Hot Thoughts


Ice cube on my clit

It’s stupidly warm in London this weekend. The kind of still sticky heat that means if you live in a flat you have to open all the windows, lie very still and wear as little as possible. The whole combination of it is making me incredibly horny.

I think some of it is the associations with last summer when the weather was hot and so was fucking Princess and my Master. Something about the temperature brings memories to mind such as ice cubes on Princess’s cunt on long hot afternoons.

But some of it is that while staring longingly into my fridge hoping I’d find something refreshing and cooling in there I remembered about the chilled glass dildo I love and now I can’t stop thinking about sliding it over my smooth shaved skin and into my hot wet cunt.

Because what better way to break a sweat than fucking yourself to orgasm?

Hot Thoughts

Sunny Day

No blog yesterday because the weather was too good to be indoors. Instead I went to the park to enjoy the sun and revel in the warm weather meaning less clothing.

Not just for me, but for all those men who take sunshine as an excuse to strip off. For every one you want to suggest some sun cream to, there’s one you’d probably volunteer to rub the sun cream onto.

I rather enjoyed sitting under a tree just reading my book, slightly hidden by my wig and a pair of sunglasses watching the world go by and admiring the view. I do like that with a Kindle no one knows what you’re reading which is how you get away with with reading BDSM erotica in a public park on a Sunday afternoon.

I had hoped to be wearing something short and slightly revealing at the same time, but my Master’s training has changed my body so much since last summer that none of my sun appropriate dresses fit any more.

I ended up in something I haven’t worn at all since I got my clit piercing: a pair of jeans. Only suitable for the weather since they are tight and cropped and expose some leg. I got out of the habit of wearing jeans when the piercer suggested avoiding them for the first two weeks after the piercing because of the pressure from the seam.

And then I sort of forgot I owned any until now. But I got intimately acquainted with the seam quite quickly and regretted leaving it so long. It really does press against the piercing, especially when you have your legs bent with a book propped on your knee, no knickers on and a glass plug in your ass.

The fact I had no bra on under the strapless top I was wearing was fairly obvious, but I doubt the added bonus of my jeans was and yet considering I was wearing far more clothes than most women in the park, I seemed to be attracting quite a few glances.

Maybe I’m not as subtle at looking at men in various states of undress as I think I am but by the time I got home, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take my jeans off and play or keep pressing against that seam…

Sunny Day

Back and Forth

I came so close to completely taking the whole ass servant toy on Saturday that I just had to try again last night to see if I could just stretch that little bit further over the ridge at the base and let the whole toy slide up and out into my cunt and be allowed to come according to my Master’s challenge.

When I first got the toy in early March I was convinced I’d never manage it all either in length or girth and I’d never got further than half way until Saturday when my cunt just seemed to open up and allow it glide inside with ease.

I was so stretched after an afternoon’s filming as I straddled the toy that I really couldn’t tell from the feelings in my cunt if I’d taken the whole thing. I was having to gauge by how much lower I was sitting on my knees than when I started rather than anything else.

And I stopped just shy of the ridge that would have meant my cunt closed round the toy, stretched incredibly wide yet filled right up. I just knew that if I let my cunt go the extra few centimetres, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from coming and I didn’t have permission to since I had no toy in my ass.

I’ve been kicking myself ever since and dying to see just how much of that black silicone my pussy can gobble up again. I definitely got further playing by myself last night than any other time I’ve played with it on my own, but I couldn’t get anywhere near as close as I did on Saturday. Maybe having the toy in my ass makes more difference than I expected?

But I did feel so much more stretched last night. I can’t wait to take the whole toy, but I also want to really feel it when I do…

Back and Forth

Tea and Cake

mug & dildo

Yesterday was supposed to be a quiet day, but somehow it didn’t end up like that. To make sure my clips site is ready to open in the next day or two, I had another meeting about it which involved getting up close and personal with a mango again.

Then I had to go to a friend’s house for another meeting and as it is a co worker’s birthday I’d been instructed to bring a cake as the baker in the group. I considered chocolate cake. After all, who doesn’t like chocolate?

But who doesn’t like mangoes either? Especially soft juicy ripe ones. And I do have the a very recipe for a mango cake that I’ve been meaning to try for ages. It seemed a shame to waste the opportunity.

Cake in the oven, I started planning my next shoot and tidied up from the morning over a cup of tea. Then it was on with my waist trainer, in with my glass plug and on with my red wig and out of the house with the cooled cake.

My Master has me on my month from my list of always leaving the house with a wig on and a toy inside me and it’s nerve wracking. Last night involved seeing people I’ve known for years who I knew would ask questions and show their curiosity clearly. The cake was a bribe.

And my new do was the talk of the evening. Lots of prying as to why I’d changed my look so radically. I muttered about just fancying a change, squirming as I felt guilty like I wasn’t entirely telling the truth. Or maybe because I had 150g of glass toy in my ass.

