Inside Out

I enjoy spending time with Princess and my best friend even if they do like to gang up on me and tease me for my slutty past when my horniness outweighed my common sense around men and lead to some dubious decision making.

We also got talking about first sexual experiences, both alone and with other people and I felt very left out that I can’t remember my first orgasm either by myself or with someone else because their stories were well worth hearing.

But what we did establish was I am unusual, if not excessive, in my love of penetration. They were both surprised to hear that right from when I first learned to masturbate it was always with penetration. I’m pretty sure it took me longer to learn to play with my clit than fuck myself.

I knew a lot of women find it quite difficult to come through penetration and need a lot of clit stimulation with it, but I didn’t realise I was quite so unusual in how much I enjoy penetration compared to them.

Toys, fingers, cock, butternut squash, I just revel in having something inside my cunt and in fact I think I find it easier to come that way than with just clit stimulation. That’s not to say I don’t like having my clit played with because I very much do (especially since I got my piercing) but having something inside me does it every time.

In fact talking about my love of penetration put me in the mood to find some unusual objects for my cunt again…

Inside Out

Lighting Up

Princess told me the other night that she just can’t get enough of the videos I made where I’m fucking my cunt with candles and it made me laugh and get wet thinking about her response.

So when we were in bed soon after and I promised her a surprise, there was only one thing it could be. I got her to lie down and close her eyes and hold out her hands, putting a pink candle in one hand and an orange one in the other. The look on her face was pure filth when she looked down.

We started with her putting the candles into my cunt. On their own, they are slimmer than an average dildo but two together is fun, especially because the smooth wax allows them to slip and slide inside a wet cunt beautifully.

Not only does that feel delicious, but it allows you to pull the candles apart to create a scissor motion that means you’re getting fucked in two directions at once while your cunt is stretched and pulled open. It feels like nothing else in fact.

I used to use the candles out of the oh-so teenage girl candlesticks in my bedroom when I was a teenager because they were the only thing I could think to use to fuck myself with when I was masturbating and couldn’t get any kind of sex toy or dildo and couldn’t be obvious about what I was doing.

I loved the feel of the wax even then but no one else had ever used them on me so Princess making me come as she stretched me open with them was ridiculously hot. Definitely not a scenario I imagined as a horny teenager.

And then I got to introduce Princess to that feeling too. I licked her cunt until she came and then instead of letting her pull away like she usually does at that point with her sensitive clit I kept my thumb on it the whole time, lightly brushing it.

With my other hand I slipped two fingers right to the base into her soaking wet cunt and only took my thumb off her clit to slip the two candles into her too. I’ve rarely seen her cunt look so good. Beautifully shaped and stretched with her clit swollen and begging for more.

I’d have loved to take a photo of it for my Master but sadly both my hands were literally full and I couldn’t. And with Princess squirming beneath me it would have been a shame to stop.

Instead I started playing with the candles, sliding them open and apart and deeper into her cunt, hearing her gasp and groan under me as she got to star in her own version of the video she’s been masturbating to for weeks.

She looked so good I decided to reward her by letting her put the Doxy on her eager clit while I continued to fill her cunt up with fingers and candles. The result wasn’t so much an orgasm as an explosion. Her back arched right off the bed and the sound she made was barely human.

I’d have been slightly scared I was harming her if I couldn’t feel her cunt wrapping itself round my hand in the most glorious way and seen her look of dazed happiness afterwards. And the best bit? We get to do it again to show my Master in technicolour glory…


Lighting Up