Morning Glory

My Master has discovered many advantages to two women in his life. Not only can he get his cock sucked by both of us at once, but on Sunday morning he discovered another asset. He could send Princess to the shop to buy breakfast while I sucked his cock in bed.

I was surprised Princess was able to resist and leave his incredibly hard cock alone to go out shopping, but Sir and I distracted ourselves quite quickly. He used my hair to push my mouth up and down deeply on his cock before pulling me onto him and fucking me slowly as he pinched my nipples until I squirmed.

That was an excellent warm up for an early morning but my Master was well and truly awake with other ideas in his mind. He ordered me to get the Doxy and get on my hands and knees for him as he slid the head of it into my cunt. I was still squirming but for different reasons as he told me to push back onto it until the widest point of the toy opened me right up.

He turned it on just as I took the whole head and then let go of it, leaving me to hold the Doxy inside me with just my own gaping cunt and turning me into a living sex toy for him. I was so overwhelmed with the sensations that I could hardly keep myself up and my face out of the pillow in front of me.

My Master used my collar to hold my neck and face up and look at him as he reached round and started fucking my cunt deeply with the Doxy. Each time that widest point slid in and out of my cunt it was a struggle not to close my eyes and bury my face in the pillow with an orgasm.

Just as I thought I couldn’t take much more he ordered me to come for him and then as my cunt was still vibrating from the Doxy and the orgasm, switched it for his cock and started fucking me hard while all I could do was hold my legs up lying still to take him as much as possible.

It didn’t take much to make me come again with him fucking my ruined stretched cunt and the feeling of that around him made him come too. He’d barely stopped orgasming and we were both pausing for breath on the bed when we heard Princess come in through the front door.

She looked a little bit jealous to have missed out on the fucking but we both promised her some fun later in the day to make up for it. None of us like to miss an excuse for more orgasms…

Morning Glory

Domestic Sluttery

Sometimes it’s the little day to day things in life that get your libido going. My friend who is a fetish photographer calls them ‘pervertables’. It could be using the wooden spoon you usually stir the sauce with to spank your partner as you fuck in the kitchen or using your tights to tie someone to the bed. They aren’t designed for kink but they work for kink.

And both my Master and Princess were in a pervertable mindset this weekend thanks to their new sofa. Their previous one was perfectly stylish but strangely enough not built for three people to fuck on at once. But they’d had a new one delivered and I was amused that both of them had the idea of christening it more foremost in their mind than asking if I liked the colour of the upholstery.

My Master instructed me to come dressed to fuck and that meant bare legs and a very tight skirt so I noticed immediately that that upholstery felt excellent on bare skin. I think my Master knew I was instantly in the mood but enjoyed the delayed gratification of making me wait and watch as the new waist trainer pushed my tits up and back straight against the cushions.

The sofa was extremely comfortable and the only reason I was squirming on it was the temptation to lie back on it and use it as the excuse to let my knees fall open and flash my bare cunt at both of them in sheer greed to start the fucking.

Sir could sense my impatience and told me to get to my knees on the floor instead. Instead of telling me off for disobedience, he put my collar back round my neck after I’d been without it for a few months. The weight of it on my neck went straight to my cunt and the click of it closing certainly went straight to his cock.

He took full advantage of having two women kneeling in front of him and had both Princess and I sucking his cock at once. But it seemed a shame to leave that lovely sofa out and he had me lying on my back on it in no time, taking turns between fucking me and having Princess over me licking my cunt to taste his cock on me.

Then he used all that space available to lift Princess up onto the edge of the sofa so she was standing on it with her back to him, facing the mirror with her ass up in the air so he could lean her over and fuck her incredibly hard while I lay beneath with my cunt getting wetter and wetter as I watched them.

I’ve rarely seen Princess take my Master’s cock harder than at that angle and it made me incredibly greedy for being fucked that hard by him too. Luckily my Master took pity and had me get up on my hands and knees for him so he could fuck me from behind while Princess lay under me alternating licking and playing with my clit.

And he fucked me as hard as he’d fucked Princess until he came into me so hard I collapsed face first into Princess’s cunt as she licked me clean and I enjoyed seeing how wet she’d got watching us fuck and didn’t want to take my face away again.

