Easter Love Eggs

My Master likes an occasion. From dressing up to Christmas presents he likes to mark events. I am a massive fan of this mix of sentimentality and smut especially as it often ends up with me getting to be my filthy self at moments when he’s pretending to be the very opposite.

I enjoy following his orders and showing him the evidence at any time but there’s a particular slutty impishness I have when I get to send him photos of the sexually creative things I’m doing for him when I know he’s at a family lunch or waiting for a meeting to start.

I think he must enjoy it too because during a family visit over Easter he texted me to tell me that I was going to spend my day with the giant love eggs he bought me for Christmas. After the melodramatic start with them where I managed to lose roughly 300g of metal ben wa ball in my cunt for half a day we haven’t played with them again.

But I’ve been a little bit concerned that I’ve tightened up a touch recently. That last relapse I had health wise definitely set my body back a bit and I haven’t been my usual penetration slut in the same way which is unnerving for anyone who knows my sexual preferences. So I wasn’t going to miss the chance to get back into some training.

Sir started me with what I thought was an April Fool and told me to wear panties for him. It’s been so long since I wore underwear I actually had to go hunting for it which was a lot more enjoyable that it might have been since he told me to wear the small Lelo jiggle balls for an hour to warm me up.

It’s been a while since I wore those as my cunt had stretched enough to not be able to walk with two pairs inside me. This time, I was able to pop a pair in with ease and hold them in place while I suddenly felt a real urge to bend and stand up and do things that made them jiggle and roll and get my cunt soaking wet.

I was then to pull the panties aside and use the new pussy pump on my cunt and then make myself come rubbing my clit through the soaking knickers. It took me a minute or two to get used to having my cunt covered but I actually used to love masturbating while wearing panties so it didn’t take long for my muscle memory to kick in.

The jiggle balls seemed to loop the loop inside me when I started pulling the suction tight on my cunt with the pump. I enjoyed the jolt of jiggling so much I made sure to tighten and loosen the toy three or four times to maximise how wet and swollen the toys were making me.

I’d forgotten just how good the feel of fabric against a dripping wet cunt can be. That feeling of pulling my knickers aside for instant gratification takes me back to those youthful fucks that were just about getting to cock and therefore orgasm as fast as possible. It reminds me of balancing on my tiptoes in alleyways and toilet cubicles to push my cunt down harder on hard cock and it always turns me on even now.

I didn’t take that long to come. I’m not sure I’ve combined panties, piercing and pure horniness ever, but letting the fabric slip slickly up and down my swollen clit and create a friction on my piercing with fingers worked magic and I came ridiculously hard sending Sir some excellent photos.

pink panties and pussy pumpHe approved enough to tell me to repeat my orders with the giant jiggle balls and that when I’d come with those he would give me my next order. I had come so hard and ejaculated so much that when I took the Lelo balls out my panties were beyond wear because they were so wet. I slipped them off and got ready to rumble with the giant jiggle balls.

I was expecting to find them a little tricky to get in since my cunt is so out of practice at the moment. I rolled the first one up and down my sopping cunt and it was so slippery it was like I’d used lube. I pressed it against my cunt and it just glided in with the merest pressure with my two fingers. My cunt swallowed it whole with one hungry gulp and I was left with dripping wet fingers for the second one.

My fingers have been inside my soaking wet cuntI didn’t need lube for that one either as it slid in with a satisfying thud against its twin that reverberated through my cunt and down to my toes. Despite not having had much in my cunt for months, the balls were actually less uncomfortable than the first time I’d worn them and I couldn’t wait to feel them tilting and moving when I used the pump.

Giant ben wa ball in my gaping cunt

The new pair of panties I put on to accompany them were a sopping sodden mess in no time and my cunt was dripping onto the bed when I took the pump off. I actually thought for a minute that the combination of the balls and the pump had made me squirt already but I was just that wet.

In fact I was so wet my fingers just kept sliding off my clit even with the fabric and I had to use the heel pressed into my cunt with my fingers cupped underneath holding me to make myself come. I came hard enough that the second jiggle ball slipped down and rolled out which actually felt amazing stretching me open like when Sir takes his fist out of me.

I texted him more very family unfriendly photos and awaited my next orders. No more orgasms sadly but I needed to find a site I can sell my soaking wet panties I’ve fucked myself in to people online…

Easter Love Eggs

Seasonal Surprises

I’m a fan of the concept of Christmas but like many things less keen on the reality of it. I’m also not a fan of organised fun so it was surprising to me that I went to a Christmas panto with my Master and Princess the other night. I mean admittedly it was a queer panto at a gay bar with at least three jokes about fisting. The minimum of awkward audience interaction and the opportunity to get quite drunk definitely made for festive cheer.