All I had to do was get them talking about the cake and keep a straight face while they ate it. Strangely that was much easier…

Tea and Cake

It Takes Two

Oxballs pighole XXL

After my recent run of not being on top of my orders, it felt good to be able to message my Master last night to tell him I’d completed all that day’s tasks. I wasn’t expecting to be rewarded quite as generously either.

Knowing my lack of practical maths skills, after checking my last orgasm had been with the new glass plug and the John Holmes toy, he hinted that my new XXL pighole was just slightly bigger and would fulfil my next size challenge nicely.

I was a little nervous. The XXL pighole is considerably bigger than its XL cousin and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to manage it all. The first few times I used the pighole before it was on the uncomfortable side of stretching and I could only handle a few seconds of it.

But I also know now what the pay off is from the pighole and how good it feels being that stretched open and yet supported at the same time. And it feels incredible to be fucked through. It feels and sounds so obscene just thinking about it gets me wet.

I slipped the glass plug in my ass first. I’ve been wearing it every night since I tried it and I’m so in love with it. My ass welcomes it every time with ease. It seems counterintuitive that the heavier the plug and the bigger the base the easier it is to take, but this is what makes my ass happy.

Then I moved onto the pighole. It’s best to fold it in on itself and apply any lube to your cunt, not the toy and let the folded toy slip inside you slowly. Then put your fingers inside the pighole and press and the fold in the toy opens out stretching you wide open.

I was expecting discomfort and instead I got a sense of such pure pleasure I could have come from that and the plug alone. My Master however had instructed me to fuck myself with the ceramic toy I have which you can fill with water for added weight and sensation.

Hearing the water inside it and the lubed ceramic move against the ridged rubber of the pighole as I fucked myself was so incredibly filthy I’m not sure if I came from that or the actual sensations, but either way I ended up with one of those orgasms that leaves you limp with the sound of your heart thumping in your ears.

It was also strong enough to allow my stretched cunt to push the pighole and the ceramic toy out together as I came…

It Takes Two


After using the weighted plug last night and feeling it shift and move and get my ass nicely opened up, I decided it would be an excellent time to have another go with the larger glass plug I got recently.

I couldn’t manage to take it on my Master’s orders last week and I’ve been eyeing it up alongside the John Holmes toy since then to see if I can come that way on my two toy challenge.

My ass was so ready for it last night though. I warmed it up in my wet pussy first while slipping a lubed finger and then a second and then a third into my ass as I squirmed with how good it felt.

I barely needed any lube for the glass toy as it glided in easily right up to the base with ease. The curve on it pressed nicely on the wall of my pussy and made me feel filled up and ready to be fucked.

My only worry was that like with a lot of double penetration putting a bigger toy into my cunt would cause the toy in my ass to slip out and lose the stretched but filled feeling I so love.

No such issue this time. The angle of the curve on the glass toy meant that it stayed tightly in my ass as the big toy slipped into my soaking wet pussy and I could feel everything twice as much.

I started fucking myself deep and fast and I knew instantly I would be able to come that way with the wall between my ass and my cunt feeling stretched tight. My ass felt so good I wasn’t that surprised my orgasm started there instead of in my pussy.

I fucked myself harder and more intensely with the big toy and the orgasm came from my cunt too. I came so hard my feet lifted up off the bed and I expected one or other of the toys to slip out of me.

But the glass plug stayed so snug as I pulled the John Holmes toy out that I couldn’t bring myself to take it out at all. I’ve finally found a plug I can wear to sit and sleep in without discomfort. This one just kept me on the edge for hours afterwards like I could come again without much effort…


New Toys

So my box of anal toys arrived on Saturday. Sadly not quite in time to try them for the first time at my shoot, although it was very tempting to have it captured on camera the first time I used them.

I’m looking forward to trying the largest of them which is a beautiful black glass number with a ring handled base. I’ve never used an anal toy with as big a base or that’s as long and curved before.

I plan to slip it into my pussy first to let the glass warm up. I like my glass toys cold in a hot wet cunt but in my ass I prefer them as warmed up as I like my ass to be when my Master fucks it.

I always use lots of lube with anal toys as much to feel prepared as be prepared, but there’s something glorious about using your own wetness to enhance the lube as I press the head of the toy against my ass.

It will feel like I couldn’t possibly fit anything in there because it feels so tight and then there’s a second when the toy starts push inside and I feel the weight of it in my cunt but my ass still isn’t sure.

There’s a feeling of pressure that’s almost uncomfortable and almost makes me want to stop, but also to lean back into it and then my ass opens up and the toy glides right inside and fills me up.

Even a couple of months ago I couldn’t get any more from it that the delicious feeling of being all filled up and stretched out, but my Master’s training has got me to a stage where I can come from anal alone.

He taught me with his cock but now when a toy curves round and presses onto my full cunt I can feel the orgasm start in my ass and finish as my pussy pushes its own toy out and it reminds me how it feels when My Master comes into my ass.

I’m very much looking forward to my new toy just thinking about it…

New Toys