Luckily the sofa is large enough we could continue like that while my Master was able to sit and watch with his feet up and a drink in his hand…

Domestic Sluttery


I know I’ve spoken about my Master collaring me before and that no other man has seen my collar in person which speaks volumes for me. I’ve always loved that my collar is small in size but has big significance day to day but I’ve never worn a collar that was publicly obvious.

But when I saw my Master the other day he slipped a heavy metal collar round my neck just before tying me up and fucking me. I was distracted by his cock in my mouth while he was fastening it so I was surprised to find afterwards that it was locked shut with a bolt that needs a key to loosen it.

And I liked the collar a lot. Not only is it rather beautiful to look at, the weight of it felt fantastic around my neck and the sound of the O ring clinking against it reminded me of the sound of us fucking. I would have been disappointed to take it off straight away. Luckily my Master had other ideas in mind and he decided to leave me locked into it overnight so I could go out in public in it.

First I had to sleep in it. Surprisingly I found the weight of it comforting overnight. I was aware enough of it to have a ridiculously horny dream about him fucking me while being watched by another man as he described how my well stretched cunt.

Then I went out in it in public. I was pleased it was a warm enough day to not need a scarf so the collar was very obvious in the sunlight as I walked up the road. My Master liked the attention I was getting too and set me a little challenge to make myself come three times while out and about.

Not sure if it was the order or the weather, but I felt warm enough at that point to need to take my coat off as I walked to the first place I knew there was a changing room I could use. I can’t remember the last time I made myself come with just my fingers and it took me much longer than I expected but felt good when I did.

A few more errands and I stopped again in another changing room. This one was incredibly quiet and something about the silence and the sheer sense of inappropriateness of the situation helped me come much quicker than the first time.

I decided I needed a little delayed gratification for my third orgasm as my Master was surprised by the speed of the second one. So I went shopping to distract myself (although my first port of call was to buy a cucumber for later…) and something interesting happened.

For the first time I can remember there was no harassment from any men while I was out. Instead of the usual constant low level of bullshit I get daily when I’m out and about, like the three different men who called me a slut the other day in the time it took me to buy a milk, there were only glances and respect.

My collar told those men that someone owns me and they need to respect me as someone worth claiming and they need to respect the man who owns me so no more harassment or catcalling. Setting aside my wish that the patriarchal society we live in would respect me as a woman generally, I loved the power and sense of security the collar gave me as I walked around.

That made me horny enough to enjoy making myself come a third time in my third changing room of the day. My cunt was still feeling tender from just how well fucked my Master left me the day before, but I enjoyed fucking myself with the tip of the cucumber. Especially thinking how many men had been reminded that afternoon by the collar that they would never get the chance to do the same.

What I wasn’t expecting when I told my Master about the effect the collar had was that he had no intention of unlocking it all weekend and that if even if I asked very nicely there was no chance of taking it off as he and Princess had just left London for the long weekend…

Fucking myself in a public changing room with a cucumber



I’m so glad last year was the year I decided to start keeping a diary because it’s fascinating looking back and seeing what stage my training from my Master was back then. In amongst the details of the rest of my life, it makes me smile to see the tasks he had set me and how I reacted to them.

It’s hard to believe that the biggest one of all was exactly a year ago when he gave me my collar. Traditionally a physical collar worn around the neck, in the D/s community it is a sign of commitment and ownership.

In offering a collar a dominant agrees to take on the responsibility and care inherent in owning another person and in accepting a collar, the submissive agrees to respect and serve their dominant.

Within protocols there are different types of collars and the exact significance varies within each relationship, but it is a high honour often regarded as similar to the level of commitment suggested by an engagement ring in non D/s relationships.

I had never heard of this aspect of the collar and assumed they were simply a rather hot prop that got used in BDSM play because it looked good and was a fun way to denote roles. Also a lot of my kinky friends are into pet play so I never looked beyond the surface style. I just liked the look of black leather.

I was also distracted by the tasks my Master was setting. They were increasingly complicated and intense and demanding of my attention. I loved them. I was still seeing other people apart from him but he was the only person holding my attention past their cock being hard.

