Try Me Out

servant plug

I went to bed early last night to allow myself to warm up to play with my new toy. I honestly expected to be sending my Master a sheepish message saying I hadn’t been able to manage any of it.

But with some preparation and some lube, I managed to take much much more of it than I could imagine. I wasn’t able to get it all in or even dream of the day I could keep it in but my cunt was greedy for a big helping of it.

And it felt amazing. Incredibly full and stretched to the point where I had to stop trying to take any more because I knew that even another millimetre would make me come and I quite definitely do not have permission for that under these circumstances.

That mix of pressure, almost pain at the widest point of stretching and pleasure all at once was intoxicating and although I stopped before I came, my body is keeping up its new trick of ejaculating even without orgasming.

Seeing a that beautiful black latex-shiny toy with a squirt of white down it made me look forward to trying again tonight…


Try Me Out

Candi Pink

Since I started blogging about my Master’s training to stretch my cunt, I’ve become quite obsessed with eyeing things up to see if I could put them inside me. I’m literally prowling the aisles of supermarkets for things that might stretch me further or simply feel interesting inside a hot wet pussy.

I was buying some sushi the other day when this bottle of water caught my eye. Not because it was pink, but because the unusual curved yet wide shape looked like it would make an interesting challenge for my cunt.

water bottle

I thought it would be a nice chance to break in my new black corset and wear the hot pink suspender belt I don’t often get the chance to air. I do like these little details when I’m becoming Candi. They get me in the mood and set the scene like it does with my Master.

As soon as I was dressed I could feel my cunt getting wetter and slicker and crying out for something inside it to stretch and fill it. I had left the bottle filled with water to make it easier and firmer to handle and I planned to sit astride it and push down so I could feel my cunt inch down it as it slipped inside.

I couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t work as I tried several angles and panicked that my gape was closing up. Then I remembered I was wearing a curved butt plug and the head of it was pushing toward the bottle and stopping it getting past.

I took the plug out and the bottle slipped in so quickly I couldn’t even get a video. But as I thought you want to see what I look like stretched out and full of water, I lay back and allowed it to slip in and out several more times and loved the slick little noises of the bottle in my wet cunt.

I wanted the plug back in to make sure my ass was full and I was as stretched as possible because I wanted to see if I could get myself ready to meet the monster squash I bought at the weekend…

pink bottle


Candi Pink

Coke Can

coke stretch

With my corset tighter and my cunt looser than I’ve ever got either before I was determined to slip the whole full Coke can inside me.

Having warmed up with my hand and the tonic can, I knelt over the can and allowed my cunt to open up and slip gradually inside me as I straddled it. I could feel myself stretching wider and wider and feel the can inching its way into my pussy.

And then suddenly it was slipping inside like my cunt was devouring it and the whole thick heavy can was inside me, pushing down on my pussy lips and making them stretch and swell around the lip of the can.

I’m not sure if I didn’t have in just far enough or if I’d made myself gape so much that it dropped out when I stood up. But I have to say something that solid coming out of my absolutely dripping wet cunt felt pretty fucking fantastic either way.

I look forward to keeping practising until I can fulfil my Master’s latest order to video myself slipping the can of Coke instead me and pull a pair of jeans on to help it stay inside while I go to the shop to buy a second one…

coke inside

Coke Can