It also meant it was much fun to stay at their house than go home afterwards and we all piled in bed drunkenly and my Master and I discovered we were both horny. I’ve never had properly drunk sex with Sir before and I’ve definitely never fucked him in the dark. I was enjoying being pressed up against him only able to work out of what he was doing using all my other senses.

Feeling his hands on me, then hearing him reach for the lube and the sound of him applying it and feeling his hands in me. It was hot in that frantic way you fuck when you’re drunk and horny with none of the of the niceties of sober sex. Just the urge to come and then fall asleep together. I’d forgotten that aspect of drunken fucking.

I’d also forgotten that when I when I’m drunk I never get as wet because alcohol dehydrates more than just my mouth. So I was enjoying my Master manhandling me into positions he could fuck me hard and deep with the simple purpose of coming hard instead me while Princess listened to us and played with her clit at the same time.

But it was also uncomfortable at times. Friction in ways I wouldn’t choose and I definitely took a few deep breaths at times. It didn’t stop me coming but as I fell asleep after helping Princess come I really felt that my cunt had been used and suspected Sir might have to go gently with me in the morning after that.

I didn’t think anything else of it when I woke up at 3.30am dying for a pee. I still don’t know my Master and Princess’ house well enough to be get up in the middle of the night in that barely conscious autopilot I do in my own flat and I have to remind myself to have manners and close the bathroom door even though no one would really notice.

I sat down sleepily and was jolted more wide awake than I think I’ve ever been when there was a noise like a cannonball ricocheting around the bathroom and the feeling of something heavy dropping out of my cunt. When I turned the light on I discovered that my Master had not put his fist inside me earlier but a giant metal ben wa ball*.

I think we can say my stretching training has been extremely successful because I had completely failed to notice the large weighted jiggle ball inside me until it fell out and I was standing in Sir’s bathroom thinking two things. Had I just broken his toilet and how the hell was I going to rescue a metal ball in the middle of the night?

I really had no choice except to put my hand down the toilet and fish it out before scrubbing it and myself in the posh hand wash and go back to bed hoping that I hadn’t woken anyone up with a peace shattering noise. This time I went back to sleep half horrified, half amused at the capacity of my cunt.

I did worry a bit what my Master would say when I told him this tale in the morning and luckily he found it hilarious. I found it slightly less funny when he told me there were two of them and asked where the other one was. Princess volunteered to check my cunt to no avail and they were both surprisingly good humoured that it had probably caused chaos with their plumbing just before Christmas.

We got up and made breakfast chuckling about when kinks go wrong and my Master joking about how as Christmas presents go this one had excelled itself with the sex and the amusement even if they were never a pair again and he had an awkward hour with a plumber as pay off.

After breakfast I went to brush my teeth and shower while he and Princess were clearing up and as I finished brushing my teeth, I sneezed and got an even bigger shock than in the middle of the night when I felt the second supposedly missing ben wa ball slide out of my cunt.

My mental reflexes are clearly faster than my cunt’s because I managed to avoid dropping it on my bare foot or breaking the bathroom floorboards even while laughing that I had absolutely no idea that it had been inside my cunt for the last twelve hours and I hadn’t even noticed.

The only feeling better than realising just how stretched but strong my cunt is after all that training was the moment when I walked into the living room and held a jiggle ball in each hand and watched my Master and Princess’s faces as they realised the ben wa ball was no longer missing and my cunt can perform magic tricks….


*in case you missed the small print in that link the two jiggle balls weigh 1.6 pounds in total. That’s 725g metric if you prefer. And I can’t decide if not noticing that I have something the weight of three blocks of butter in my cunt is my finest kinky moment or utterly terrifying.

Seasonal Surprises


My Master gave me permission to give my orders this weekend. Not to him obviously, but to his wife to get her ready to play with again this week.

It sounds so simple when he tells me I can do anything I want with her as long as I remember she belongs to him, not me. But I am at heart (and cunt) completely submissive myself so giving an order goes not come naturally to me.

I tried in person the other night and I struggled to have any sense of authority or coherence to what I was doing. Part of that is I tend to fail to multi-task when I’m turned on and struggle to speak, think and pay attention to the fist inside me at the same time and end up barely able to communicate apart from coming.

