Ass Play

Gaping pussy with toy in ass

I am often so enjoying putting things in my cunt that I forget I can be putting things in my ass too. This is one of the reasons I’m enjoying my last Lovehoney spree so much and my Master’s current challenge with the largest toy possible in each.

Yesterday’s shoot focused heavily on ass play though. I learned why cutting all my hair off as a teenager was a disadvantage in someways since I never had a hairbrush to put the handle of in my ass while I played with myself. (I did get to fuck my hairdresser though so it balanced up.)

I also used my new favourite black glass plug because I can’t get enough of it right now and that got me ready to try figging for the first time.¬†For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it involves slipping a piece of peeled fresh ginger into your ass and allowing the sensations to build.

I was slightly nervous that it would be unpleasant but it ended up being the perfect mix of pleasure pain instead. As the tingle turned to a burn in my ass, my cunt started literally watering. I had to stop fairly soon in because I didn’t have permission to come from my Master and with sensations like this, I couldn’t have stopped myself otherwise.

The only other thing that makes me scream like this is when my Master fists me from behind. Just thinking about him combining the two makes me knees go weak. It would definitely cure my silent tendencies.

And the best thing about a toy in my ass is how much more open it gets my cunt. Wait til you see how much more of the ass servant toy I took…


Ass Play