He combined the two aspects by setting me a challenge to put an online ad on a hook up site saying I was a submissive cock sucking slut and suck three men’s cocks in a week. My reward if I completed the task was that he would collar me.

Unaware of what that meant, I was slightly nervous to whether this was a genuine reward or simply something else challenging. After Googling it all on his orders, I discovered it was both at the same time.

To say that I had never done commitment before in my life sounds like an understatement but in reality I’d never so much as left a toothbrush at a man’s house before. The idea of significant jewellery was so far outside my comprehension that I simply concentrated on sucking cock instead.

I completed my task with a male stripper I was dating, a total stranger from online with good dirty talk who turned out to know several people in common and a cute guy who turned out to have an equally cute cock and a distinctly un-cute attitude to slutty girls.

The collar wasn’t mentioned again for several months which in some ways suited me nicely so I could slowly acclimatise myself to the whole idea of commitment without panicking and running away.

I concentrated on tracking down somewhere to get my clit piercing instead and somehow I wasn’t surprised when my Master told me it would be my collar. Body modification suited me better than wearing an external item and I guessed we’d both enjoy the results.

On the day of the piercing my Master came round to see me before and brought me a gift of the John Holmes toy which he fucked me with before coming in my mouth and sending me off to the piercer thinking of him.

The actual piercing was surprisingly easy, hurting less and being quicker than most bikini waxes I’ve had. I loved the look of the piercing immediately although it took a few weeks to get used to the feel of it both day to day and sexually.

I loved how excited it made my Master though and that told me that I had done exactly the right thing agreeing to being owned by him. It’s hard to believe how much has developed since then but the fact I’ve only had the teeniest tiniest wobble about commitment in that time and managed to build upon it tells me that permanently changing for my body for my Master was the best decision I’ve ever made…




Before I met my Master, I had no piercings. The ones in my ears from my teens had closed up and I never wore anything in them. I had no interest at all.

Then my Master said he was thinking of having my nipples pierced and just the thought of it made them harden. I was in the piercing shop within the hour, booking an appointment for the next week.

Thinking about it for the next seven days kept my nipples perpetually hard and my pussy wet. I kept picturing how good my nipples would look with their piercings, but mainly I kept thinking just how pleased my Master would be all the time knowing they were done.

Despite the initial pain of the piercing, I loved the look immediately. They looked slutty and ready and I wanted to show them off and play with them instantly. I couldn’t wait to show them to my Master and get his approval. I can still remember how hot it was the first time he played with them.

Not only did they make me even wetter for him, they brought out a streak of exhibitionism in me and I was delighted when my Master told me to stop wearing a bra now I had them done. My tits rubbed against everything I wore and I was so aware of my how my nipples were feeling.

I was also very aware of how aware other people might be of my nipples. Part of me felt self conscious. Part of me loved it. The idea that as I went about my day to day business, the bars in my nipples were noticeable was incredibly hot. A little hint of my sluttiness.

Then a few months later, my Master offered me a collar. But one that changed my body as well as my life. It would be a vertical clitoral hood piercing. Now considered to be a form of female genital mutilation under UK legislation, getting it for him would be a challenge.

I had to work hard to find someone to do it for me and it helped build the anticipation perfectly. As did a visit from my Master that morning before I went, bringing me the present of the large dildo I no longer think of as particularly large.

He also came in my mouth before I left so I lay on the table with the taste of his cock on my lips having my piercing done. A surprisingly painless and easy piercing to have done and heal,  I love it. Every time I catch sight of it or feel it, it reminds me that I belong to my Master. I obey his orders. My body is his.

The clit piercing also makes my body respond even more to him. I can feel my clit swell and harden when he tells me to do something. It’s much more apparent than without it. My orgasms are completely different, both with him and without. And I can come from anal.

I love how my piercings symbolise and encourage the changes in my body my Master has made. I’ve also had my nose done since and am planning a tongue piercing so that I can look forward to wrapping it round the tip of Master’s cock and practising licking pussy.

They’ve tapped into my submissive slutty side like I could never have imagined.