Slide Right In

I enjoyed taking videos of me playing with the Doxy the other day for my Master and it amused me when he told me to send it to Princess while she was at work. There’s something incredibly hot about sending utter filth to people when you know they shouldn’t really be looking at it on work time or when they are having dinner with granny.

But getting such a good response to the clip from my Master and Princess who both felt the urge to take a quick break from work at that point made me keen to share it here too. WordPress is awful for embedding video so I went back to my XHamster account to post it.

I’d sort of forgotten about it while I’d been paying attention to my Clips 4 Sale account and I was amazed to see the number of views the videos on XHamster had racked up. Just over 11,000 views on the Coke can clip alone. My cunt is famous it seems.

I enjoyed seeing the comments complimenting my Master on his training and seeing some of the suggestions of things I can try stretching my cunt with next. I’m not sure I’ll take some of them up on the bedpost or the dog toys, but it did make me keen to keep experimenting and adding the occasional clip to thank you all for reading and looking.

Watch this space…




Slide Right In

Rule Breaking

I broke an order last week from my Master when I was playing with Princess. I’m blaming the power of the Doxy because I so rarely defy him that it surprises me when I do. Rules get me wet after all.

So when I saw Princess earlier today for a rather mundane domestic reason, I was determined not to break those rules further no matter how cute she looked in her shorts. Until I make her come with the strap on, I don’t get to come, especially since I’m already awaiting a punishment for my first infringement.

It took a lot of willpower but I didn’t give into temptation and sent Princess on her way looking slightly frustrated to say the least. I was intrigued to see a message a few hours later from my Master asking her to tell me what she’d got up to this afternoon.

Turned out she’d gone home thinking about the fact she knew I wasn’t wearing under my dress earlier when I’d seen her and decided if she couldn’t have me in real life, she’d enjoy the online one instead.

Next thing she was slipping three fingers into her wet cunt to the sight of me stretching myself wide with four candles inside the pighole on Clips 4 Sale. With the wand on her clit, she made herself come and simply got herself ready for when my Master got home ready to fuck her with the pighole.

I still can’t remember if I gave her permission to come but it’s made me even more determined to use that strap on tomorrow so I can finally come myself. Imagining both Princess and my Master coming has me squirming in anticipation…


Rule Breaking



So last week after I did a very enjoyable shoot with more clips for my Clips4Sale site, I gave my Master copies of all the videos I’ve made so far and then waited to see if he’d approve or tell me to try harder.

He sent me a very hot image of him and Princess watching one of the clips yesterday with Princess sucking his cock in rhythm to me fucking myself on camera.

He told me to slip the wand inside me while they watched that clip together and come for him in real life as it played out online too.

I love filming the clips and have imagined my Master’s response to each orgasm I give myself on camera which makes performing even hotter as it feels like obeying his orders every time.

So to combine that with actually obeying his order and knowing both Princess were so turned on by the videos, meant that I had one of the most powerful orgasms of my life, ejaculating harder than I’ve ever managed before as I came.

And that was just from them watching two of the videos. There are nearly twenty five to choose from and more to go up in the next week or so…


Weekend Treat

To celebrate a fantastic first week on Clips 4 Sale, I’ve just posted a video of Candi with a can of Coke in her cunt. I know most people tend to be more about the alcoholic drinks on a Friday night, but I suspect you’ll quite enjoy this sweet treat instead.

I’m also prepping for another shoot tomorrow and I seem to be living up to Candi’s name by hoping to get a sugar rush as well as an orgasm or two with a 500ml can of energy drink in my cunt for the first time. Sadly I couldn’t find a can of Pussy anywhere.

Maybe if I write to them and tell them what I plan to do with it, they’ll sponsor me though…?

Weekend Treat

Friday Feeling

The day I started this blog in January, I was terrified of putting photographs up. I didn’t want to defy or disappoint my Master by not doing it, but it took me a very deep breath and the reward of his response to my submission to do it.

Now 160 blog posts and just five months later, I was genuinely excited to tell my Master that my clip store is finally open on Clips4Sale as of today. Ten clips to choose from with plenty more to come.

I am loving performing for the camera, but knowing that other people are now from today able to watch while I submit to my Master is an amazing feeling. I can’t believe I was ever nervous about people seeing me, but how things change.

I look forward to hearing how people enjoy the clips. Your responses will give me all kinds of ideas for the rest of the year…

Friday Feeling


Mango in gaping cunt


I’m prepping for my first full shoot tomorrow for my new Clips 4 Sale store and that meant picking my fruit and veg very carefully in the market earlier.

Mangoes are especially difficult to get just right. Too ripe and it’s a problem. Not the right shape and I can’t play with my pussy muscles to make myself come properly as I push it out of me.

I definitely found the perfect ones though. Each over 400 grams and perfectly smooth for slipping into my soaking wet cunt. Saturday will be a lot of fun!

I’m going to be filming regularly and will let you know when the store is open for business, but as I plan to turn Candi into a complete slut, I’m open, literally, to requests from you so that I can get to work on my shopping list of changes for my Master.

I’m working toward the cost of a tattoo, another piercing, laser hair removal to be completely smooth and ready to fuck at all times and a boob job to make my tits even fuller and heavier.

I’ll be showing my gratitude in all kinds of ways. As personal as you’d like…