An Eyeful

After my afternoon of alternating between a skinny little diet tonic water and a thick full fat Coke in my cunt, I sadly had to come back to the real world and do some work.

Imagine my surprise when I realised I had an email from Yodel telling me the courier had called but that I was ‘unavailable.’ It had been sent while I was kneeling on my living room floor in full view of the windows next to the front door fucking myself stretched with a can of Coke. That’s quite a way to be unavailable.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about being watched doing so and couldn’t decide if it made me feel exposed or excited. I assumed it was irrelevant thought because Yodel are notoriously unreliable and I always hear my front gate opening even when I’m deep in subspace waiting for my Master to let himself into my house to play with me. I couldn’t have missed being watched. Yet I rather liked the idea all the same.

But imagine my surprise when I found a delivery card in the letterbox later that night and realised I had had an audience after all…


An Eyeful

Coke Can

coke stretch

With my corset tighter and my cunt looser than I’ve ever got either before I was determined to slip the whole full Coke can inside me.

Having warmed up with my hand and the tonic can, I knelt over the can and allowed my cunt to open up and slip gradually inside me as I straddled it. I could feel myself stretching wider and wider and feel the can inching its way into my pussy.

And then suddenly it was slipping inside like my cunt was devouring it and the whole thick heavy can was inside me, pushing down on my pussy lips and making them stretch and swell around the lip of the can.

I’m not sure if I didn’t have in just far enough or if I’d made myself gape so much that it dropped out when I stood up. But I have to say something that solid coming out of my absolutely dripping wet cunt felt pretty fucking fantastic either way.

I look forward to keeping practising until I can fulfil my Master’s latest order to video myself slipping the can of Coke instead me and pull a pair of jeans on to help it stay inside while I go to the shop to buy a second one…

coke inside

Coke Can

A Real Thirst

tonic gape

I’ve been wondering if the reason I’ve been having issue with the Coke can is because of the shape and weight of it. It’s no bigger than the Belladonna Bitch Fist but it’s so much shorter and more squat that it means you have to get the angle right to allow it to slip into your cunt.

I’ve been finding the initial feeling of the cool metal great against my hot wet pussy but then it feels wrong to be pushing inside me as if it will hurt me even though I am desperate to be filled right up by it.

I thought I’d get myself used to the feel of the smooth metal can by using the slimmer and longer tonic water can on my smooth cunt with its own hint of metal. I didn’t even need any lube for this one.

My cunt couldn’t get enough of it. It’s like a heavier smoother slippery version of the big John Holmes dildo my Master started my stretching off on. The tonic water filled me right up and felt fantastic sliding in and out.

Unfortunately it was just a little too narrow for my gaping cunt to keep in place when I got up on my knees and kept dropping out each time. I enjoyed the excuse to fill myself up and try again, knowing it was stretching me out nicely for trying the Coke can again.

I’m definitely ready for more metal…

tonic stretch



A Real Thirst

Getting ready

crouching corset

I wanted to make my Master proud today and make it the day I took the Coke can after a week of trying.

I just haven’t been able to get there even when I was wet and loose after fucking and stretching myself with an assortment of vegetables or any other night I’ve tried by myself. So I decided today to make it seem like I was about to play with my Master instead and see if that worked.

I like to get myself ready for him when he comes round to play as it helps get me incredibly wet and ready and into the right subspace to try new challenges. I started with a shower and shaving my pussy as smooth as possible.

Then since I’d used oil in the shower I slipped my legs into my favourite fishnet stockings instead of latex along with a black velvet suspender belt, taking care that the seams were straight. My Master prefers me with no underwear but I couldn’t resist matching with a caged bra in black to show just how full my tits can be, especially when I lean forward to fuck myself.

I put on my underbust corset and laced it half way while I applied my make up in the bathroom. Leaning my smooth cunt forward and pressing it against the sink, I added black eyeliner and heavy mascara and sliding myself back and forth, I painted my lips red and glossy as if ready to suck Master’s cock.

I added my long black wig that transforms me fully into Candi and pulled my corset tighter and tighter so it cinches my waist and clings to my hips and pushes my tits up higher, making me aware of my pierced nipples.

Normally I’d be ready to kneel down and wait for my Master to come and use me like a fuck toy, but today I was on my own so I lay back on the sofa and rolled that cold can of Coke across my cunt and then touched myself to see just how wet and ready I was.

And I was soaking. My whole hand slipped right inside straightaway. Definitely time to play.


Getting ready

Why not?

can and fist

I still haven’t managed to slip the whole Coke can inside me and feel its weight stretch my cunt lower and wider.

I’m not sure why. It’s not that different in size to the Belladonna Bitch Fist and my cunt can swallow that whole with no difficulty now and push it back out when I come.

I must need more practice. Flat on my back with my legs wide open and my cunt soaking wet, trying to please my Master and thinking about the audience that will get to see the photos when I manage it.

This slut will gaping in no time at all.

Why not?

Friday Training

toys lined up

One of the things I enjoy the most about my Master having the choice over how my training proceeds is how he always manages to add detail to the obvious. Earlier I posted a photo of the five a day and asked him which I should use first.

He ordered me to line up all my sex toys in size order, reminding me that any I forgot would have to find their way into my ass as punishment, and then use the John Holmes toy as a point of comparison to my new purchases.

Then I was to slip each one into my cunt coming once with each purchase and recount each here for his, and your, enjoyment. That’s my kind of Friday night right there…

purchases lined up


Friday Training



This is how far I got my first time with the Coke can. Halfway is promising but not good enough. I need to keep practising to please my Master.

I did slip my hand inside afterwards and my cunt felt ruined. It was gaping so much I could feel the difference when I sat down to write this afterwards. All I could feel with lube and cunt lips rubbing against myself.

It felt incredible.