Repeat Behaviour

My Master had choreographed everything so well the other night that we’d all come hard before dinner arrived and he’d provided drinks and the entertainment of sending Princess to the door to collect our meal.

Unsurprisingly after all those orgasms we were hungry and enjoyed eating and drinking throughout the evening feeling very relaxed. Just as we were all thinking about calling it a night, I was reminded the new glass dildo with flogger tail was in fact on the bed and that my Master hadn’t had the chance to use it earlier.

But before I could mention that fact, Princess jokingly tried to flog my Master with it. For a man who had been ready to fall asleep only seconds earlier, he came back to life almost instantly at her brattiness, flipping her straight over and flogging her ass hard as he demanded an apology.

Watching her ass arch up in the air striped red was too tempting and he started fucking her ass with the glass end of the toy before she could say anything else to get herself in trouble after her disobedience.

The whole thing went straight to his cock and almost before she could realise, he was fucking her again with the toy still in her ass. She wriggled and squirmed and insisted her cunt was too ruined from before but forgot that she still had the cuffs from earlier on and that I could clip them back on if my Master told me.

But then she started asking him to fuck her harder and changing her mind about her cunt having had enough. Mine certainly hadn’t as I watched them fuck and I was incredibly wet when my Master ordered me to face him with my cunt over Princess’s face so she could lick me while he fucked her.

One of my favourite things is watching my Master and Princess fuck anyway but it was ridiculously hot seeing his cock sliding in and out of her as he held the glass ended flogger under her as a harness to lift her up to fuck her deeper and harder.

He came so hard into her that the movements of it went through her into my cunt and made me come again too, sitting on Princess’s face to keep her quiet from being even more bratty while she got fucked senseless.

Sometimes it’s only fair to save her from herself and get my own orgasm at the same time…



Repeat Behaviour

Telling Tails

Sometimes when life is making you be very practical, it helps to make it more erotic to break up any monotony.

Since Princess isn’t the type to be able to wait in for the plumber to fix her shower and make that a sexual escapade, I decided that when she came here to use mine instead that I needed to give it that frisson myself.

So once she got out of the shower all scrubbed clean and smelling delicious, I ordered her to put her underwear back on along with the waist trainer and a blindfold and lie on the bed with her ass up in the air.

With that lovely view, I introduced her ass to her new present of a glass dildo with leather flogger tails and very much enjoyed first her confusion of the two textures running along her skin and then the jump as the leather cracked across her bare ass.

She writhed against the bed and arched her ass higher into the air for more strokes of the flogger so I’m pretty sure she liked her present immensely. She also kept telling me how wet she was getting and when I offered her the Doxy, she didn’t pause at all pressing it straight to her clit until she came.

But the best bit of giving a present is getting thanks in return which Princess was happy to start doing right then and there, but that I also get the tomorrow too when I watch my Master gets to use his height to use those long tails on the flogger better than I did…

Telling Tails


It’s a beautiful sunny day here and I’ve arranged to spend it with Princess. She wants to sunbathe in my garden and I very much like that idea. I have a great fondness for seeing tan lines on someone when I’m fucking them. Must be because my pale skin only stay one colour.

My plan is to see if I can manage to leave any other marks on Princess’s body with the flogger while we’re outside…


Teaching Moment

My Master likes to teach me new skills. It’s part of his love of taking control and partly because it helps change me further. No point just changing my body and leaving my mind the same after all.

So this weekend he taught me how to play a very complicated board game. All strategy and consideration. Which quite obviously I was terrible at. I make impulsive decisions based on gut instinct or my cunt and then overthink every thing anxiously afterwards.

This time I was mainly distracted by the fact I was sitting next to Princess and just wanting to kiss her all the time, but also by the fact I’d put my new flogger in my bag and was hoping to get to use it.

Luckily all the other competitors had other plans and left until the three of us were alone. I was waiting for my Master to give us an order and when he didn’t I was about to leave when Princess got bratty and asked for me to give her an orgasm before I went.

Normally we shouldn’t encourage her bratty streak but this time we literally embraced it. She slipped her skirt off immediately to reveal just stockings under her shirt and my Master had her up and onto this cock with her ass in the air immediately.

Perfect aim for my flogger. I love my new toy. It’s hard to hurt anyone with a suede flogger but the sound of it slapping flesh is quite something. My Master showed me several ways to use it on Princess so I could lightly smack her cunt and see her writhe in bliss or actually mark her ass with it.

I settled into a routine flogging her ass and spanking her with my hand alternately watching her ass redden under both as my Master’s cock fucked her harder and harder. I was ordered not to stop spanking her until she came incredibly hard.

Neither my Master or I had come yet so he decided Princess should reward both of us for her orgasm. He fucked her ass while she kissed me and played with my nipples as my cunt was off limits for once.

It didn’t stop me getting so wet that Princess could feel it through the trousers I was wearing. Watching my Master fuck her ass harder and harder while she took more and more was so insanely hot I didn’t miss not coming for once.

Definitely the most fun I’ve ever had full clothed on a Sunday playing games…

Teaching Moment