So Close

So my good mood last night took me to bed early with a glass butt plug and my little gold vibrator and a desperate urge to come. Strangely the last couple of weeks I’ve been distracted enough that I’ve been able to think about other thing apart from orgasms.

But now that my Master has given me a challenge I can work on, my brain and my cunt seemed to be instantly connected and I was wet all day waiting for the moment I’d have time to try.

I haven’t used that glass plug for ages. I love the feel of a glass toy but this one needs to be slightly fatter for me as it slips out so easily but I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of something in my ass for the first time in a while.

The little gold toy however barely touched the sides. Two fingers would have done more for sure. I had to resort to putting the toy inside me on full power (which compared to the wand seems like someone blowing on your skin) and then slipping the plug back in to make it feel like I was filled up.

But I still couldn’t come. I was close enough that I squirted and ejaculated as both toys pushed out of me but didn’t actually tip over the edge into an orgasm. My ruined orgasm sort of proved how much my Master has ruined my cunt in a good way…

So Close