I know I’ve spoken about my Master collaring me before and that no other man has seen my collar in person which speaks volumes for me. I’ve always loved that my collar is small in size but has big significance day to day but I’ve never worn a collar that was publicly obvious.

But when I saw my Master the other day he slipped a heavy metal collar round my neck just before tying me up and fucking me. I was distracted by his cock in my mouth while he was fastening it so I was surprised to find afterwards that it was locked shut with a bolt that needs a key to loosen it.

And I liked the collar a lot. Not only is it rather beautiful to look at, the weight of it felt fantastic around my neck and the sound of the O ring clinking against it reminded me of the sound of us fucking. I would have been disappointed to take it off straight away. Luckily my Master had other ideas in mind and he decided to leave me locked into it overnight so I could go out in public in it.

First I had to sleep in it. Surprisingly I found the weight of it comforting overnight. I was aware enough of it to have a ridiculously horny dream about him fucking me while being watched by another man as he described how my well stretched cunt.

Then I went out in it in public. I was pleased it was a warm enough day to not need a scarf so the collar was very obvious in the sunlight as I walked up the road. My Master liked the attention I was getting too and set me a little challenge to make myself come three times while out and about.

Not sure if it was the order or the weather, but I felt warm enough at that point to need to take my coat off as I walked to the first place I knew there was a changing room I could use. I can’t remember the last time I made myself come with just my fingers and it took me much longer than I expected but felt good when I did.

A few more errands and I stopped again in another changing room. This one was incredibly quiet and something about the silence and the sheer sense of inappropriateness of the situation helped me come much quicker than the first time.

I decided I needed a little delayed gratification for my third orgasm as my Master was surprised by the speed of the second one. So I went shopping to distract myself (although my first port of call was to buy a cucumber for later…) and something interesting happened.

For the first time I can remember there was no harassment from any men while I was out. Instead of the usual constant low level of bullshit I get daily when I’m out and about, like the three different men who called me a slut the other day in the time it took me to buy a milk, there were only glances and respect.

My collar told those men that someone owns me and they need to respect me as someone worth claiming and they need to respect the man who owns me so no more harassment or catcalling. Setting aside my wish that the patriarchal society we live in would respect me as a woman generally, I loved the power and sense of security the collar gave me as I walked around.

That made me horny enough to enjoy making myself come a third time in my third changing room of the day. My cunt was still feeling tender from just how well fucked my Master left me the day before, but I enjoyed fucking myself with the tip of the cucumber. Especially thinking how many men had been reminded that afternoon by the collar that they would never get the chance to do the same.

What I wasn’t expecting when I told my Master about the effect the collar had was that he had no intention of unlocking it all weekend and that if even if I asked very nicely there was no chance of taking it off as he and Princess had just left London for the long weekend…

Fucking myself in a public changing room with a cucumber


Impulse Purchase

My Master is a man who likes details. Sometimes I think details turn him on as much as latex or a stretched wet cunt or giving orders. Luckily I am also a details person so I look forward to those little enhancements to his orders and tasks.

So I wasn’t surprised when my task to find three slutty looking outfits also involved fucking myself wearing them but I knew I needed to add details to the encounter to impress him.

I started with a little sparkle. A very tight low cut gold top that barely held my tits in place as I sat on the bench in the changing room with my legs wide apart and the toy inside me as I sent my Master a photograph.


Once I had both hands free again, I lifted my feet up against the wall opposite so the toy slipped deeper inside as I fucked myself hard and slow legs as far open as I could get them. It didn’t take very long to give myself an orgasm like that much to my Master’s approval and amusement that someone else would be buying the top afterwards.

I thought he’d like the second outfit even more though. A very tight black leotard that gave quite the view of my tits and new waist and my legs all at once. I was tempted to wear it over the fishnets for full impact but that would have meant ripping them to fuck myself and I think I prefer the idea of him doing that.

For full effect this time, I stuck the John Holmes toy to the floor and rode it with the leotard pulled to one side, fucking myself so hard the buttons on it popped open and I made my legs hurt with how hard I pushed down onto that massive cock until I came again.


Luckily both my Master and I liked the look of the black leotard so much I wanted to buy it even before I pretty much ruined it with lube and my own wet cunt so I didn’t mind taking it off too much.

My third outfit was a very clingy Nineties style silver dress which reminded me of being a slutty teenager fucking in alleyways on nights out. I pulled the skirt of it up and bent over the bench and fucked myself from behind with the toy until I came for the third time in about fifteen minutes.


My legs were shaking as I got dressed again in my own ridiculously slutty outfit and took the black leotard out to buy. I’d tried to make sure it was presentable before I left the changing room but I’m sure from the look the guy behind the till gave me I hadn’t entirely managed it…

Impulse Purchase


You can’t transform someone without a little effort which is how I came to take Princess shopping on a Saturday afternoon. She needed clothes that capture her mixture of innocent looking and yet slutty minded and my Master had given me the responsibility to find them for her.

I started emphatically with a white rubber skirt. All schoolgirlish charm until you get close up and realise its latex inspired ways. Just a pity that there was no room to misbehave in the changing rooms while she was wearing it.

Then an impulsive wander into a store neither of us had heard of paid dividends with a beautiful black lace bra, a leather skirt, a very short tennis style skirt that cries out for no underwear and a black dress that just needs stockings and suspenders to complete the look.

I was amused to see how easy it is for two women shopping together to share a changing room like friends on a day out. None of that being banished to lurk around outside like when you’re a man. This changing room was more spacious and I got as far as stripping off but the pressure of people queuing right outside prevented me from ordering Princess to go further.

I knew my Master wouldn’t be happy when he had specifically instructed Princess to lick my clit in every single changing room when we were out. I needed somewhere the noise of other people would cure my nerves not increase them.

Like so many things on the British high street, the answer was Marks and Spencer. The changing rooms in Oxford Street are spacious and just public enough to get private. Plus Princess needed a white shirt to go with that leather skirt.

Wearing only her shirt, Princess finally got to lick my dripping wet cunt as I leaned against the wall of the changing room hearing other women on either side discussing their day to day lives, completely unaware of the orgasm happening just beside them.

I’m not sure which felt filthier afterwards: seeing Princess with the lipstick she stopped off to apply in MAC on the way to M&S smeared all over her now soaking wet face or seeing my cunt covered in it as I got dressed again. Either way I suspect we were the only people having so much fun in amongst the non iron shirts and practical shoes today.

Next stop was much more overtly sexual with a trip to Ann Summers for lingerie. One of my orders to Princess is to get her wearing the kind of underwear that is the opposite of practical. We weren’t able to share a changing room here but she did leave with a black harness bra so sexy I was soaking wet again instantly.

My Master seemed to approve of our excursion so far and ordered me to send Princess home dressed for him to take her out. One last changing room and I had her dressed in that harness bra with a top sheer enough to hint at it underneath and the leather skirt before taking her home, very pleased with her obedience.

By the time I’d walked in the door, my Master had sent me a photo on her on her knees with his cock in her mouth. I think he liked the bra as much as I did…

lipstick smeared