Kneel Down

With Princess out of town, my Master¬†was likely to turn his attentions toward me to fulfil his needs and I have to admit I’d been looking forward to it so what better than a Sunday afternoon order?

He was going out for a run and would end up at my house so expected me to be kneeling on my bathroom floor in the tightest corset possible with the big plug in my pussy waiting for him. He would shower and then use my throat when he’d finished.

I enjoyed getting dressed and picking my outfit. He wanted dark hair today so I contrasted it against a white shirt and the dark red of my harness bra beneath it. Then I added the matching dark red lipstick I bought one day with Princess and smudged all over her cunt in a changing room the same day for a slutty Snow White look.

And then I blindfolded myself and knelt on the bathroom floor. The second my knees met the ground my cunt woke up and my breathing changed and I could feel the scene starting as the subspace begins for me.

I loved hearing him come in and completely ignore me as he stepped into the shower. The second the water started, my cunt got so wet I worried that the plug was going to slip out of me. Just kneeling there knowing he would turn his attention to me when he was ready was incredibly hot in its submission.

Then he pulled me up and onto his cock with my hands leaning against his wet thighs and my mouth seemed to be able to swallow more of his cock than usual I was so turned on. I was imagining that my lipstick was leaving marks to show how hard his cock was and how much of it I’d managed to take.

It felt so good having his cock in my mouth for the first time in ages that I was almost disappointed when he told me to stand up and led me to my bedroom. But then he leaned me over the bed wedged against his legs and fucked me as he pulled my corset tighter than I’ve ever worn it before.

Each pull made me make noise as did each thrust and orgasm he gave me as I balanced on the tips of my toes and the full length of his cock. Normally if someone fucked me like that it would be their best move of the night, but my Master was only just getting started…



Kneel Down