Buy Me

Sometimes when my Master is feeling particularly generous he sets me challenges involving my two favourite loves together so that I combine sex and online shopping. A few weeks ago I had some money for him and when I enquired how best to pay it to him, he told me to take it and buy something for me and for Princess that he would appreciate but make him smile.

My mind has a tendency to go blank when I am put on the spot (making me terrible at decisions about where to eat) so presented with such a shopping challenge I had no ideas to begin with. Then sitting in a very serious meeting later that night the answer came to me so strongly I had to check I hadn’t just said it out loud by accident.

I’ve been entertaining ideas about a spreader bar for quite a while now and here was my opportunity. I came straight home from the meeting and ordered one from Lovehoney. Annoyingly I then had issues with my postman not turning up on a Saturday and missed my chance to show off my purchase straightaway.

Instead I ended up wrapping the box up with a little clue to what it was on the tag and leaving it for my Master when he came back from a business trip last week. I was intrigued to see if he’d guess what I’d gone for but I think I still surprised him with it. He smiled when he saw what I picked and then we ate dinner and it looked like he forgotten already.

But my Master never forgets a moment to be kinky and about fifteen minutes before a friend of his was due to arrive for drinks, he ordered Princess and me into the bedroom. I wasn’t sure what would be hotter, her wearing the bar or me but I guessed correctly that he’d literally harness her brattiness first.

He left her on the bed legs spread wide squirming in the spreader bar while he bent me over and fucked me in front of her. Then when her bratty streak turned into begging he pulled her legs up in the air with the bar and fucked her so deeply she almost came from that alone.

She definitely came when he pulled the bar over his head and laid it across his shoulders to hold her up and open and fuck her senseless as I watched and enjoyed every second. He was clearly loving her helplessness when he pulled out of her cunt and told me to get between her legs to lick her cunt while he came in her mouth.

We just had time for to get dressed again when the doorbell went but not enough time to be sure where the box for the spreader bar was to hide what we’d been doing…

Buy Me

Movie Night

I think my Master tolerated my disobedience this week better than I expected seeing as he suggested we went out for dinner last night and didn’t mention my behaviour before or after we ate.

Instead he suggested we all watch a movie over drinks. We managed about fifteen minutes of a bad drag queen film and he and Princess agreed it was the worst thing they’d watched since the first instalment of Fifty Shades of Grey last summer.

I have fonder memories of them watching that film than reading the books as my Master sent me some excellent photos and videos of him fucking Princess with a bottle to entertain themselves where the plot of the film failed to.

So in perfect (slightly tipsy) logic we decided to watch the second Fifty Shades film to see if it had improved at all. Spoiler alert: it hadn’t. In fact it’s possibly even less sexy than the books as even the masked ball scene that was moderately erotic in the novel ended up being flat and dull on screen.

The only bit we all approved of was a split second with a spreader bar where Mr Grey finally did something even remotely dominant but again we were surprised by just how non kinky Fifty Shades really is.

The film was either shorter than I imagined or we distracted ourselves with mocking it because it seemed to be over quite quickly and my Master rewarded us for our efforts by putting The Rocky Horror Picture Show on again since we’re all fans of men in stockings.

Princess was sitting in between my Master and I as we watched the film and I’m not sure when I noticed his hand had started to move along her bare leg. Maybe when I felt her squirm slightly against me, growing in intensity as Sir’s hand moved closer and closer to her cunt before he slipped her panties off and slipped his fingers inside her.

She slid down the sofa to allow herself to grind against his thumb on her clit and he ordered me to play with her cunt along with him and kiss him as I did. Princess nearly slipped off the sofa in pleasure as she came round both our hands.

Sir took advantage of her position to push her onto the floor on her hands and knees and strip her bare, pushing her face into my now glorious wet and naked cunt as he fucked her from behind. To show Mr Grey just how it’s done, he began spanking her ass so I could hear each slap on her bare skin and then feel her push further into my cunt as she felt each hard fast spank connect with her.

Princess has a particularly perfect ass for putting up in the air while on her hands and knees and for spanking. The sound of a hand or toy slapping against her skin sounds spectacular and goes straight to my cunt every time I hear it.

It was clearly having a similar effect on my Master because I’ve never heard him spank her so hard. The last slap across her ass before I came round her tongue was so hard and loud it actually echoed round the room and jerked her whole body forward and off my my Master’s cock.

He used the break to sit on the sofa and pull me onto his cock astride him and make me fuck him as he sat perfectly still and pulled my top down so my tits were exposed and easy to see jiggling with the effort of me pushing down deeply as I fucked him as greedily as possible while Princess watched and kissed him and they both took turns to play with my tits.