So on my Master’s encouragement I had another go without actually seeing either of them and for once in my life I used logic in a scenario involving sex. I decided that as I didn’t know where to start with training her, I’d follow how my Master trained me.

His wife and I may be very different people but we’re both submissive, we both like the way he does things and we both stand to gain from learning from his previous experience. Plus I can vouch for his training having quite transformative powers so it would be odd not to use it as a gauge.

I don’t want to copy him completely but find my own way of giving her orders inspired by him while using those orders as a way to submit to him. I’m clearly going to have to learn to multi-task after all.

But there was fun to be had with her first. My Master and she were going away for the weekend so I had to think of something that would keep me on her mind during that time. It seemed the perfect time to give her a pair of my Lelo jiggle balls as a present.

I called by at their house on my way to an appointment and left a gift wrapped box of them on the doorstep for her and texted her to go and look outside and once she’d told my Master and me what her present was, she was to put them inside her and be the only person with a smile on their face on a rush hour Friday night train.

I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to take them. Those Luna Beads are pretty heavy for a novice wearer but judging by the texts I got later they were stretching her very nicely indeed and leaving her greedy for my Master’s cock.

She doesn’t know yet that I have two more pairs of them at home and a new found interest in telling someone what to do…


How To Fist…

Close up Belladonna Bitch Fist toy in cunt

I was asked for some advice on how to fist someone earlier on Twitter and decided it would be much better to answer in detail here than send a thousand DMs back and forward on the subject.

They asked “how would you approach a sexual partner about trying fisting the first time? And if they said yes, what’s the best way to start out?”

The first thing I’d say is what I’d say to anyone discussing a kink or sexual activity with anyone, make sure you are thinking about the person you are asking. Do you want to share that experience with them specifically or simply tick it off a list of things you want to try with anyone?

It takes a lot of trust to express a sexual desire to someone but if the person you express it to knows it’s because you trust them and want to share the pleasure with them, they are more likely to be open to the idea.

But also be prepared to hear no and to listen to the no. Everyone is entitled to decide what they want to do with their body and with a kink like fisting, many women will have strong feelings about it.

The idea of a tight pussy is so highly prized in Western culture that most women will probably be concerned about making it looser. I’ve never had any qualms about being thought of as slutty and yet I was still worried what a loose cunt would mean when men other than my Master felt it. I’ve been surprised how many men aren’t fixated on tightness in fact!

In fact my pussy was so tight when I met my Master that two fingers were a struggle and I never used tampons because they were so uncomfortable. The idea of being able to take his whole fist seemed completely incredible to the point of unreal.

He started me slowly, mainly with the enthusiasm about stretching. It began with an extra finger each time we fucked, ordering me to wear a pair of light jiggle balls til I wore them out, then a heavier pair, then two pairs at a time, using the butt plugs I was stretching my ass with inside my pussy too and getting used to be able to slip three, then four, then five fingers into myself.

He encouraged and gave the orders which gave me the confidence to keep trying even when I thought I couldn’t do things. His patience was as much a turn on as the activities themselves. He never let me away without trying my best but respected my own pace.

This means that being stretched and fisted has never caused me any pain physically. I did momentarily black out from an orgasm when my Master put the wand inside on full power for the first time, but otherwise it was never unpleasant in anyway.

Being confident and following the cues that your cunt gives you along with a lot of lube makes this all easier. Sometimes I think my Master knows my body better than I do because sometimes due to hormones, time of the month, tiredness or stress, you can’t stretch as much as previously. Know your limits, don’t feel like a failure and just do something else or enjoy the progress you have made.

I was starting to think I would never take my Master’s fist when suddenly it just slipped inside and felt like the most natural and deliciously obscene thing possible. My cunt couldn’t get enough of it because it gives me the most incredible orgasms and because seeing how much he enjoys fisting me is intoxicating.

It took about nine months to get from my tight little pussy to taking a fist and then another 3 or 4 months to be able to perform Candi’s tricks. Everyone is different and sadly it may depends on the size of your hand if you can do it at all.

Communication, patience, perseverance, experimentation, several bottles of Liquid Silk and some pretty strong pelvic floor muscles all allowed me to please my Master this way. But as I’m yet to fist anyone except myself, I’ll leave it to Autostraddle to give you the best practical advice on how to bury yourself up to the wrist in a hot wet horny cunt as you feel it come repeatedly round your hand…








How To Fist…