Build Up

John Holmes toy and black corset

Princess likes instant gratification. If she could click her fingers and have it now from food to destinations to orgasms she would. My Master and I both like delayed gratification though so when he took some time off work this week, I was interested to see how long he’d make me wait for my fun.

He started by telling me as soon as I’d woken up to slide the John Holmes toy inside me and ride it for ten minutes every hour today. It took me rather longer to wake up and warm up and get such a monster toy inside me that he reminded me I only had thirty minutes to go before I had to start again.

In uncharacteristic brattiness I asked if I could keep the toy in now I was enjoying it so much. He noted that Princess seems to be rubbing off on me and agreed that I could spend an entire hour fucking myself with the big toy.

Luckily I’ve rather missed my Master’s slightly sadistic streak recently because that’s more of a punishment for being bratty than I realised to begin with. The John Holmes toy isn’t just big, it’s heavy too. An entire kilo of silicone cock in fact. Both my arms and my cunt were certainly feeling it thirty minutes in.

I switched back and forth from riding it on my knees to fucking myself on my back for the next twenty minutes and then my Master ordered me to run my fingertip over my clit piercing without stopping touching myself for the last ten minutes without coming. By the time my hour was up I couldn’t decide if I was right on the edge of an orgasm or desperate to stop to give my cunt a break.

My Master was worried I like being bratty but that’s more my old impulsive bad decision making self where I let my cunt decide what’s going to happen and not think of the consequences when there’s cock in the equation. And I’m glad he’s taught me not to do that too often.

But every hour at half past after that I slipped the big toy back inside without argument and fucked myself for ten full minutes to loosen me up and stretch me before my Master came round to play in person. The last minute saw play with my clit and pull back from the edge, distracting myself with choosing an outfit to please him with.

Corset laced, latex stockings shined, blonde hair and tits as dramatic as possible he ordered me to blindfold myself and kneel with the toy inside me on my living room floor and fuck myself with it until he decided to arrive to take mercy on me.

Time plays out very differently when you are so focused like that and I entertained myself with imagining the feel of his naked body and hard cock when he did arrive and wondering just how long he’d delay my gratification for his own enjoyment…

Build Up

Go Slow

My Master was very clear with me about his relationship with Princess from the moment we met. I had no issue with him having a girlfriend as that would have been hypocritical on my part since I was sleeping with a married man at the time.

That did make me wonder briefly if my Master was optimistic about how Princess didn’t object to him having sex with other people as I have to admit I’ve heard quite a few variations of that line from coupled up men over my slutty past.

But perhaps selfishly I didn’t really care because I never thought at the start that things would be anything more than a (hopefully) filthy fling between us. His relationship was his issue and I just wanted to fuck him.

Unusually for me though I didn’t fuck him for several months after we met. I have never been one for observing any kind of ‘rules’ about sleeping with people like waiting til the third date or not.

I’m of the opinion the ‘right’ time to have sex with someone new is when you both want to rather than it being a socially acceptable timeframe. Wait five minutes or five years but the most important thing is that you both want to have sex with each other then.

However, I have generally tended to the five minutes scale of things. Prior to my Master I haven’t particularly well acquainted with the idea of commitment and relationships or frankly, delayed gratification.

I tended to pick my sexual experiences on how hot the other person was or how horny I was. How good an idea fucking that specific person was rarely entered my head because I was only ever thinking with my cunt.

I would have very happily fucked my Master the first time I met him and had he been a different kind of man it might well have been a fling that didn’t even involve going home together as I’d have sneaked out of the wedding we were at together and fucked him somewhere privately before going home alone.

Yet right from the start he exerted control of the situation and made me wait. He was extremely flirtatious and excellent company but he made it subtly clear we weren’t going to fuck then.

My assumption to begin with was that his girlfriend wasn’t quite as tolerant about other people as he suggested but then my Master spent the next few months quite obviously pursuing something with me and making me wait.

He made it quite clear that he wasn’t offering me the relationship he had with Princess which relieved me. I might not have realised I was looking for a D/s relationship (or that’s what this would become) but I did know I didn’t want a boyfriend.

So the clearer he was about the fact he and Princess were genuinely happy with the idea of both of them sleeping with other people as an enhancement to their relationship rather because anything was missing, the more I enjoyed waiting to fuck him.

Little did I realise at the time it was his first act of domination over me…

Go Slow