I know I’ve spoken about my Master collaring me before and that no other man has seen my collar in person which speaks volumes for me. I’ve always loved that my collar is small in size but has big significance day to day but I’ve never worn a collar that was publicly obvious.

But when I saw my Master the other day he slipped a heavy metal collar round my neck just before tying me up and fucking me. I was distracted by his cock in my mouth while he was fastening it so I was surprised to find afterwards that it was locked shut with a bolt that needs a key to loosen it.

And I liked the collar a lot. Not only is it rather beautiful to look at, the weight of it felt fantastic around my neck and the sound of the O ring clinking against it reminded me of the sound of us fucking. I would have been disappointed to take it off straight away. Luckily my Master had other ideas in mind and he decided to leave me locked into it overnight so I could go out in public in it.

First I had to sleep in it. Surprisingly I found the weight of it comforting overnight. I was aware enough of it to have a ridiculously horny dream about him fucking me while being watched by another man as he described how my well stretched cunt.

Then I went out in it in public. I was pleased it was a warm enough day to not need a scarf so the collar was very obvious in the sunlight as I walked up the road. My Master liked the attention I was getting too and set me a little challenge to make myself come three times while out and about.

Not sure if it was the order or the weather, but I felt warm enough at that point to need to take my coat off as I walked to the first place I knew there was a changing room I could use. I can’t remember the last time I made myself come with just my fingers and it took me much longer than I expected but felt good when I did.

A few more errands and I stopped again in another changing room. This one was incredibly quiet and something about the silence and the sheer sense of inappropriateness of the situation helped me come much quicker than the first time.

I decided I needed a little delayed gratification for my third orgasm as my Master was surprised by the speed of the second one. So I went shopping to distract myself (although my first port of call was to buy a cucumber for later…) and something interesting happened.

For the first time I can remember there was no harassment from any men while I was out. Instead of the usual constant low level of bullshit I get daily when I’m out and about, like the three different men who called me a slut the other day in the time it took me to buy a milk, there were only glances and respect.

My collar told those men that someone owns me and they need to respect me as someone worth claiming and they need to respect the man who owns me so no more harassment or catcalling. Setting aside my wish that the patriarchal society we live in would respect me as a woman generally, I loved the power and sense of security the collar gave me as I walked around.

That made me horny enough to enjoy making myself come a third time in my third changing room of the day. My cunt was still feeling tender from just how well fucked my Master left me the day before, but I enjoyed fucking myself with the tip of the cucumber. Especially thinking how many men had been reminded that afternoon by the collar that they would never get the chance to do the same.

What I wasn’t expecting when I told my Master about the effect the collar had was that he had no intention of unlocking it all weekend and that if even if I asked very nicely there was no chance of taking it off as he and Princess had just left London for the long weekend…

Fucking myself in a public changing room with a cucumber


Cool As A…

2 cucumbers

I haven’t had much luck so far with my Master’s bottle challenge. I think it’s tricky to do you yourself with the angles of your own arms and the flat base of a bottle anyway, but also I’m a little out of practice as it’s been a while since I took a fist.

It’s also achingly stifling hot here in London and I want something cooling in my hot cunt right now. I’m irritable from the heat and the lack of orgasms and something chilled sliding into me immediately lifts my mood.

Luckily I found this squat cucumber in my local market the other day to fill that need. Shorter than the type you put in your sandwiches, but much more girthy, it’s exactly what I need to stretch me out again before my Master and Princess are back…

Cool As A…

So Cool

Yesterday was too hot for wearing clothes and luckily I had the whole afternoon to spend with Princess so I had a good reason not to bother.

I had a few ideas in mind as to what I might do with her but my Master had an excellent suggestion to enhance it. I was to use the restraints he put on my bed to tie her up and then use my toys on her in size order like I did on Sunday on myself.

I had her stripped off and tied down almost instantly she walked through the door and then I lined my toys up. I meant to start her off with the little pink silicone G spot toy and stretch her gradually but I got impatient and started straight away with glass dildo straight from the fridge.

I couldn’t stop thinking about fucking her with it when I was using it on myself at the weekend because she’d enjoyed it so much the first time I’d fucked her cunt with it until she came, so I couldn’t resist it on such a hot day.

And her cunt just lapped it up so she was asking for it deeper as the cold glass got her even hotter and hornier with each thrust. It’s not a big toy but it makes her come every time and few things feel better than how warm from her orgasmic cunt it feels afterwards.

This time I didn’t give her much time to pause before I cooled her down again. I’d filled the ceramic toy with cold water and put it in the freezer for about twenty minutes and it slipped right into her with ease.

It’s probably as big as standard toys come and her cunt was greedy for the chilled weight of it. I let her put the wand on her clit since she asked so nicely and fucked her to another orgasm straight after the first, enjoying feeling the change in temperature in my hand.

Especially when I slipped a finger into her at the same time as the toy to feel her cunt spasming around it to add to how hot the experience was. We both needed cooling down properly.

So I ran an ice cube over her cunt and circled it round and round her clit and watched her body squirmed in pleasure. You’d think cold would make somewhere sensitive as a clit shrink, but hers revelled in it getting so swollen I couldn’t resist alternating between the cold ice cube and my warm mouth on it.

I think she enjoyed it judging how much I felt the restraints on her arms and legs tighten and loosen as she writhed and moaned under me until the ice was completely melted and dripping off her cunt and she’d come again.

To make up for not stretching her as much I should, I fucked her to her fourth orgasm of the afternoon with the cucumber from the fridge. I’d have kept going if she hadn’t wriggled a hand loose from her restraints to get my cunt hot and bothered at that point…

So Cool



This was cheating slightly since I’ve used a cucumber before, but it turns out if you buy one from the market instead of Tesco you literally got more for your money. This one was thicker and longer (and I have two to try taking at once.)

It seemed like a very nice way to warm my cunt up by slipping a cold slick cucumber in and out of it deeply so that I was fucking myself long, slow and hard with it until just the lightest pressure on my clit made me come.

I enjoyed seeing just how far up the cucumber was wet after I’d fucked myself with it. My cunt seems to be getting deeper as I stretch it.