bed sheet. I had the can of Coke to hand having not been able to take it again since my one and only success a few weeks ago.

And yet despite being gloriously slipperily wet I couldn’t take it. Nor the inflatable toy that usually glides in like it’s come home for the night. I had no luck with the fist either. Nothing would fit. Soaking wet, but oddly tight at the same time. Definitely not like me.

The one thing that would fit was the magic wand. A little effort and it filled me right up as I increased the speed to full tilt. I could see my clit vibrate and shudder from it and I wanted to push myself right to the moment when I could come and then stop. If that didn’t open my cunt to its usual gaping self and allow me to take the fist, nothing would.

And then as if my cunt has a mind of its own, it began to open and push the head of the wand out just as I could feel myself wanting to press down on it and allow my orgasm to take over. But instead the wand started to slide out incredibly slowly, stretching me wider for longer than I thought I could go.

I felt ruined as it fell out onto the bed. The sensation of extreme stretching and a ruined orgasm together felt somehow more intense than just coming, but completely different at the same time. And my cunt felt destroyed. Still strangely tight, yet totally open and absolutely aching for my Master’s fist…

Very Odd

Watch Me Come

Who knew there was so much work involved in getting my lips round cock this week for my Master? I’d say I need a PA but really I just need to re-watch Secretary to get some tips on organisation…

In the meantime I relaxed with the big dildo, the magic wand and the thought of making my Master proud and a selection of strange men incredibly hard and squirted so hard I had to lie all night in a soaking wet patch.

The fact I couldn’t resist rubbing my naked cunt into the wet patch and squirming all night so that I actually ending up coming in my sleep made that less of a punishment than it should have been.

I thought you might like to see and hear as the wand runs across the piercing in my clit hood until I come…






Watch Me Come