Tit Tease


Shibari chest harness rope bondage
You didn’t think I’d tease you with the promise of a Shibari chest harness and not let you see it did you? That’s just what my Master, best friend and I have been doing to Princess all weekend in fact. Not even a little peek for the Brat Princess yet.

I enjoyed the cotton rope around my wrists and ankles but switching to the hemp rope for the chest harness definitely took things up a notch. It engages the senses much more in all ways from the smell to the texture to the feel of it moving on your skin.

Not as coarse as I was expecting, the sensation more triggered a tingle along my spine and made me want to sit up straight in the chair with my senses engaged. The rope slipped over my skin easily and each wrap around my torso tightened in a comforting way as the waist trainer feels.

And I could feel the rope having an effect on my tits almost instantly as they lifted and seemed to get bigger and fuller like I was wearing the most flattering bra ever. I loved it and never wanted to take it off.

Except to try it again without the practical sports bra I was wearing to be the guinea pig. It’d be worth going without the corset for…

chest harness b&w

Tit Tease