Pushing Me Further

My Master promised me a punishment the next time he saw me after I misbehaved at Easter weekend. I was to buy some beeswax candles and have them laid out waiting for him. I would be in anticipation to see where and when he dripped hot wax on me.

Part of me couldn’t wait, almost tempted to misbehave further to make sure it happened and part of me was scared enough that when I thought about it, my breath would catch for a second.

Funnily enough hot wax was one of the first kinky things my Master and I discussed when our relationship began but it’s never come up since. I’d even forgotten I had a bag of soy wax waiting to be used for that very purpose.

But yesterday all I could think about was wax play. My Master didn’t give me much warning he was coming round so I didn’t have time to get nervous. I had to focus on what to wear that didn’t make wax impossible but didn’t tell my Master where to drip it.

I went for a harness bra and a latex skirt for maximum opportunity and then turned my attention to my order. I was to be on the living room floor at 12.50 precisely riding the Belladonna Bitch Fist toy blindfolded and waiting for my Master on his way back from a run.

My breath caught again when he opened the front door because I hadn’t managed to take the fist for him before he arrived. The thumb was pressing against my cunt but wasn’t quite able to slip inside even when he bent me over, fingers on my clit and fist toy pushing against me.

I could hear him ordering me and the sound of my gasps as he switched the fist toy with his cock still brushing against my clit as I tried to hold myself back from coming. I could hear the latex stretching and moving and his grunts as he grabbed my corset to push deeper inside my cunt.

Then I heard the strike of a match and knew that he’d lit the candle. And then he went silent. I couldn’t hear him moving at all to anticipate what he might do and despite my bare ass up in the air as I was on my knees with his cock inside me, I thought for a second or two that he might not use the wax.

When the first drop fell on my skin, it stung and surprised me and then it kept coming, dripping onto my skin smoothly with a different amount of pain each time that kept me startled and on edge. One drip would feel manageable, the next made me jolt forward pulling away from my Master’s cock despite how good it felt inside me.

He ordered me to lean back against his cock and I fought the instinct to pull away and the urge to fill my stretched cunt full with his cunt. Just as I’d balanced the two conflicting desires, he switched his cock for the fist toy again, pressing it against me and ordering me to take it.

For some reason, my normally stretched cunt just couldn’t take it despite it being the easiest thing last week. My Master showed no mercy, pushing his cock hard inside me again and dripping more wax on my ass to punish me further.

Just as I wanted to cry with the pain of the wax and the frustration of not being able to please my Master by taking the fist, he flipped me over on to my back and the frustration turned to fear that he was going to drip hot wax on my bare cunt.

That sensation went straight to my cunt and the fist toy slipped straight inside me, filling my gaping cunt right up and making me come knowing how much my Master would like the view of a fist in my cunt and wax dripped all over my pale skin.

I wish I’d been thinking straight enough to ask him to take a photo of the red marks the wax left…

Pushing Me Further


After over 45 minutes of me licking and sucking and teasing Princess’s cunt with my mouth, my Master finally allowed that she could come.

But burying my face in her clit with his cock deep in my cunt wasn’t enough to push her over at that point. She was ravenous for for something inside her by this point and mixing my thumb and tongue was simply keeping her on the edge further.

My Master took his cock out of my cunt and slid it down her throat as he ordered me to start slipping my hand into her aching begging cunt. It was a joy to trail one finger up and down and watch her cunt literally open for it.

If she’d had her hands free she’d have been shoving all four fingers inside her immediately but I enjoyed adding them gradually, fucking her deeper each time until my hand was right up to the knuckles.

My Master lubed me up and I slid my hand right into her cunt as she gasped and groaned around his cock and once I was up to the narrowest point of my wrist, fist clenched I started to fuck her as hard I possibly could until she was begging me to destroy her cunt and coming so hard round my fist I couldn’t move it for a second.

Her gorgeous stretched cunt was still crying out for more though and my Master leaned himself down, cock still in her mouth and two fingers slipped into her slick cunt beside my fist.

We started off at two different rhythms as we explored her eager pussy begging for both of us and then it just worked to fuck her together. Four fingers from my Master and a whole fist from me brought her to another orgasm where no discernible words came out as she stretched further round our hands.

But my Master wasn’t done with his beautiful stretched slut of a wife yet. He ordered me to keep my fist buried deep in her and to press the Doxy against her swollen clit as he went back to fucking her face with his cock so she couldn’t keep protesting that it was too much for her.

Within minutes, she was begging for me to turn the Doxy up and fist her harder and harder. She was pressing so hard against my fist and the toy I could hardly breathe in my corset as her ruined cunt came around me for the third time in under an hour.

My Master rewarded her by unclipping her cuffs from the ties on the bed and allowing her to sit up and recover slightly before ordering her to put his work shirt over her waist trainer and go to the door to collect dinner from the delivery driver with no panties on and the cuffs clinking around her hands and wrists while we drank the champagne he had brought…


Slow Learner

I always thought it was me who was the slow learner but Princess was definitely taking my crown yesterday. Very slow not to argue with my Master’s orders before I met her, she talked herself out of an afternoon orgasm and into a spanking instead.

I made her wait in anticipation though and took her out for coffee first then ordered her strip her panties off and lean across the arm of the sofa to be spanked. Twenty times on each cheek of her ass on his orders.

I just made her say ‘thank you sir’ in between each spank to really reinforce why she was on her sofa with her ass in the air instead of in her bed with my fist in her cunt instead. She didn’t miss a single one either as I made her ass glow red with my hand.

