Try Me Out

servant plug

I went to bed early last night to allow myself to warm up to play with my new toy. I honestly expected to be sending my Master a sheepish message saying I hadn’t been able to manage any of it.

But with some preparation and some lube, I managed to take much much more of it than I could imagine. I wasn’t able to get it all in or even dream of the day I could keep it in but my cunt was greedy for a big helping of it.

And it felt amazing. Incredibly full and stretched to the point where I had to stop trying to take any more because I knew that even another millimetre would make me come and I quite definitely do not have permission for that under these circumstances.

That mix of pressure, almost pain at the widest point of stretching and pleasure all at once was intoxicating and although I stopped before I came, my body is keeping up its new trick of ejaculating even without orgasming.

Seeing a that beautiful black latex-shiny toy with a squirt of white down it made me look forward to trying again tonight…


Try Me Out

More than Squirting

There are few things I love more than when my Master sets me a challenge and I’m not sure I can do it, but end up doing even better than I could have imagined.

And tonight I did just that and learned a new skill that gave me one of the most intense orgasms of my life and left me grinning from ear to ear.

My Master instructed me today that he wanted my audience to watch me squirt. I was to remember the last three things that made me squirt and come twice doing each one while filming it for you all.

I lined up an aubergine, the big John Holmes toy and the magic wand and warmed up gently alternating with the aubergine and the toy making sure I was getting nice and loose.

I copied what I’d done with the aubergine the last time, filling myself up with it, legs spread wide and the wand on my clit and brought myself to a very satisfying orgasm with the aubergine shooting out of me at that moment. But no squirting this time or the second time I tried.

Next up I tried the big toy, fucking myself back and forth with it to loosen me up even further as I buzzed the wand faster and faster. Another orgasm. And another. But still no squirting.

Clearly I was using the wrong kind of pressure on myself. I decided to go back to the aubergine and the wand, but the aubergine slipped out part way through and desperate to be filled right up, I pushed the wand inside and put it on full power.

I expected to come straight away but oddly nothing happened. I momentarily panicked that I’d run out of orgasms for the day. And then I started to feel the wand slide further down inside my cunt and the pressure of an orgasm start to build.

The wand slipped far enough down that it was only just the depth of it inside me, no further up and the more intense feeling of pressure like I’ve never felt before as I came.

I was absolutely sure I must have squirted and my brief disappointment when I saw the sheet was dry under me was completely blown away when I saw a trail of something white on my ass cheek, knowing I hadn’t used any lube this time and realised I hadn’t squirted but managed proper female ejaculation.

I watched the video back and the last minute clearly showed a white liquid not unlike come squirting down the head of the wand and out of me. I touched it and it felt and tasted exactly like when my Master comes into my mouth.

What a video to have filmed as my first long length clip. I look forward to my Master seeing what his orders make my body able to do…





More than Squirting