Alone Time

My Master is a very generous man. He allows me to use Princess when I want. I’m no longer allowed to give myself orgasms but get her to do it for me.

I already want to see her all the time, but that’s just added temptation right there. Sadly life has got in the way this week and I hadn’t been able to do receive any sexual favours at all for some time due to health issues.

But yesterday I felt well enough to certainly use Princess. I met her for lunch and then brought her back to mine enjoying walking down the street with her in the very short dress she was wearing.

She wasn’t wearing it very long when we got inside. I like her to be completely naked when I’m with her on my own so I can enjoy how different it is with a woman. I’m surprised that I haven’t been comparing sex with her to sex with men. I always thought I’d find something lacking without either the feel of a man or the presence of a cock, but it’s so different it doesn’t occur to me at all.

In fact it makes me wet in a completely different way being with a woman and I only had to kiss Princess to be dripping almost instantly. I also love the creativity that it requires especially since I still couldn’t be fucked myself yesterday.

Instead I had Princess on top of me rubbing her clit against my piercing feeling both of us get wetter and wetter as I spanked and flogged her gorgeous ass until I was able to start slipping my fist into her. I alternated between licking her sopping wet cunt and sliding my fingers into her and feeling her stretch and buck against my hand.

I love feeling her loose around my fingers, fucking her with my hand until she tightens round them as she comes. The contrast is delicious. As is licking her and feeling her squirm under my mouth.

To thank me for the orgasm I gave her with my fist, she licked my cunt and then handed me the wand to press against my clit since I had to miss out on her hand this time. Just as I was enjoying that combination immensely she slipped her finger into my ass and took me over the edge to actually making noise.

I am the most silent person sexually. It takes so much effort for to even moan or gasp when I’m getting fucked. My Master is teaching me to make any noise at all but only once has he got me to make noise without trying when he put the wand inside me on full power for the first time.

Princess used a combination of ass play and clit stimulation to make me unable to stop making genuine noise I couldn’t have stopped if I’d tried. I look forward to trying the same on her next time…

Alone Time