It Takes Two

Oxballs pighole XXL

After my recent run of not being on top of my orders, it felt good to be able to message my Master last night to tell him I’d completed all that day’s tasks. I wasn’t expecting to be rewarded quite as generously either.

Knowing my lack of practical maths skills, after checking my last orgasm had been with the new glass plug and the John Holmes toy, he hinted that my new XXL pighole was just slightly bigger and would fulfil my next size challenge nicely.

I was a little nervous. The XXL pighole is considerably bigger than its XL cousin and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to manage it all. The first few times I used the pighole before it was on the uncomfortable side of stretching and I could only handle a few seconds of it.

But I also know now what the pay off is from the pighole and how good it feels being that stretched open and yet supported at the same time. And it feels incredible to be fucked through. It feels and sounds so obscene just thinking about it gets me wet.

I slipped the glass plug in my ass first. I’ve been wearing it every night since I tried it and I’m so in love with it. My ass welcomes it every time with ease. It seems counterintuitive that the heavier the plug and the bigger the base the easier it is to take, but this is what makes my ass happy.

Then I moved onto the pighole. It’s best to fold it in on itself and apply any lube to your cunt, not the toy and let the folded toy slip inside you slowly. Then put your fingers inside the pighole and press and the fold in the toy opens out stretching you wide open.

I was expecting discomfort and instead I got a sense of such pure pleasure I could have come from that and the plug alone. My Master however had instructed me to fuck myself with the ceramic toy I have which you can fill with water for added weight and sensation.

Hearing the water inside it and the lubed ceramic move against the ridged rubber of the pighole as I fucked myself was so incredibly filthy I’m not sure if I came from that or the actual sensations, but either way I ended up with one of those orgasms that leaves you limp with the sound of your heart thumping in your ears.

It was also strong enough to allow my stretched cunt to push the pighole and the ceramic toy out together as I came…

It Takes Two