Candi's panties to buy

I’ve been enjoying wearing panties again on my Master’s orders over the weekend.¬†But not for Candi to simply be slipping into a pair of knickers like you’d expect.

Instead, I’ve been slipping the panties into me and wearing them inside my wet cunt. The first and second pairs went inside me after my shoot on Saturday when I was wet, well fucked and turned on all day.

The next pair went in last night when I kept remembering each detail of the shoot as I took the biggest butternut squash I’ve managed so far and how anything in my cunt seems to make me ejaculate these days.

My Master got me to line the pairs up on my bed and having not worn panties on his orders for so long, I was surprised to see how many differing pairs I own. I love buying panties, the smaller and sluttier the better.

So now that I’m going to be selling them once they come out of me again, you should have quite a¬†selection to choose from. I like a lot of lace. There’s a lot of pairs that are small and sheer and black as well. I don’t do white or cotton. They disguise the evidence of where they’ve been too well.

You can contact me by comment or email to discuss buying a pair to your tastes. Now all I need to do is decide which pair to slip inside me now that writing this has got me wet again…


Candi's worn panties for sale