As soon as I’d made myself come with my Master’s cock , he pushed me off his lap and face first into Princess’s cunt with my ass up in the air. As soon as he started fucking me again, it was my turn to get spanked incredibly hard and the sound and motion of it sent me into that blissed out subspace where nothing except pleasure really matters to me.

I was completely focused on the playing with Princess’s clit and feeling my Master’s cock inside me as he pulled me against him hard enough to actually pop the boning in my waist trainer. It was only when he groaned as he came inside me that I noticed the film was still playing in the background.

He lay back and watched me lick Princess to a last orgasm just as Susan Sarandon asked us to ‘touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me’ and I was reminded what a kinky classic Frank n Furter really is

Movie Night

Hard to Explain

It took me a while when I first met my Master to understand that he enjoyed playing games with me and D/s but that didn’t mean he wasn’t serious about those games and didn’t value them.

I was brought up with the incredibly contradictory and confusing idea that games were both ridiculously childish and yet so deadly serious that they must be won at all costs. This gave me a strong distrust of people who can’t enjoy a game but can only be competitive over them and yet made me think that to ever play games with someone was a negative thing.

I had never met people who enjoyed the skills of a game beyond winning and liked to challenge themselves through the nuances of them and use them as a social tool to bring people closer together. My experience was more people using nefarious tactics to win at all costs and thus being divisive.

I had also in my early twenties had some professional dealings with people in the kink scene who treated the idea of BDSM incredibly achingly seriously. They set very specific rules as to what made you truly kinky and allowed to play giving the whole idea an oddly exclusive feel where you were never allowed in.

This gave me the idea that you had to be the right kind of person to be kinky and I wasn’t that kind of person so I ended up stuck in the vanilla world feeling confused and out of place because those people seemed to not know what to do with me either.

Vanilla people took my genuine innate love of sex and being slutty and saw it as shallow and somehow unbecoming while the kinky people I’d met seemed to think my love of sex and sluttiness made me not serious enough. Neither group seemed to want sex to be a fun game but for different reasons.

Then I met my Master and he loves games on so many levels from the problem solving aspect of them or using them to push people out of their comfort zone to simply having fun and using them to get to know people better.

It took me a while to catch up to the idea that for him games are not manipulative or exploitative but all about uncomplicated enjoyment. No bullshit, simply having a good time and making progress as you go.

So it seems apt that when I saw him and Princess on Saturday with some friends of his, we all played a (completely non sexual) board game for entertainment which I’ve never actually done with him before.

It combined a lot of alcohol and a mix of charades and Cards Against Humanity to fit the number of us playing. I couldn’t even look at my Master when it got to my go and I turned the card over to discover my task was to describe ‘asserting your dominance’.

That’s very much my Master’s game and one he’s very good at. I definitely couldn’t compete there…

Hard to Explain

Photo Orders

Things are definitely getting back to normal for me. My Master sent me orders yesterday that he had a work event in the evening and expected to be entertained during it by having photos of his wife and his submissive together arrive on his phone.

I haven’t been able to follow an order in a while so my ears definitely pricked up at this one. Princess and I actually spent the afternoon hanging out with a friend of mine who is a queer woman and the conversation was mainly about cunt.

I love hanging out with that friend and normally never feel like I see her for long enough but last night when she said she had to go, I could barely bundle her out the door fast enough so I could turn my attention to Princess’s cunt properly.

Despite being dominant of Princess as part of my submission, I find it extremely difficult to initiate sex with her. It tends to start off more mutually and then I take charge but I never initiate it. Few things leave me less turned on with men than having to initiate sex or take charge that I’ve never learned the skills to do it.

But last night I was so horny I actually didn’t seem to have any difficulty for once. Within a few minutes of my friend leaving I had Princess on my bed with her hand on my soaking wet cunt. All that conversation as suggestion and the knowledge that I could send the photos to my Master got me able to start things no trouble.

I couldn’t get enough of Princess’s fingers on my clit and it was barely seconds before she made me come. But what I really wanted was her tongue buried in my cunt soaking her face and making me come again.

And clearly so did she because she’s rarely licked me like she did, flicking my clit piercing back and forth, darting her tongue in and out and sucking on my cunt until she made me come on her face three times in increasing intensity until it felt like the long orgasms the Doxy gives me.

She had literally just had time to kiss me when the doorbell rang as our dinner arrived at the door and since she hadn’t taken any of her clothes off, she obediently went to answer it  while I got dressed again.

I suspect it might be easier to be dominant and initiate sex more when the submission in return includes giving me orgasms, providing very hot photos for my Master and putting dinner on the table…



Photo Orders