First time

Another first for the first day of the year. My first photograph of my cunt on the blog and my first orgasm of 2016.

Knowing that I could see my own cunt online while anyone else could made me incredibly wet, but the fear of it made me oddly tight too.

No difficulty getting my own fist into my soaking wet cunt knowing that I was doing my Master’s bidding and that he was hard hearing about it.

But I needed to fist myself hard with the Belladonna Bitch fist toy to slip it right inside my cunt. And I still wasn’t sure if I could come when it filled me up completely.

I had to pull the fist down slightly inside me so the widest point of the knuckles hit my G spot more and use the wand on my pierced clit, edging the speed up and up until I came.

I could feel my cunt loosen round the fist so the knuckles moved slightly and kept the waves on my orgasm going while I could seeĀ how much my Master was enjoying it too.

Knowing you have an audience makes for a very different orgasm to one for just yourself.


First time