Which is why it was disappointing that she missed the chance to show my Master what she’d learned later when he got home from work. Generously allowing her to finally have her long awaited orgasm with my hand inside her and him fucking her throat, he carried on stretching her with his fist as she licked my cunt until she came again.

She did say thank you but there was no ‘sir’ on the end so he punished her by fucking her cunt with his fist all over again while I held the wand on her clit until she stretched further and came even harder. She didn’t miss her thank you properly that time trust me.

And while she was still undone from her third fist fucking orgasm in under an hour, my Master finished off by fucking her ruined cunt harder than I have ever seen someone been fucked before in my life.

I almost thought he might break her but the noise of him pounding her with his cock made me ridiculously wet again despite her having licked my cunt to several orgasms just before. It was the sound of a completely stretched cunt right there…

Slow Learner

Taking Charge

My Master arrived to find Princess and I slightly fucked out but he wasted no time in giving orders to get us both ready for him.

I was to put the larger pighole inside me and and kneel over Princess so she and I could both lick each other while he fucked my stretched rubber cunt. This was partly because it’s ridiculously hot and partly to remind Princess what she’s missing out on not taking the pig hole just yet.

It slipped into her beautifully but opening it out still caused her discomfort and she asked me to take it out and put my fist in instead. But I refused and she got to watch her husband fucking me with it in as a mix of reward and punishment for not taking it herself.

Having his come drip right out me and onto his face and chest just added to it all and my Master’s cock was hard again almost immediately seeing it. But instead of fucking her he ordered her onto her back and started using his fist on her while I held the wand on her clit.

She was even greedier for fisting than when I’d fucked her earlier that day and when he asked her if she wanted his whole fist for the first time even thought it would hurt, she didn’t even pause.

He pushed his whole clenched fist into her and she almost lifted off the bed. She was squirming in pleasure with a little pain and enjoying both equally. It was unbelievable to watch her becoming more and more undone as she came round his fist with the wand full power on her clit.

He was so turned on, he immediately pulled her on top of him and slipped his hard cock into her stretched gaping cunt and told me to slip a finger in there too. She barely noticed the extra addition and she certainly didn’t when he signalled to me to put three fingers in there as he fucked her.

She’s never looked better than exhausted with smudged make up and a gaping cunt and his come dripping all over her. An afternoon very well spent…

Taking Charge

Back and Forth

I came so close to completely taking the whole ass servant toy on Saturday that I just had to try again last night to see if I could just stretch that little bit further over the ridge at the base and let the whole toy slide up and out into my cunt and be allowed to come according to my Master’s challenge.

When I first got the toy in early March I was convinced I’d never manage it all either in length or girth and I’d never got further than half way until Saturday when my cunt just seemed to open up and allow it glide inside with ease.

I was so stretched after an afternoon’s filming as I straddled the toy that I really couldn’t tell from the feelings in my cunt if I’d taken the whole thing. I was having to gauge by how much lower I was sitting on my knees than when I started rather than anything else.

And I stopped just shy of the ridge that would have meant my cunt closed round the toy, stretched incredibly wide yet filled right up. I just knew that if I let my cunt go the extra few centimetres, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from coming and I didn’t have permission to since I had no toy in my ass.

I’ve been kicking myself ever since and dying to see just how much of that black silicone my pussy can gobble up again. I definitely got further playing by myself last night than any other time I’ve played with it on my own, but I couldn’t get anywhere near as close as I did on Saturday. Maybe having the toy in my ass makes more difference than I expected?

But I did feel so much more stretched last night. I can’t wait to take the whole toy, but I also want to really feel it when I do…

Back and Forth

Ass Play

Gaping pussy with toy in ass

I am often so enjoying putting things in my cunt that I forget I can be putting things in my ass too. This is one of the reasons I’m enjoying my last Lovehoney spree so much and my Master’s current challenge with the largest toy possible in each.

Yesterday’s shoot focused heavily on ass play though. I learned why cutting all my hair off as a teenager was a disadvantage in someways since I never had a hairbrush to put the handle of in my ass while I played with myself. (I did get to fuck my hairdresser though so it balanced up.)

I also used my new favourite black glass plug because I can’t get enough of it right now and that got me ready to try figging for the first time. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it involves slipping a piece of peeled fresh ginger into your ass and allowing the sensations to build.

I was slightly nervous that it would be unpleasant but it ended up being the perfect mix of pleasure pain instead. As the tingle turned to a burn in my ass, my cunt started literally watering. I had to stop fairly soon in because I didn’t have permission to come from my Master and with sensations like this, I couldn’t have stopped myself otherwise.

The only other thing that makes me scream like this is when my Master fists me from behind. Just thinking about him combining the two makes me knees go weak. It would definitely cure my silent tendencies.

And the best thing about a toy in my ass is how much more open it gets my cunt. Wait til you see how much more of the ass servant toy I took…


Ass Play

Yes I Can

I’ve been struggling to take the Coke can again and I’m not sure why. It’s no bigger or heavier than the mango but it’s been defeating me every time I’ve tried.

I really do hate to fail so last night I went to bed early with it and a new kind of lube and a determination to take it completely.

And I’m not sure if it was the lube or not but this time I managed to take the can repeatedly, managing to fill my cunt up with it so much that you couldn’t even see it inside me.

I do like this little sneak peek of the ring pull though…

coke can 16:02

Yes I Can